What is the Fine for Using a Phone While Driving?

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It is easy to get distracted by mobile phones. After all, we carry this “entertainment” in our pockets. But we no longer use phones for merely calling and amusement but for other routine activities such as payments, navigation, and more.

It is not uncommon in India to find drivers navigating directions on their phones or having a conversation while driving. They fail to understand that you only need the distraction of a split second on the road to wind up in a serious accident. Not only does this validate the importance of having comprehensive car insurance but also a remedial action such as a fine for using a mobile while driving.

The penalty for using a mobile while driving is an endeavour to deter drivers from being distracted. With that in mind, let us see what the fine for using a phone while driving is.

Fine for Using the Phone While Driving

Drivers use several reasons to justify using their phones while driving despite knowing that it is illegal and highly dangerous. However, dependence on technology paired with the need to be constantly connected and available is the primary reason why individuals cannot part with their phones.

Some people may use their phones for navigation or to make important calls or messages, thinking these activities are essential and cannot wait until they are off the road. Drivers often underestimate the risks involved in using a phone while driving and believe they can multitask safely.

Whatever the reason, drivers must learn to prioritise safety and avoid using phones while driving. And to nudge drivers in that direction, authorities levied a fine for talking on mobile while driving.

Under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, using a mobile phone while driving fine was ₹1000. But as this small driving with mobile phone fine was not an effective deterrent, there was an amendment to the rule in 2019.

The revised fine for using mobile while driving was increased to ₹5000. For every subsequent offence, the penalty for using a mobile while driving was pegged at ₹10,000. This increased fine for talking on the phone while driving impressed the severity of the offence on drivers.

Reasons for Increase in Using Mobile Phones While Driving Fine

  • Distracted driving: Using a mobile phone while driving can distract the driver, causing them to take their eyes off the road and lose focus. This can result in accidents, which can cause serious injuries and fatalities. By increasing mobile using while driving fine, the government aimed to discourage this dangerous behaviour.

  • Promote road safety: The primary objective of the new Motor Vehicles Act was to promote road safety. By increasing the fine for talking on the phone while driving, the government hoped to reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted driving.

  • Match international standards: The new fine for driving while using a mobile phone brought India's traffic rules in line with international standards. Many countries around the world have increased fines for using mobile phones while driving in recent years, recognising the dangers associated with this behaviour.

  • Raise awareness: By increasing the fine for using a mobile phone while driving, the government aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. The increased fine was intended to send a message that using a mobile phone while driving is a serious offence that will attract serious consequences.

In summary, the increased fine for driving while using a mobile phone was introduced to promote road safety and reduce distracted driving.

Importance of Car Insurance

According to a report titled ‘Road accidents in India 2021’ by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), a total of 1,997 road accidents occurred in 2021 due to the use of mobile phones while driving.

This means that even if you are a driver who abides by the traffic rules, there can be occasions wherein you encounter a distracted driver and find yourself in an unavoidable accident. In such a scenario, your four-wheeler insurance can be your most reliable companion.

While it is mandatory to have at least third-party four-wheeler insurance that compensates for injuries to a third party and damages to their vehicle or property, it does not offer adequate protection. This is because your third-party car insurance will not reimburse you for the damages to your vehicle, and bearing this cost from your pocket could dent your savings.

And so, it is always advised to invest in comprehensive four-wheeler insurance that will not only cover vehicle damages but also protect your car from theft, fire, and other natural and human disasters.

The comprehensive car insurance by Tata AIG is designed to offer wholesome protection on the roads to secure the driver and the vehicle from unpleasant road mishaps. However, before you invest in any policy, you must analyse your insurance needs and compare car insurance policies to find a suitable and budget-friendly cover.


In September 2019, the Government of India introduced a new provision under the Motor Vehicles Act, which revised the fines for traffic offences. The primary objective of the new provision was to make the roads safer by promoting responsible driving and reducing the number of accidents on Indian roads.

Under this revision, the fine for driving while using a mobile phone was also increased to deter drivers from engaging in this dangerous behaviour. Using a mobile phone while driving can be a major distraction and can significantly increase the risk of accidents on the road.

In addition to imposing fines and suspending licenses, the Indian government has also launched public awareness campaigns to educate drivers about the dangers of using mobile phones while driving. These campaigns highlight the importance of staying focused on the road while driving and encourage drivers to use hands-free devices if they need to make or receive calls while driving.

The increase in the fine for driving while using a mobile phone is a proactive step taken by the Indian government to create a deterrent effect, reduce corruption, and promote safe driving habits among motorists.

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