Differences Between Passport Renewal & Passport Reissue

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A passport is an important proof of identity required to travel to international destinations. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it updated and maintain it to the best standards. However, with extensive usage or unexpected situations, the passport can become damaged or stolen. It can also expire after the detailed period. During such scenarios, renewing or re-issuing the passport becomes crucial. Passport renewal and re-issuance are two separate processes, despite the fact that a large number of individuals are under the impression that they are one and the same.

Here is a detail explaining passport reissue vs renewal.

Difference between reissue and Renewal of Passport

Understanding the difference between renewal and reissue of a passport is essential to follow the right processes for a quicker response.

Renewal of a passport

When the original passport’s validity is about to get over, which is often between five to ten years, it needs to be extended to a longer duration, and for that, the passport needs to be renewed. When you apply for a renewal of your passport, you are required to carry your previous passport with you. After the necessary changes have been made to the previous or existing details in your passport, a brand new one will be issued in its place. A new passport will have a different passport number, but any existing visa on the old passport will remain valid in the new passport as well.

Passport reissue

For some reason, you might need a brand new passport in place of your current passport. In such cases, a passport reissue will be processed.

In the event that any of the following occur, a new passport will be issued:

  • Passport that has expired

  • Nearing the end of one's passport's validity period

  • Lost passport

  • Stolen passport

  • Exhaustion of pages in the existing passport

  • Passport that is damaged

  • Passport with stains on it

  • Modifications required in personal information in the passport (except for validity)

If you are the current owner and facing such issues, you can request for a passport reissue. The new passport will be provided as a new booklet. The process of renewing a passport is frequently confused with the process of re-issuing a passport.

Reissue vs Renewal of passport - Procedure

There is a slight difference between passport renewal and reissue procedures. You can visit the office of Passport Seva Kendra near your location to avail of the application for the respective process of reissue or renewal.

On the other hand, you can apply for both procedures online at the official website of Passport Seva Kendra.

Here is a detail about passport renewal vs reissue.

Renewal  Reissue
Choose the option for passport renewal at the official website of Passport Seva Kendra Choose the option for passport renewal at the official website of Passport Seva Kendra
Provide the necessary details and documents as requested by the system.
Some of the important documents required are:
  • Original passport
  • First two and last two pages of the passport - self-attested
  • Validity extension page
  • Page of observation created by the Passport Issuing Authority
  • Address proof
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Certificate from a reputed employer
  • Provide the old passport based on the reason if required for the reissue. For example, exhaustion of pages. A few other documents, as detailed below, will be required based on the case involved.
    The following is a list of the documents that you will be required to provide in order to have your passport reissued:
  • Your original passport
  • An affidavit detailing the circumstances surrounding the loss of your passport and an FIR report
  • photocopies of the first and last two pages, the observation page, the ECR page, and the page that extends the validity of the old passport that have been self-attested.
  • An affidavit detailing how and where your passport was destroyed, including a description of the damage.
  • Documentation attesting to your age, such as your birth certificate, high school diploma, or equivalent, is required.
  • Documentation proving your address, such as a passport or Aadhar card, etc.
  • Identification documentation, such as a driver's licence, a voter identification card., etc.,
  • Pay the applicable fees Pay the applicable fees

    Travel Insurance Plan Benefits On Lost Passport

    While there are options to renew or get a reissue of the passport, it is important to have sufficient financial protection to ensure you are not in trouble if you have lost your passport while travelling to an international destination.

    A travel insurance plan will provide sufficient financial coverage to help you manage the consequences related to a lost passport when you are in the middle of a trip.

    For example, at Tata AIG, we provide travel insurance plan benefits that can help you get a new passport or duplicate copy made in a foreign destination subject to their terms and conditions. We shall also provide the necessary assistance to contact the relevant officials to speed up the process.

    Therefore, travelling insurance is an additional layer of protection that can ensure a hassle-free trip in case of any unexpected scenarios. In addition, a travel insurance policy can provide financial cover in case of medical emergencies, baggage loss or delay and journey covers such as trip cancellation, trip curtailment, etc. For instance, flight cancellation insurance provides the necessary cost reimbursement if your flight is cancelled due to reasons such as bad weather, natural disaster, etc.,


    Passport renewal and reissue are two different processes that are often used interchangeably. A passport renewal is required when the validity period needs to be extended. On the other hand, a passport reissue is required for reasons such as when the passport is expired, lost, damaged, etc., It is important to know the difference between passport renewal and passport reissue to know the processes required to gather the necessary documents.

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