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How to Get PR in Australia?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 09/10/2023
  • 2 min read

When it comes to Australia, the country goes beyond Kangaroo, Koalas and Crocodile Dundee. The planet's 8th most extensive and happiest country offers many opportunities to skilled professionals. The country's laid-back culture and friendly environment are significant reasons for people to move to Australia.

And those who have been part of Australia for quite some time wish to acquire PR. The immigration policies of Australia are in favour of a skilled workforce, which makes the process of getting Australian PR easy. With Australia's PR requirements, individuals can reside, work and study indefinitely.

This blog will uncover the steps of "how to get PR in Australia". We will also mention the important documents you need to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia and whether you will need any travel insurance.

Keep reading to learn how to get PR in Australia from India.

What is Australia PR?

An Australian PR allows individuals to work, live and study in the country indefinitely using a point-based immigration system. With Australian PR, individuals can avail many benefits. Further, after being 3 years of PR, individuals can apply for Australian citizenship.

Eligibility For Australia Permanent Residence from India

To get the Australia PR, you need to follow the criteria. An Australia PR eligibility includes:

  • Under the point grid, you must have at least 65 points to get PR in Australia.

  • A language proficiency in English is required for foreign nationals.

  • An applicant should be 45 or under while applying for Australian PR.

  • Further, there will be a skill assessment procedure and test for assessing applicant education and work experience.

  • Besides this, a police verification certificate is necessary for acquiring PR in Australia.

  • Moreover, ensure that the work or job is listed under the demanded occupation list of Australia.

  • Lastly, you must have proper health insurance with comprehensive coverage.

Documents for Australia Permanent Residence Requirements

Further, after passing the Australia PR eligibility requirement, you need to assess the following documents to proceed PR process:

  • An applicant needs to have educational certificates in order as a part of the Australia PR process.

  • A result or certificate of a language proficiency test.

  • An employment referral or offer letter is another important document.

  • Further, income tax statement for the last three months.

  • 2 passport-size photographs as per the Australian immigration standard.

  • A valid passport or travel permit with more than 6 months of validity.

  • Proof of funds or bank statements of the last three months.

  • A police verification certificate if asked.

  • A proper medical certificate.

Different Ways to Get Australia Permanent Residence

This is probably the section you want to read more about because it answers how to get permanent residency in Australia. The process can be a bit complicated, but we have tried to make it simple and comprehensive. We have outlined the reasons to obtain Australia PR through several options, such as:

Australia Visa for Dependent Children— This is the particular visa category for dependent children. To qualify for this category, the parent should be a permanent resident of Australia. This visa has various subclasses, such as Child Visa 802, Child Visa 102, Child Visa 445 and Child Visa 101.

Family Stream Permanent Residency Visa— Under this visa category, the applicant should join their family in Australia. However, the family connection should be the permanent resident of Australia. The eligibility criteria for this visa type are:

  • Applicants should have proper health coverage for their entire stay duration.

  • Further, they should have proper financial support.

    • Besides this, they should have character and medical support.

Partner Provisional Visa or Subclass 309 Visa— Another way to get Australia PR from India is by applying for a Subclass 309 visa. Individuals married to New Zealand or Australian citizens are qualified under this category. These individuals are allowed to stay in the country for a defined timeframe. These applicants can take advantage of various benefits such as:

  • Study in country

  • Work in Australia

  • Leave or stay in the country anytime.

  • Take benefit of the Australian Medical health care scheme.

  • Can attend an Australian English migrant program without any cost.

Business or Investment PR Visa— This is for individuals wanting to conduct business activities in Australia. To get this visa, individuals need to have a Subclass 188 visa with a validity of 1 year. Additionally, they need to fulfil the financial requirements mentioned by immigration officials. Entrepreneurs, executives, investors, etc., looking for opportunities to invest in a business in Australia can apply for this visa. The eligibility criteria for this investment or business PR visa are:

  • The age criteria should be 55 years of age.

  • The applicant should have a well-crafted plan to carry out business in Australia.

  • Lastly, the applicant should have 65 points depending on age, business activities, investment choices, etc.

Work Stream Permanent Residency Visa— If you are considering getting PR for Australia from India, then the workstream is a good choice. There are various categories in which individuals can apply for Australian PR. Some of them are mentioned below:

Subclass 189 or Skilled Independent Visa— This work visa, valid for 5 years, allows individuals to work in the country and later apply for permanent citizenship. Individuals not invited or sponsored by the family, employed, or territory government fall in this category.

Subclass 190 or Skilled Nominated Visa— It is a visa for individuals sponsored by Australia's state or territory government under their immigration program. The individuals can live and work permanently in this category. However, they need to show the necessary documents to support their case.

Subclass 491 or Skilled Regional Visa- This is for the professional with the skill sets required for a particular region of Australia. Before applying for this visa, individuals must have skill sets and nominations from the territory or state government.

