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Flight Cancellation Cover

Due to the presence of an uncertain and dynamic environment globally, you might have to cancel your travel plans, or the carrier itself might cancel your flight booking due to prevalent conditions. As you pay a considerable amount for booking your tickets, it is advisable to protect your money against contingencies so you can receive compensation against any possible loss.

Flight Cancellation Overview

Usually, most uncertainties that you might face during the trip are covered under travel insurance, flight cancellation is a cover under domestic or international travel insurance, which offers flight cancellation protection and indemnity against the losses you might have to bear.

Reasons why your flight might get cancelled

  • Covid-19

Due to the fluctuation in the number of covid 19 cases, there are high chances of flight cancellation for safety purpose. Or, unfortunately, if you get infected from the same, you might have to cancel your trip. In such cases, if you have insurance for flight cancellation, your amount will be reimbursed, subject to a few conditions. To cope up with such adversities, you can even opt for flight cancellation insurance covid.

  • Weather Conditions or Air Traffic Restrictions

Due to the extreme weather conditions or air traffic restrictions, your flight might get delayed or cancelled, resulting in the loss of your booking amount. Nonetheless, if you have bought insurance, you can avail of flight cancellation compensation.

  • Security or Mechanical Issues

In an emergency or critical situation, such as civil unrest, fire at the airport, terror attack, technical glitch etc., service providers might have to shut down the airport. This might hinder services and lead to cancelled or delayed flights.

  • Loss of Ticket/Missed Departure

Your flight might get cancelled due to the loss tickets or missed departure. Under this too, you will be eligible for compensation under flight ticket cancellation, subject to certain conditions.

Therefore, while considering the situations mentioned above, it is imperative to buy flight cancellation cover while planning your trip.

Conditions Covered Under Flight Cancellation/Delay Policy


If your flight is delayed, we will reimburse the additional expenses you incurred due to the delay. Whereas, in case of cancellation of your flight, we will reimburse an amount equal to your ticket’s price after deducting certain charges, if applicable. The compensation amount is subject to the maximum limit mentioned in the policy schedule. If your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 12 hours, you will get compensation for the hazards covered under the policy. Find below a few of them:

Inclement Weather

If the common carrier faces any problem due to inclement weather, your amount will be reimbursed.

Strike/Job Action By the Employees

If any hindrance or flight delay is caused by a strike or any other job action by the common carrier’s employees, in which you had to travel.

Equipment Failure

If any flight delay/cancellation is caused by a common carrier’s equipment failure.

Missed Departure

Under this, we will compensate you upto the amount stated for your actual ticket in the policy schedule, provided you are unable to reach the departure point of your booked journey (outward/return journey), due to:

The failure of public transport services

The vehicle in which you were travelling to catch your flight meets with an accident

However, your missed departure should be certified by the concerned scheduled airlines.


You will be eligible to avail of benefits against ticket loss only equal to the amount not compensated by the common carrier. If, at the time of occurrence of loss, you already have any other valid insurance or collectible in place, we will be liable to pay you only the excess of the loss amount not covered under applicable insurance.

Loss of Tickets

If you book a flight with cancellation protection and lose your tickets, you will be eligible for compensation equal to the amount of your lost tickets, as stated in your policy schedule. In this, the maximum payable amount will be the actual cost of the tickets, subject to the deductible mentioned in the policy schedule. It is important to produce FIR, duly attested by the police authority.


The benefit will be in excess of the amount received by the common carrier or any valid insurance or collectible, applicable deductible, if any, at the time of occurrence of the event.

Under flight cancellation/delay, apart from general exclusions, any cancellation or delay of flight caused due to a covered hazard which was announced or made public prior to the purchase of the flight cancellation insurance policy is also excluded. Therefore, it is imperative to be aware of the same to avoid issues later.

Please refer policy workdings to know more about inclusions/exclusions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Will I Be Entitled for Refund if My Flight Gets Cancelled?

If your flight gets cancelled due to any hazard covered under your insurance policy, you will be eligible for a flight cancellation refund, subject to the applicable deductions mentioned in the policy. Also, if you have any other active insurance policy, you will only get compensation in excess of the amount covered under other insurance.

To What Extent Will I Be Compensated for Flight Cancellation in India?

If your domestic flight gets cancelled, and you are covered under flight cancellation insurance India, you will be eligible for the compensation amount allowable under the policy. If you miss your flight due to the loss of your tickets, you will be compensated for that as well.

Will I Receive Compensation if My Flight is Cancelled By Indian Airline?

If you are unable to catch your flight due to Indian airline cancellations, you will still qualify to receive compensation under the flight cancellations policy.

Under Which Conditions Will I Receive Domestic Flight Delay Compensation?

The compensation against flight cancellation charges will depend on the hazards covered under your policy, subject to certain exclusions. Usually, conditions like loss of tickets, missed departure, extreme weather conditions, etc., are covered under a flight cancellation policy.

How Can I Get Full Refund on Flight Cancellation?

While buying a domestic or international flight cancellation policy, you should carefully read their terms and conditions to avoid refund or claim settlement issues later. If you do not have any applicable deductibles or valid insurance and the event/hazard is not one of their exclusions, you will be eligible for the maximum claim applicable as per your policy.

Should I consider Buying Flight Insurance?

During such challenging times, it is highly advisable to buy flight insurance or travel insurance that covers flight cancellation so that your loss of amount due to prior bookings can be compensated.

Is Trip Cancellation Insurance Worth Buying?

Trip cancellation insurance is worth buying to qualify for the reimbursement of the loss due to cancellation of your flight. However, under this, you will be eligible for eclaimsline trip cancellation, meaning we will be liable to pay only the amount payable in excess to the amount compensated by another insurance provider (this is applicable if you have any other active insurance at the time of occurrence of the event).

Do I Need Travel Insurance and Flight Cancellation Both?

No, there is no need to buy both of them as travel insurance covers flight cancellation. Therefore, either you can buy comprehensive travel insurance or just flight insurance to stay covered against flight cancellations.

Upto What Amount Will I Get Compensated Under Flight Ticket Cancellation Insurance?

Domestic or international flight cancellation refund depends on a number of things. The most important condition is that hazard should be covered under your policy. Apart from this, if there are any applicable deductibles, we will be liable to pay only the loss over the amount already compensated.

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