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Most of us try hard to find a work-life balance in our lives. Peaceful and healthy living demands a little attention from you for yourself and delivers a lot more in return. Yoga is a practice you can include in your daily life to align yourself with nature and to build a peaceful life.

Nowadays, even with all the health hazards, we seldom give ourselves any time. Practising some body and mind exercises is not just advised but also necessary. Yoga originated in ancient India and has found its place globally over the decades.

Yoga is a type of physical exercise that is performed in alignment with the time of the day, state of mind, breathing cycle, and with utmost patience. Yoga mudras help to elevate the effects of your Yoga practice!

Let us understand the concept of yoga mudra in detail now.

Understanding Yoga Mudras and the Science Behind It

“Mudra” is a Sanskrit word derived from two different Sanskrit words, “Mudam” and “Drava”. Mudam means Bliss or happiness, and Drava means to draw forth; hence, Mudra translates to “To draw forth happiness”. This means two things: one, that you can bring happiness to yourself, and second, that the happiness is present within you; you have to call it out.

Our body is designed like a circuit, and the fingers are like plugs. When we join specific plugs to each other, the circuit lights up. Yoga mudras do that work of plugging the necessary organs.

Each mudra creates a unique energy circuit in the body, stimulating different parts of the brain and nervous system. This connection between the hand and the brain signifies the yoga mudras and their benefits in our day-to-day lives.

By incorporating yoga mudras into your daily practice, you can take proactive actions to maintain an excellent mental and physical health.

Different Types of Mudras in Yoga and Their Benefits

Different yoga mudras concentrate on different specialities. We can say that these mudras have different areas of expertise. You can perform all of these mudras in order to experience an all-round change in your heightened state.

Let us see the various types of mudras and the yoga mudra benefits for you:

Gyan Mudra (The Mudra of Knowledge)

How to do: Touch the tips of your thumb and index finger while extending your other fingers. Keep in mind that the other fingers are supposed to be separated from each other. It is a yoga hand mudra.

Benefits: The Gyan Mudra improves your concentration, focus, memory, and clarity of cognition. It is a good way of meditating and helps a lot in chores that require your attention, like studying, painting, and solving issues.

Prana Mudra (The Mudra of Life)

How to do: You must connect the tip of your ring and little finger to the thumb while leaving the other fingers outstretched. Two fingers remain stretched, and your thumb, little finger, and ring finger are joined together.

Benefits: This mudra increases your vitality and energy levels and gives you relief from weariness. It can also help in improving your vision. The Prana Mudra will act as a yoga mudra for headache reduction or migraines with regular practice.

Dhyan Mudra (The Mudra of Meditation)

How to do: You should compulsorily practise meditation while you are in the Padmasana Pose. Keep your hands at the centre of the Padmasana. Keep your one palm above the other and join the points of your two thumbs.

Benefits: This mudra improves your attention, mindfulness, and inner serenity. It is frequently employed during meditation and deep relaxation.

Naga Mudra (The Mudra of a Snake)

How to do: Place your palms on top of each other, ie., left over right. Now place your right thumb across your left palm and then place your left thumb over the right thumb. It works best if you perform this while meditating or praying.

Benefits: This mudra helps you release your stress and anxiety, making you strong from the inside. It also releases all the negative energy and helps you grow physically and mentally!

Anjali Mudra (The Salutation Seal)

How to do: This one is extremely easy. You have to bring both of your palms at the centre of your chest and join them together. Simply put, you do a traditional “Namaste”! The salutation that means, “The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you!”

Benefits: The Anjali mudra encourages thankfulness, balance, and connection. It is frequently used as a sign of respect and prayer. It also gives you a sense of humbleness and calms you down through the deeper effects over time.

Chin Mudra (The Mudra of Consciousness)

How to do: It is just like the Gyan Mudra, but you keep your palms facing the sky in the Gyan Mudra. In Chin Mudra, you join the index finger and the thumb and keep your palms facing the ground.

Benefits: This mudra connects your consciousness to the greater consciousness and makes you more grounded. It helps you lighten your mood, energise yourself, and improve your lower back and spinal health overall.

Linga Mudra (The Mudra of Heat)

How to do: You will have to interlock the fingers of both your hands. Remember to keep your left thumb upright and surround it with your right thumb and index finger. It is a good practice to meditate with this mudra while keeping it at the centre of your padmasana.

Benefits: This mudra increases internal heat, promotes immunity, and aids in the reduction of cold-related symptoms. It can also help to alleviate stress and anxiety. Along with all these benefits, this is also a yoga mudra for weight loss.

How to Incorporate Yoga Mudras in Your Daily Life?

It is difficult to break and make habits. You will have to put in some effort if you want to incorporate yoga and yoga mudras in your day-to-day life. Moreover, it requires a lot of patience and consistency when it comes to making time for new things such as these.

But slowly and steadily, you will definitely get these. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow to reach your goal:

Begin Gradually

It is not going to happen overnight. You will have to start with a few minutes of practice per day while focusing on a specific mudra that addresses your health goals. Do not rush yourself into it. That way, you are at the risk of giving it up altogether.

Consistency is Essential

Consistency is essential in any sort of workout or wellness practice. Try to include Yoga Mudras into your daily practice. Be a little strict with yourself by putting it up in your reminder or writing it in your to-do list.

Seek Instruction

If you are new to Yoga Mudras, consider obtaining instruction from a trained yoga instructor who can teach you the right techniques and mudras for your specific needs.

Combine with Other Practises

Yoga Mudras can be used to supplement your current wellness practice as well. You can combine them with yoga postures, meditation, and a healthy diet for total wellness.


Yoga Mudras will give you a lot of peace of mind and calmness throughout your practice. They help in bringing calmness, peace, and good health to your life.

While yoga is excellent to build a healthy mind and body, you cannot solely rely on it when your health is a concern. Medical ailments and health-related emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, and they usually cost a lot. A health insurance plan is an excellent way to protect yourself against these unwanted situations.

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How many mudras are there in yoga?

Over the course of thousands of years, over 100 yoga mudras have been created by sage yogis. They have been profoundly and thoroughly studied, their effects and benefits have been noted, and then brought into practice.

Do yoga mudras really work?

Mudras are created in order to stimulate your lunar and solar energy, with the energy flowing in your body itself. It facilitates a heightened sense of self-awareness among other enlightening experiences. You will definitely feel your concentration and focus improving. That being said, you have to have conviction in the practice, or else it will not mean anything.

Why yoga mudra?

Yoga mudra stimulates the energy flow in your body and regulates the blood flow. It is a very effective method to keep your respective body parts in a healthy condition. Mudras concentrate on the internal regions like your heart, brain, fire, water, and air elements in your body.

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