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Best Time for Travel Insurance

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/02/2023

Many people dream of travelling to their favourite destinations, and when it comes true, the feeling of fulfilment is incomparable. Before such dream vacation trips, one needs to do meticulous planning, and each aspect has to be carefully noted to fulfil the experience. Yet, most tend to forget to take a small precautionary measure — travel insurance!

Yes, this is the vital cog in the wheel, and many are aware of it but throw caution to the wind as they feel 'nothing' can go wrong on their trip. Is it logical to assume that none of your baggage items would go missing? Or all the flights would be on time and never get cancelled? In this fast world, anything can happen.

And that is why it is wise to purchase travel insurance before starting your journey. In the passage below, we will try to justify why a travel insurance is necessary.

The Timing of Purchasing Your Travel Insurance Plans

The best time to buy travel insurance would be before commencing your journey. There are two main kinds of travel enthusiasts in this world. The first variety is the lot who travel once or twice a year. Then, there are the others who take many trips in a year.

Irrespective of the fact that you may be travelling for work or fun, travel insurance plans must be a part of your tours.

Thus, the best time to buy travel insurance is well before setting off on the trip. The occasional traveller must include this in his budget while purchasing his flight ticket. The frequent flyer needs to buy many travel insurances in one go! It would save time and cost.

Why Purchase Travel Insurance Well Ahead of the Travel Date?

It is best to get your travel insurance ready well in advance. The earlier you do your travel insurance, the more beneficial it will be.

There are many benefits to be reaped when you insure your travel, like

  • All your necessary documents are in order
  • You may be forced to cancel your flight due to sickness/illness.
  • Buying early doesn't mean the policy will start at that point; it will start on the day you decide and end on the day you decide. You pay only for the days you choose
  • If you purchase travel insurance early, it will cover trip cancellation from the time of purchase to the time to travel, in between, if you fall sick & have to cancel the trip, trip cancellation charges can be claimed here
  • If you purchase travel insurance early, it will provide coverage if you are forced to cancel your flight due to unavoidable circumstances that are beyond your control.

On the other hand, there is a lot to lose when you decide to do it at the last minute or mid-way through your trip. Here are such advantages of covering it early and the disadvantages of postponing it. In case the flight gets cancelled after you have made all the bookings, but you delay buying the travel insurance, you will not get any flight cancellation coverage or trip cancellation charges.

Do not worry if your myriad of travel documents is not complete, Tata AIG understands the traveller and issues the policy on the spot. Because we know that a lot of things can go wrong and having active travel insurance can be a big relief for travellers.

Rules About the Timing of Travel Insurance Plans

You should buy travel insurance after booking your flight tickets. But, it is wise to do so within fourteen days of booking your flight.

However, many plans would cover your trip cancellations only if you had already made the full payment. You can also learn about flight cancellation insurance with our blog. Such plans are bound to have specific schemes that could benefit you, and it also helps you understand the total amount involved.

Points to note

  • In case your travel plans include travelling abroad, it is wise to buy International travel health insurance. The country you are travelling to may charge you more than India. Insurance plans like these include hospitalisation, injuries from accidents and medicinal expenses. The thumb rule yet again is to ensure well ahead of the travel. Tata AIG international travel insurance come with medical & accident coverage without needing to add any extra cover.
  • You must know specific rules regarding "time" eligibility for travel insurance plans. If you have paid an amount towards your flight tickets, accommodation etc., you can still avail of unique insurance plans. You can avail all the benefits upon doing so, and delayed payments beyond the stipulated date are bound to give you lesser benefits than usual.
  • Travel insurance at the very last minute does occur due to necessity rather than one's procrastination. The urgency to make a trip could arise from nowhere or due to certain unexpected events happening at the destination (for example, your blood relation is critical). Travel insurance can still be viable as you have paid for your flight. It would help if you availed of the plans immediately, and since it's within the time eligibility period, they would remove none of the benefits.

In Conclusion

Travel insurance is as important as the accommodation and the flights you travel by. It is essential to make detailed observations on plans that offer you maximum coverage on all fronts. Availing travel insurance plan has never been easier than now.

You can buy travel insurance online by accessing Tata AIG’s website. You can buy travel insurance conveniently in just a few steps. Also, the travel insurance claim with Tata AIG is very easy, as we have a team of experts to help you with your claim process. Tata AIG has a very responsive claim process to ensure that users do not face any trouble while claiming their travel insurance. You can check our travel insurance claim assistance now.

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