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Health Benefits of Chakrasana

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  • 29/12/2023
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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a wheel? To bend your body into a perfect circle and roll around with ease? Well, you may not be able to do that, but you can certainly practice a yoga pose that mimics the shape of a wheel. Chakrasana, or Wheel Position yoga, has fantastic health and well-being benefits.

Chakrasana is a complex but rewarding pose that requires strength, flexibility, and balance. It is also known as Urdhva Dhanurasana, or the Upward Bow Pose, because it resembles an archer's bow. Let's learn about the benefits of this pose, but before that, let's understand how to perform it.

Chakrasana Procedure

You can follow the pointers below to perform Chakrasana:

Position yourself on the floor with your back facing down. Your knees should be bent, and your feet should be flat on the ground, about the same distance apart as your hips. Ensure your heels are close to your buttocks and your toes point forward.

Position your hands on the ground by your ears and point your fingers toward your shoulders. Keep your elbows close to your head and your arms perpendicular to the floor.

Inhale and press your feet and palms firmly into the floor. Lift your hips, chest, and head off the floor and straighten your arms and legs as much as possible. Form an arch or a wheel shape with your body, with your head hanging down between your arms.

Keep your thighs and feet parallel to each other, and avoid splaying them out. Activate your abdominal muscles and keep your lower back from drooping. Breathe deeply and evenly in this position and hold it for as long as you can, up to 30 seconds.

To come out of the pose, exhale and bend your elbows and knees. Slowly lower your head, chest, and hips to the floor. Relax your arms and legs and rest in the corpse pose (shavasana) for a few minutes.

Chakrasana Yoga Benefits

Improves posture

Chakrasana stretches and strengthens your spine, back muscles, and ligaments, which helps you maintain a healthy and natural curvature of your spine. A flexible and strong spine can prevent back pain, improve mobility, and support your nervous system.

To avoid injury and practice Chakrasana safely, you should always listen to your body and not force yourself beyond your limits. If you feel any discomfort or pain in your spine, neck, or shoulders, gently come out of the pose and rest.

Opens up the chest

The first wheel position yoga benefit is that it expands your chest and increases your lung capacity, which allows you to breathe more deeply and efficiently. A deeper and fuller breath can enhance your energy, vitality, and immunity.

According to a study, performing the Chakrasana procedure for eight weeks can significantly improve your respiratory endurance. It can further reduce your respiratory rate and increase oxygen saturation, indicating better oxygen delivery to your tissues.

To breathe deeply and evenly during this yoga, inhale and exhale through your nose and keep your mouth closed. You should also relax your face and jaw and avoid holding your breath or straining your throat.

Stimulates the endocrine

Another Chakrasana benefit is that it activates your pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands, which produce and release hormones that affect your growth, development, mood, and energy. This pose also stimulates your nervous system, which controls your voluntary and involuntary actions, such as your heartbeat, digestion, and reflexes.

If you practise this pose for 12 weeks, you can help reduce your cortisol levels, a hormone released in response to stress.

To balance the energy flow and calm the mind during Chakrasana, focus on your breath and the sensations in your body, and avoid any distractions or negative thoughts. Also, try practising this pose in the morning or evening when your body and mind are more relaxed and receptive.

Strengthens the arms

Chakrasana engages the muscles of your arms, legs, and abdomen, which helps you support your body weight and maintain the pose. A strong and toned body can prevent injuries, improve your performance, and boost your confidence.

The study suggests that practising this pose for eight weeks can improve your upper body strength and lower body flexibility. Another study proves that it activates pelvic floor muscles.

Enhances the heart function

The Chakrasana pose revitalises the heart, enhancing blood flow to increase oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues. Promoting a healthy and efficient cardiovascular system can help reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation and mitigate the risk of heart diseases and strokes.

Boosts the mood and confidence

A sixth benefit of Chakrasana is that it boosts your mood and confidence, which improves your mental and emotional health and well-being. Chakrasana releases endorphins and serotonin in your brain, which are the neurotransmitters that make you feel happy, relaxed, and satisfied. Chakrasana also challenges your fears and limitations and helps you overcome them with courage and determination. A positive and confident attitude can reduce your depression, anxiety, and fatigue and enhance your quality of life.

To cultivate positive emotions and self-esteem during Chakrasana, smile, enjoy the pose, and appreciate your efforts and achievements.

Improves digestion

Chakrasana yoga stimulates your digestive organs and aids in elimination. This helps you digest your food better and prevents constipation, bloating, and acidity. Chakrasana also lets you detoxify your body and support your liver function, which assists you in eliminating toxins and waste materials from blood and tissues.

Spiritual awareness

Chakras are the energy centres in your body that correspond to different aspects of your life, such as your survival, emotions, power, love, communication, vision, and wisdom. Chakrasana aligns your seven chakras and opens your third eye, which is the chakra of intuition and insight. It also lets you connect with your higher self and the divine energy source.

To meditate and connect with the higher self during Chakrasana, close your eyes and focus on your third eye, which is between your eyebrows. Also, chant the mantra “Om” or “Aum,” which is the sound of the universe and the vibration of your chakras.

Chakrasana Contraindications

Now that you know the Chakrasana steps and benefits, you should also know its contraindications, which refer to situations where you must avoid it or do it with caution.

Avoid this pose if you have a spine injury or have undergone surgery. You must avoid it with conditions like a slipped disc, hernia, or sciatica. That is because it can cause further damage or pain to the spine.

People with heart problems, high or low blood pressure, or glaucoma must also avoid Chakrasana, as it can increase the pressure on the heart and the eyes due to the inverted position of the body.

Avoid trying this yoga with an injured or weak wrist, elbow, or shoulder. You must also avoid it if you have conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or arthritis. The reason for this suggestion is it requires a lot of support from these joints to lift and balance the body.

Pregnant women should not do Chakrasana because it puts too much stress on the abdomen and the baby.

People with vertigo, headache, or diarrhoea should not do Chakrasana, as it can worsen these symptoms due to the change in blood flow and gravity.

People who have recently had cataract surgery must refrain from trying this pose. This pose may interfere with the healing process of the eyes.


Chakrasana is a powerful and beneficial yoga pose that can better your health and well-being. It can improve your spinal flexibility and posture, open up your chest and lungs, stimulate your endocrine and nervous systems, strengthen your arms, legs, and core, enhance your heart function and blood circulation, boost your mood and confidence, improve your digestion and detoxification, and awaken your chakras and spiritual awareness.

If you are ready to take on the challenge of Chakrasana, you will be amazed by the results and the transformation it can bring to your life. However, it is not a pose for everyone. You must practice it with caution and guidance and always respect your body and its limits.

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What are the benefits of Chakrasana?

Chakrasana, or the Wheel Pose, offers many benefits. It revitalises the heart and improves the blood flow to organs and tissues. This increased circulation lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation. It also improves flexibility, strengthens the spine, and promotes overall physical and mental well-being.

How to do Chakrasana step by step?

You can perform the pose using the following steps:

Lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your feet hip-width apart.

Place hands beside shoulders, fingers pointing towards feet.

Inhale, lift hips and straighten arms and legs.

Arch back and lift chest towards the ceiling.

Hold for a few breaths while engaging core muscles.

Exhale and lower down your body with control.

Can I do Chakrasana every day?

You can do Chakrasana every day if you are comfortable with it, but you should always warm up your body, practice with proper alignment, and listen to your body’s signals.

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