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What's The Difference Between Petrol and Diesel Cars?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 03/02/2022

While planning to purchase a new car from your dream brand, the most important consideration you land upon is choosing between a petrol or a diesel car. Many aspects affect the performance and cost of the vehicle. Therefore, you must make an effort to understand the differences to [compare the cars] ) and opt for the best based on your requirements and financial affordability.

After you have decided on the choice of car, it is equally vital to purchase comprehensive car insurance to add a layer of protection to maintain your car to the right standards. Here is a detail about the difference between petrol cars and diesel cars for your reference.

Factors That Distinguish Petrol And Diesel Cars

Understanding the difference between petrol vs diesel cars is crucial to making a profitable four wheeler purchase decision. We have detailed a few factors that lead to the comparison between petrol car vs diesel car. It will help you make a fair decision to travel for a lifetime.

1.Cost- The diesel variant is comparatively more than the petrol variant, and the range varies based on the manufacturer. The higher initial cost can be related to the favourable economics on the maintenance and performance of the vehicle type.

The showroom price between the two types varies between ₹1 and ₹1.5 lakhs on average. The on-road price will be slightly higher due to the diesel vehicles' increased registration cost. Therefore, petrol cars are more affordable compared to their diesel counterparts.

*2. Service and maintenance cost *- The service and maintenance costs for diesel cars are higher compared to petrol costs. However, the cost of maintaining diesel cars has become reasonable due to the improved quality of diesel available in India. Previously, low-quality fuel kept clogging the diesel filters degraded the engine performance in the long term.

3. Fuel Price - Petrol is way higher than diesel fuel cost. It generally hovers around ₹7 to ₹10 more.

4.Engine- The major difference between a petrol car vs diesel car is the engine design. Therefore, we shall understand what is the difference between a petrol engine and a diesel engine to know how it affects the performance of your car.

a. Ignition in a petrol engine is based on an electric spark, while it is achieved with hot compressed air in diesel engines. b. Diesel engines have a higher compression ratio and better power production than petrol engines. c. Diesel engines consume fuel with low volatilities as compared to their petrol counterparts. d. Petrol engines have higher fuel consumption and are generally used in light motor vehicles than diesel engines with lower fuel consumption, predominantly found in heavy motor vehicles. e. As diesel engines consume less fuel than petrol cars, it ensures more efficiency. f. Petrol engines have a lesser life span due to the fuel property that easily destroys and wears out the engine components. g. Petrol engines provide better initial acceleration and are more responsive than diesel engines.

5. Power- Petrol engines produce low torque that gives better initial pick up while lags when there is a shift to lower gears. Therefore, it has a good initial acceleration that provides linear power delivery. On the other hand, diesel engines generate increased torque with better pulling power that takes time for initial pick up but accelerates well while driving in the long run.

6.Mileage- Mileage is one of the most prominent factors that help you decide between petrol vs diesel car based on your requirements and usage conditions. Diesel cars return more kilometres per litre than petrol cars based on specific engine making and technology.

As mentioned earlier, the diesel engine does not require a spark plug and has higher compression. Therefore, the diesel engine utilizes less fuel than a petrol car.

7.Refinement- The noise, vibration, and harshness levels in petrol cars are extremely lower than in diesel cars. If you are a person who loves to explore the world over a smooth driving experience, then petrol cars can be a preferable choice if you can afford a higher budget.

8. Eco-friendliness- Petrol engines produce comparatively lesser pollutant particulate matter making it less harmful to the environment.

9.Resale value- Diesel cars depreciate less compared to petrol cars. Therefore, the resale value is higher for the diesel variants than the petrol variants. If you prefer changing the cars often based on the new trends, go for diesel vehicles to seek better profitable financial situations.

10. Insurance cost- The 4 wheeler insurance purchase cost and the corresponding premium rate are higher in diesel cars due to their increased value than their petrol variants. It is also because of the increased cost of the car spare parts and other related components owing to the complex design of the diesel cars' engines. Purchasing it even at a higher premium is worth the investment considering the benefits in the long run.

You can read and understand, compare and purchase the right car policy online at the comfort of being at your workplace or home. It reduces your time, energy, and effort to a great extent. You can also use the online car insurance calculator to determine the exact premium cost for the plan of your choice.

At Tata AIG, we provide a seamless four wheeler insurance experience by providing the best customer service with the help of claim experts across India. In addition, we offer a wide network of garages throughout the country to ensure cashless claims for quick repair processes. You can also use the quick reimbursement procedure to claim if you want to get the repairs done in a preferred garage of your choice.

Also, with our advanced online systems, you can navigate through the different policy features, compare, and choose the best based on your requirements. When you choose to purchase and transact online, you can also benefit from the various discounts announced often.


Petrol cars and diesel cars have their pros and cons. While diesel cars are expensive based on their increased power output and efficient mileage, petrol cars give a smooth driving experience. On the other hand, the price, insurance premium, maintenance, and service cost of diesel cars are slightly higher than petrol cars. Petrol is more expensive than diesel making it difficult for common people to use their petrol cars regularly.

Decide the choice of car based on your average travel and frequency. If you are a frequent long-distance traveller, diesel cars are ideal and petrol otherwise! Either way, purchasing car insurance for your vehicle should be of utmost importance, considering the increasing number of accidents in the country.

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