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Health Benefits of Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

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  • 11/07/2024
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In today’s lifestyle which frequently involves hours of sitting and increased stress, yoga practice is considered a dominant approach for anyone seeking to manage a balanced life with improved physical health.

In the context of raising awareness about the importance of postures and back health, the setu bandha asana serves as an easy yet effective yoga practice. It is believed that Including setu bandhasana into your everyday life schedule might positively contribute to your overall well-being by curing various health issues.

In this article, we will focus on a detailed explanation of setu bandhasana involving its benefits, steps and overall impact.

What Does Setu Bandhasana Mean?

Setu bandhasana, also known as the bridge pose, is a yoga asana that helps promote muscle flexibility, along with leaving an impact on the mental aspect of well-being.

This bridge pose in yoga addresses the body disorders associated with our poor way of living. Here, your body stretches as a bridge shape bending your knees and lifting your hips up, targeting the spine, legs, hips and chest, promoting strength and flexibility. This pose also has some proven effects on stress relief by encouraging blood flow to the brain.

Sanskrit Meaning of Bridge Pose

The Setu bandha asana originated from the Sanskrit language where it is pronounced as setu bandha sarvangasana. Here,

Setu stands for Bridge,

Bandha stands for Lock

Sarva stands for All

Asana stands for Pose.

Steps involved in Setu Bandhasana Practice

The regular practice of setu bandh asana can help reduce the discomfort that arises from an irregular fitness routine. A bridge pose practised in the right way engages various muscle groups and nurtures both physical and mental health.

Look through this step-by-step guide for practising the setu bandh asana correctly-

Start with lying on your back.

Let your palm face down and keep your feet wide. Maintain your feet parallel to each other.

Keep your weight on your shoulders and arms and bend your knees and aim for a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.

Inhale deeply and slowly lift your hips toward the roof of your mouth.

Try to lift your body higher. Maintain stability and focus on breaths and try to hold the pose for a minute

Now gently press down your body. Put your back on the yoga mat

Exhale and relax

A regular and mindful practice of these setu bandhasana steps by paying attention to your body’s discomfort will surely contribute to the improvement of your muscle flexibility and strength.

Setu Bandhasana Benefits

Setu bandhasana or bridge pose is a transformative yoga practice that offers numerous advantages, whether you are a professional yoga master or a beginner, contributing to this bridge pose will balance your mind and body connection.

Let us explore the positive impacts and some bridge pose benefits-

Strengthens the lower body muscles- The bridge pose engages the muscles in the legs and lower back, building stability and enhancing muscle toning. This is a way better yoga pose for weak and tired legs.

Spinal stretching- As you lift your buttocks, the spine expands its strength and comes up with an increased flexibility that promotes healthy movement.

Opens up the chest- The stretch across the lungs can help reduce the tension and tightness in the chest, hence, enhancing the respiratory system and increasing the lung capacity.

Improved blood circulation- The lift of the buttocks in setu bandha asana boosts up blood flow throughout the body, this practice promotes the overall heart health.

Better digestive system- The bridge pose compresses the abdominal area, this can aid in digestion, reduce bloating and contribute to a balanced digestive system.

Healthy mind- The careful practice of setu bandhasana revolves around a controlled breathing pattern and a more concentrated mind. This pattern promotes enhanced relaxation, reduces mental stress, and weakens the signs of anxiety.

Improved posture- Strengthening the muscles along with the spine and opening the chest in a bridge pose encourages a more aligned posture.

Enhanced leg strength- A regular practice of setu bandhasana can lead to enhanced leg strength.

Belly fat reduction and weight management- Yoga like setu bandha asana has a calming effect on core abs and weight management. It plays a crucial role in belly fat reduction by promoting strength training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Adapt these effective setu bandha sarvangasana benefits and let them guide you towards a more balanced and vibrant life.

Cautions for Setu Bhandhasana

While there are several benefits of the bridge pose in yoga, it is important to approach it with awareness. In any yoga practice, some safety measures should be acknowledged to ensure an injury-free and fine practice.

Following are some important cautions to keep in mind at the time of doing the bridge asana:

Avoid excessive stretching on the neck and shoulder if you are suffering from any kind of neck pain or shoulder injury. It does not matter if it is a normal or severe condition.

Do not practise if you have any concerns or medical history related to a knee injury, or just avoid excessive pressure on the knees by ensuring a proper alignment or giving any additional support to your knees.

Individuals with high blood pressure might face some breathing issues as the setu bandha asana involves some mild changes in normal breathing patterns.

Pregnant ladies should avoid the bridge asana or should perform it with extra care, according to their pregnancy stages.

Ignore performing this asana if you have had heavy meals. It should be done with an empty stomach.

Pay attention to your breath throughout the whole practice and try to keep a steady and controlled breathing pattern.

By understanding these setu bandh asana contradictions you can avail more benefits of this bridge pose, along with minimising the risk of injury or discomfort.

Tips For Practising Setu Bandhasana

Performing a bridge pose should be approached mindfully, here are some tips to enhance your experience -

Warm up to prepare your body

Check your shoulder position

Align your body and feet

Hold your pose for a comfortable duration

Avoid holding your breath for a long period of time

Make it your routine habit.

Note - Pay attention to your specific health concerns, and seek guidance from a professional yoga practitioner before performing the above-mentioned setu bandhasana procedures. If you feel any discomfort or pain while performing it, stop immediately and consult your doctor.


Physically, the setu bandhasana helps in simulating the lungs, neck and spine, thus it has also a mental perspective as practising this pose encourages brain relaxation and reduces stress.

Incorporating the setu bandh asana into your daily yoga routine offers a multitude of benefits and comfort for both body and mind. Similarly, the relationship between medical insurance and yoga practice shares some common scenarios, like they both hold the importance of taking precautions and being aware of such risks, as a matter of safety measure.

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