Step-by-Step Procedures For Getting PR in Australia

To get Australia PR, applicants need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Meet eligibility requirements — The first step for filling out an Australia PR application is to check the eligibility criteria. Australia's PR process has a point-based system. So ensure you have sufficient points and fall under the country's occupation list. Other than this, different eligibility conditions must be met before applying for the visa process.

Step 2: Language proficiency test — After passing the Australia PR eligibility, you must take the language proficiency test. This test is to ensure that you have command over the language. The tests available for this are PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Step 3: Skills assessment test — Another crucial thing to land Australia PR is to pass the skill assessment test. Depending on your occupation, you need to take the test as an engineer; they have Engineers Australia authority.

Step 4: Expression of interest — To get the Australia PR, you need to have interest from the territories or state government bodies of Australia. You must register an Expression of Interest on the Australia Skill website. The authorities select people based on their point test ranking; the applicant should aim for a higher score above 65.

Step 5: Invitation to Apply — After meeting all the requirements after applying, you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for immigration officials.

Step 6: Submit PR application — After receiving the invitation, submit the PR application. The duration for submitting a PR application is 60 days—all the required documents must be submitted when submitting the PR application.

Step 7: Wait for PR Status — The final step after submitting the Australia PR application is to wait for the status, and once it is approved, fly to australia.

Australia PR Processing Time

The Australia PR process time is defined depending on the application type and process. It usually takes 6 to 8 months to process the application. The skill assessment process takes around 45 to 90 days. Further, the visa approval might take 3 to 12 months.

Fees and Costs of Australia PR

To get the Australian PR for an Indian, the cost is 4200 Australian dollars. The fee structure includes the visa charge, skill assessment charge, and all. Further, the fees may vary depending on the foreign exchange rates.

Significant Reasons For Rejection of Australia PR

Some of the primary reasons for rejections of Australia PR visa are:

If applicants have filled up the application for the wrong or inappropriate visa type.

If the immigration official has found out that the applicant has submitted the wrong or incorrect information that doesn't match the submitted document.

Further, the poor medical and health standards are another reason for denial.

To qualify for Australian PR, a necessary fund requirement is mandatory. If the applicant failed to do so, the PR visa application would be denied.

The necessary score is mandatory to pass the language proficiency test. If the applicant is unable to score can sabotage the Australian PR application.

Moreover, if the applicant still needs to pass the visa verification process.

Australian immigration officials are very cautious with visa applications. If they find any discrepancy in the application, the applicant can be barred from entering the country for a certain period.

Benefits of Getting PR in Australia

Australia is not just a beautiful country to live in but also offers numerous benefits to PR holders. Some of them are listed below:

The Australia PR holder can work, live and study in the country indefinitely.

Further, a PR holder can take the benefits of Australia's Medicare and national health facilities.

Moreover, PR card individuals can sponsor their relatives, family or friends for PR.

Besides this, a PR citizen can avail of some social security payment benefits the government offers.

After getting the PR, the road to Australian citizenship is wide open if the applicant fulfils the necessary criteria.

With the PR visa, individuals can travel to New Zealand by doing any visa formalities.

A PR holder can also buy property in the country or take out bank loans without collateral.

The PR holder can get free education in Australia up to 12 standards.

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory For Getting Australian Permanent Residency?

Having travel insurance for getting Australian permanent residency is not mandatory. However, you must have proper health coverage. Now, if you are travelling to Australia for a short time, getting a comprehensive travel insurance plan is recommended.

Travelling insurance lets you easily protect your financial assets while exploring the country and comprehensive travel insurance plans have numerous perks. With a travel insurance plan from Tata AIG, you will get flight cancellation insurance (defined in the policy wording), trip curtailment, baggage loss and all.

With a policy starting at ₹40.82* per day, travelling to any country is very friendly with our insurance scheme. We will be your companion for the entire trip, from minor issues like baggage loss or assistance to significant issues such as accidents, medical evacuation, etc.


That's all! Australia is a friendly nation and always looks for individuals who want to work there. Australia PR is a way for applicants wanting to settle there. While applying for an Australia PR, ensure you fulfil the eligibility criteria. The PR process in Australia is very straightforward, but careful supervision is necessary while applying.


How Many Years to Get PR in Australia?

The PR processing time for Australia is 3 to 12 months. Further, the PR status is valid for only 5 years, and individuals can live and work in the country freely.

Can I apply directly for PR in Australia?

One can apply for PR in Australia directly if they fulfil the eligibility criteria. The PR system of Australia is point-based, so applicants should have a minimum of 65 points to pass the Australian PR requirements.

Are there any age limits to apply for Australian PR?

The maximum age limit for Australian PR is 45. However, those who are above 45 years of age can also apply for Australia PR under exceptional circumstances.

Is IELTS valid for Australia PR?

Yes, IELTS is eligible for Australian PR application.

What is the best visa to get Australian PR?

The best way to get Australian PR is to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa or General Skilled Migration Program. It is the fastest way to get a PR visa.

*Disclaimer: The premium for the travel insurance policy may vary based on the nature of the plan, its coverage, and tenure. It is advised to enquire before purchasing the plan.

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