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Flight Cancellation Cover

Travelling and exploring different places with your loved ones holds significant importance in your life as it helps in breaking the monotony of your routine life. Besides, it rejuvenates you for the next couple of days and months. If you plan trips regularly with your family and friends, you must have experienced it all!

Generally, to enjoy a hassle-free and smooth trip, you plan your trip and make bookings well in advance. There is a lot to think about while planning your trip- from getting a visa to arranging for transportation to booking accommodation and flight, etc. It might seem to be a challenging task, but you would have many exciting things and experiences waiting ahead!

Flight Cancellation Overview

While you are all geared up for the trip and you have made all your preparations, there is still scope for a contingency that might arise just before a couple of days of your trip, and everything might come to a standstill. And, due to this, there would be no or bleak chances that everything would go as per the schedule, and therefore, you might have to cancel your trip. These contingencies might be due to the problems being faced by the carrier, national or international political issues, your personal issues, etc. Generally, the issues faced by the carrier include:

  • Bad weather condition, like dense fog, snow, typhoon, etc.
  • Strike or any other job action by the carrier’s employees
  • Natural disasters, like floods, earthquake, etc.

You will be eligible for compensation if the cancellation is initiated from the carrier’s end due to the conditions mentioned above. Nonetheless, what if you initiate the flight cancellation? Below are the number of personal issues you might face around your trip dates leading to trip cancellation:

  • You, your co-traveller or any immediate family member may fall sick (might get infected with Covid-19 or catch hold of any other disease) or meet with an accident
  • You, your co-traveller or any immediate family member may suffer from an injury that prevents you from flying

Unfortunately, if you face any of these, you might have to cancel your trip, including cancellation of booked accommodation and flight tickets, etc. But, what next? The money, efforts and time that you invested in planning and booking your trip will go in vain.

Inclusions Under Flight Cancellations Cover in Travel Insurance

If you, your co-traveller or your immediate family member dies, falls sick (including contracting Covid-19), or meets with an accident before the contracted departure date, you will be eligible for reimbursement of flight cancellation refund and other booking amount refund. We will be liable to reimburse the unused and non-refundable portion of the accommodation and flight cancellation charges, and your loss will be covered upto the amount mentioned in your policy schedule.

Exclusions Under Flight Cancellations Cover in Travel Insurance

Below are the conditions, under which if you cancel your trip, you will not be eligible for trip and flight cancellation benefits:

  • Depression, anxiety, emotional or nervous disorders, alcohol or drug abuse addiction or overdose
  • If plastic or cosmetic surgery takes place as a result of any reason other than an accident.
  • Pregnancy and other related conditions
  • Any regulations and laws made or issued by the government or any public authority
  • Any pre-existing conditions or if you are travelling against a physician’s advice
  • Transport provider’s or its agent’s default
  • Strikes or labour disputes which existed or an advance warning was issued for the same when you bought the insurance
  • Delay caused due to withdrawal of common carrier’s services on the orders or recommendations of Port Authority, Aviation Agency or any other similar body.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will I Be Eligible For Trip Cancellation Benefits If I Cancel My Trip As I am Infected with COVID-19?


If you have a Tata AIG international travel insurance policy, and you cancel the trip because you have contracted a disease (COVID-19), we will reimburse your loss incurred due to trip cancellation, including accommodation and flight cancellation, provided the hotel & flight booking was done before being diagonised with the disease. The compensation amount depends on the sum insured and the specifications of your policy.

If I Am Physically Fit, But There Is A Government Travel Ban/Regulation Due to COVID-19 or Any Other Reason, Will I Be Eligible for Trip Cancellation Benefits?


Under such a situation, you will not be eligible for trip cancellation benefits. You will be eligible for the same only if you cancel your trip because you, your co-traveller or an immediate family member is suffering from any disease, injured or in case of untimely death to you, your co-traveller or any immediate family member.

However we would like to inform you that if there is a government ban for any reason you can cancel the policy before start date with the minimal cancelation charge of Rs. 200.

Will I Be Covered If I Cancel My Trip Because It Is Unsafe To Travel?


If you cancel your trip just because you feel it is unsafe to travel or there are chances that you might fall sick during your trip, we will not be liable to pay any compensation for the same.

Do I Need To Provide Any Other Proof Of Being Infected With COVID-19, Apart From the Report While Applying For Trip Cancellation?


Generally, you just need to file proof of your test report, stating that you have tested positive for coronavirus. Positive antigen or molecular COVID-19 test like PCR would work.

If I Cancel My Trip Because Of Contracting COVID-19, Will I Be Compensated For Full Booking Amount Paid?


This is not the case for every individual or policyholder. The reimbursement of the amount depends on the specifications of your policy and chosen sum insured.

If you planned an international trip with most of the bookings done in advance and paid a considerable amount. We will cover you for the unrecovered & unused portion of your booking amount.

If I Had Mild Fever While Applying For The Travel Insurance, Will It Be Considered As A Pre-Existing Condition of COVID-19 or Any other Disease?


In such a situation, it is important to produce proof that you were not infected with the disease at that time. To prevent claim rejection, it is advisable to keep proof ready that you were not infected with the disease when you applied for the insurance and attach the same with your trip cancellation claim request.

What If My Immediate Family Member Is Infected With COVID-19, and I Need to Cancel My Trip to Take Care of Him/Her?


You are eligible for trip cancellation benefits if you cancel the trip as your immediate family member is infected with COVID-19. We will offer you all the benefits (unrecoverable & unsed), such as a hotel and flight cancellation refund. Under this condition also, you need to provide valid proof for the same.

If I Am Diagnosed With COVID-19 But I Am Asymptomatic, Will I Be Eligible For Trip Cancellation Benefits?


Whether you are asymptomatic or symptomatic, if you are able to produce proof that you are tested positive for COVID-19, you will be eligible for trip cancellation benefits. And, this is valid in the case of your co-traveller as well as an immediate family member.