Vitamin C Deficiency

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You must have noticed that a lot of doctors prescribe Vitamin C tablets to power up your immune system. This versatile antioxidant compound helps with essential functions in human health metabolism.

In this article, let us learn more about the sources and importance of Vitamin C. We will also look over Vitamin C deficiency, its symptoms, causes, treatments, and prevention proceeding further.

Why is Vitamin C Vital for Health?

Prevents Chronic Diseases

We all know heart illnesses are threatening and uncertain at most times. Vitamin C has been proven best in reducing blood pressure thus reducing the risk of heart diseases. With sufficient intake, we can prevent health issues such as cataracts, cancer, and gout attacks.

** A Good Antioxidant**

This ascorbic acid fights against harmful free radicals and toxins that are produced inside the body or hit the body externally, such as ultraviolet rays and air pollution. This reduces their long-term damaging effects on the skin.

You might have seen many creams and serums enriched with vitamin C. It diminishes the pigmentation and dark spots while brightening the skin.

** Memory Booster**

Vitamin C plays a major role in the synthesis of norepinephrine and neurotransmitters. These 2 components carry out the transmission of signals in our central nervous system.

If you are good at remembering a lot of things, then this compound is helping you with it! Dementia and Memory loss can be prevented with sufficient consumption of this Vitamin.

** Supports Wound Healing and Immunity Booster**

This water-soluble compound helps boost collagen formation in the tissues, thus increasing the wound healing rate. White blood cells fight against bacterial and fungal infections in the human body. Vitamin helps increase the production of white blood cells and hence boost our immunity power.

There are many other benefits of consuming vitamin C. However, it is also important for you to be aware of its deficiencies, causes, and symptoms. Let’s know them further.

Daily Recommended Dosage of Vitamin C

The average recommended dose of Vitamin C in milligrams (mg) is:

Age Recommended Dosage
Up to 6 months 40 mg
7 to 12 months 50 mg
1 to 3 years 15 mg
4 to 8 years 25 mg
9 to 13 years 45 mg
14 to 18 years (girls) 65 mg
14 to 18 years (boys) 75 mg
Adults (females) 75 mg
Adults (males) 90 mg

People who smoke should ideally add 35 mg to the recommended dosage for their age and gender.

The recommended dosage for breastfeeding women is 120 mg.

Deficiency of Vitamin C

We have realised the importance of Vitamin C in our lifestyle and understood that lack of this acid in our body can cause health issues. When its consumption is less than the dietary requirement of the body, it leads to deficiency.

Vitamin C deficiency is commonly called Scurvy. Scurvy, a deficiency disease of vitamin C, leads to swelling and bleeding of gums and may cause the loosening of teeth.

**What Causes Deficiency of Vitamin C?

The deficiency of Vitamin C is caused by to following reasons:

Engagement in alcoholism

Less or No consumption of fruits and vegetables

Smoking habits

Insufficient supplement intake during pregnancy

Improper eating habits

Less absorption by kidney

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms

Following are some common effects of deficiency of Vitamin C:

Gum inflammation and bleeding

Vitamin C is an essential part of collagen creation and structural protein for tissue.

Poor Immune Function

The decreased production of white blood cells and lymphocytes is caused by a lack of Vitamin C. This directly affects the immune power of the body to fight germs and bacterial infections.

**Dry and Rough Skin

The production level of antioxidants comes down leading to dryness. The toxins in the skin remain intact and cause itchiness.


Reduction of oxygen in the blood causes Anaemia. The count of healthy blood cells reduces in this and enough haemoglobin does not reach the arteries and veins and one may feel weakness and early energy loss in the body.

**Hair Loss

Dry, brittle hairs and damaged hairs are some of the most common symptoms that can be noticed when your body is lacking enough Vitamin C.

**Depression and Fatigue

It has been found in research that people with low vitamin C levels in the body, often feel weak, depressed, and fatigued. Vitamin C works as a mood booster.

All these form the major part of the Vitamin C deficiency diseases list.

Treatments to Recover from Vitamin C Deficiency

There are fast treatments to cure vitamin C deficiency in our body.

Oral Medications

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid tablets are common cures to recover from normal level deficiency of this vital compound in the body. The tablets can be eaten, or chewed. As it is highly water soluble it can be dissolved in water and enjoyed as a drink.

Taking continuous doses for two weeks can cure the deficiency temporarily. However, It is always prescribed to have a doctor’s consultation before taking external supplements.

Some Good Sources of Vitamin C

Here are some good sources of vitamin C that you can find around easily:

  • Citrus Fruits

Lemon, Tomato, Oranges, Gooseberries, Guava, Strawberries, Papaya, kiwi, pineapple, and mango.

  • Green Vegetables

White Potatoes, Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Red and Green Pepper, Brussels Sprouts, Kale.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Why take the treatment when you can prevent this common deficiency on your own?

It is not at all hard to maintain a good level of Vitamin C in our body.

  • Encourage proper meal intake by including fruits, leafy vegetables, and other foods that have vitamin C content.

  • If you suspect deficiency, you can take a normal supplement to boost your vitamin level.

  • Monitor for the early signs of vitamin C deficiency timely, and be aware of changes in your body.

  • You can reach out to an experienced and registered dietitian or nutritionist for vitamins assessments and healthy recommendations.

  • Prevention of vitamin C deficiency helps with good health in the long term.

To Encapsulate

All the Vitamins are essential for our body but Vitamin C is specially required for a healthy body and mind. However, even taking sufficient amounts of nutrients may not be enough to protect you from severe health conditions. In such a case, it is advisable to have a health insurance plan.

TATA AIG offers various medical insurance plans to protect you and your family financially against the exorbitant expenses of medical treatments. For the elderly in your family, you can opt for senior citizen health insurance or go for a family health insurance plan if you want to insure your whole family under a single plan.

Stay healthy, Stay happy!

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