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Solo Travel Vs Group Travel

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 03/10/2023

‘Job fills your pocket, and travel fills your soul.’

Travelling is undoubtedly one of the most treasured experiences of life. It allows you to soak in the pleasure of nature’s diversity, meet new people, and taste life beyond your monotonous routine.

Once you decide that you want to go on a trip, there are several decisions to be made. You must decide your travel destination, plan your itinerary, make flight and hotel bookings, and buy travel insurance.

Another crucial decision is whether you will travel solo or in a group. Now, is it better to travel alone or in a group?

While there is no ideal way of travelling, solo and group travel, have their fair share of pros and cons.

Here is solo travel vs group travel analysis to help you choose the best way for yourself.

Factors to Consider for Solo Trip Vs Group Trip

Every individual has different expectations from a trip. While some may find it awkward to travel alone, others may love the freedom it brings.

Therefore, you cannot solely rely on others’ experience to decide if you want to travel alone vs a group. To help you decide on your own between solo vs group travel, consider the following factors:

Cost for the trip

Cost is the first consideration when you make a travel plan. Travelling in a group can be relatively more expensive than travelling solo. The reason being when you travel with a group, you usually make reservations and plan your itinerary through a travel agent.

The travel company takes care of your food, stay, transportation, sightseeing, and more. The trip cost is fixed for a travel company; you must pay what they charge. However, you can look for discounts and offers here to reduce expenses.

On the other hand, when travelling solo, you can plan your itinerary and make your bookings according to your budget. You may even skip a few destinations if it is straining your budget.


Safety is a prime concern when travelling, especially on international trips. Therefore, it is an essential consideration for group travel vs solo travel.

Travelling in a group is safer than travelling solo. Group travel organisers usually ensure the group’s safety to keep them out of trouble.

On a solo trip, you will always be responsible for your safety. It may be a little overwhelming if you travel to a foreign country or if it is your first solo trip.

A travel policy can ensure financial security whether you travel solo or in a group. In addition, it can safeguard you against unplanned situations like lost baggage, delayed flights, medical emergencies on the trip, and much more.


If you do not like to follow a routine and like travelling and exploring places on impulse, solo travel is your thing. On a solo trip, you need not follow a routine and even change your travel plans and trip duration in the middle of the holiday.

On the other hand, group travel is ideal for people who like organised trips and do not want to deal with planning the trip itinerary.

Comfort and convenience

Solo travel can be comfortable and convenient when you are visiting a familiar place. However, if you are going to a new location that may have unfamiliar culture and language, it may come as a surprise you are not planning for.

For such locations, group travel is better because the travel organisers will familiarise you with the culture, language, climate etc., of the place. Moreover, they may even arrange your preferred food on some occasions.

Unique experiences

When choosing between solo travel vs travel with friends, there is a greater opportunity to gain new and unique experiences when you travel solo.

You can go low-key, join a random group, try an adventure sport, and do many more offbeat things when you travel alone.

Solo Trip Pros

If you are an independent traveller and the following points match your travel style, you can opt for a solo trip:

  • You would prefer to avoid being restricted by a schedule on your trip. A solo trip allows you to change your travel plans whenever you want.

  • You enjoy your own company. A solo trip gives you ample time alone with your thoughts. It is soul-soothing to a lot of people.

  • You want to budget your trip yourself and want to keep it flexible. You can select flights and hotels as per your budget.

  • Alternatively, you would like a budget trip where you can cut down the expenses if required. You need not spend money on activities that do not excite you.

  • You are travelling to a safe place where there won’t be a security concern.

  • You are confident about tackling unplanned situations on your trip.

Solo Travel Cons

  • Travelling solo can leave you feeling homesick, isolated, or even anxious if you are not accustomed to being alone. Moreover, when you feel lonely, you should be able to motivate yourself independently.

  • It may be costlier to travel alone because you have to bear the cost of the hotel room alone.

  • Travelling solo to some places can expose you to dangers such as being drugged, scammed, or assaulted.

  • Some people do not enjoy eating alone. You may be someone who loves gossiping, laughing, and having a fun time over a meal. You will miss out on the social aspect of eating on a solo trip.

  • You need to be an excellent planner to organise a solo trip. From arranging the visa to making reservations, planning the itinerary, and arranging transportation, you need to do everything yourself on a solo trip.

  • Although you meet a lot of locals on a solo trip, such friendships and associations have slim chances of lasting. You tend to forget and lose touch with people you met temporarily on a trip when you return to your routine life.

  • You must tackle all kinds of situations by yourself on a solo trip. If you fall ill, get injured, or lose your passport or cash, you will be all by yourself to deal with it.

  • Solo travellers are easy prey for scammers and pick-pocketers. You do not have anyone to take care of your belongings like luggage, camera, mobile phone, cash, etc.

  • Travelling is all about gaining new experiences. However, when you travel solo, there is no one to share the excitement and experiences with.

Group Trip Pros

  • Travelling with friends can be fun! Additionally, travelling with a group organised by a travel company can have several benefits. Choose a group trip for the following reasons:

  • You are unfamiliar with your travel destination and do not have much knowledge about the culture, norms, and language of the place. Travelling in a group is great if you are unsure what you will find at the destination.

  • You prefer having company when travelling. If you do not like being all by yourself on vacation, group trips are perfect for you.

  • You do not enjoy the process of planning a trip and making the necessary arrangements.

  • You like sticking to a schedule on a trip and do not require flexibility.

  • You can easily adjust to people who are not like-minded.

  • On trips that require a lot of travelling gear, like camping or trekking trips, you need not carry all the gear by yourself and can split the list with others if you travel in a group.

  • Help is readily available on a group trip. If you meet with an accident, get injured, or run out of cash, you have others to help you out on a group holiday.

  • For inexperienced travellers who may be on their first vacation, group travel is a more convenient option.

Group Trip Cons

  • Group travel requires you to make compromises on the trip. You cannot always do what you prefer and have to go along with the group’s preference.

  • The travel itinerary is set for a group trip. Therefore, you do not have the freedom to choose how you want to spend your time on a group trip.

  • Travelling in the company of others will inevitably lead to disagreements and arguments, even if you travel with a group of friends or colleagues.

  • There is almost no privacy or alone time on a group holiday. Since you will always be accompanied by your travel group, you won’t get much time to relax by yourself or have your ‘me’ time.

  • Group travel can be relatively costly because the travel itinerary is fixed. You cannot choose a hotel or flight according to your individual budget.

  • Travelling in a group can be less adventurous. You will not explore a destination in detail and will experience only the listed and pre-planned activities and destinations.

Secure Your Travel with Travel Insurance

Whether you travel solo, with family and friends, or with a travel group arranged by a travel company, buying a travel policy to cover your trip is a smart move.

Not only does travel insurance provide you with financial protection. but it is mandatory to have travel insurance to enter certain countries like the Schengen countries and the UAE.

Our Tata AIG travel insurance plans cover various unplanned trip incidents, such as delayed or cancelled flights, lost baggage or passport, accident or medical emergency, etc.

Before you select a travel policy to cover your trip, it is advisable to compare travel insurance plans online and understand their offerings in detail.


Solo travel and group travel both have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you must consider several factors before choosing your travel style. Moreover, your personality type and expectations from the trip will help you decide which travel style is best for you.

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