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Countries where Indian Rupee has a higher value

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  • 06/11/2023
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We all want to visit fascinating places all across the world without breaking our budget. But planning an overseas trip and budget go hand in hand. From hotel booking to aeroplane expenditures to travel insurance plans, there are so many things travellers have to look after.

Further with foreign exchange rates touching the sky, most Indians feel an extra burden on their pocket. But if you pick your travel destination smartly, you will enjoy a foreign trip under your budget. There are so many countries where the Indian currency is strong.

Therefore, to help you make the most out of your international trips, this blog will answer the essential question ‘Indian currency is high in which country?’.

List of High Rupee Value Countries

For quick reference, here is a table for the Indian currency value with other countries' lists.

Country INR Quantity
Indonesia 1 INR
Vietnam 1 INR
Cambodia 1 INR
Paraguay 1 INR
Hungary 1 INR
Mongolia 1 INR
Uzbekistan 1 INR
Chile  1 INR
Tanzania  1 INR

Countries Where Indian Rupee Has a Higher Value


The first country where INR is strong is Indonesia, the most visited tourist spot because of attractions like temples, beaches, wildlife, etc. The country has world-class facilities such as secluded island sports facilities.

The value of one Indian rupee in Indonesia is 191.433 IDR ( Indonesian rupiah), which is very reasonable for Indian travellers. Further, Indians will get a visa on arrival.


Another high rupee-value country is Vietnam, known for its picturesque beauty. The country is a blend of rich history, delectable taste and culture. From the bustling city of Hanoi to ancient towns, it has much to offer its Indian travellers.

In Vietnam, you will not be short of fun activities like trekking, cycling, kayaking, etc. The value of one Indian rupee in Vietnam is 295.6944 Vietnamese Dong.


When it comes to INR's highest value country, we cannot overlook Cambodia, where one Indian rupee is 49.798883 Cambodian Riel. The country gathers tourists from all across the globe due to its famous temples like Angkor Wat, listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

This is the country where you will witness archaeological ruins such as the Royal Palace, National Museum, and more.


Another famous high rupee-value country is Paraguay, a combination of cultural and natural attractions. With its largest hydroelectric dam to Iguazu Falls, you will not get bored in this country.

Not only this, but here you can meet soccer fans and enjoy South American cuisine. The value of one Indian rupee in Paraguay is 89.315412 Paraguayan Guarani.


While comparing Indian currency with other countries, you cannot forget Hungary, a European destination known for its architectural beauty. Here, you can witness the majestic architecture inspired by Roman, Turkish and other cultures.

Not just this, it is packed with thermal lakes, world heritage sites and more. The value of one Indian rupee is equal to 4.391055 Hungarian Forint.


Mongolia is another country where the Indian currency is strong. The country is also known as the Land of Blue Skies. It is perfect for travellers who want to relax in scenic beauty away from the city's hustle and bustle.

From sandstone cliffs to lush green national parks, the country is a photographer's delight. For those who want to go hiking and horse riding, the country will not disappoint you. The value of one rupee in Mongolia is 41.63 Mongolian Tugrik.


Uzbekistan is another country where the value of INR is high. This part of central Asia is known for its Madrassas, Islamic art and mosques. Uzbekistan is a country filled with a rich cultural history.

From public markets to gardens and lakes, every scenic beauty has a story attached to it. The value of one Indian rupee in Uzbekistan equals 146.45 Uzbekistani Som.


Another inexpensive destination to visit is Chile, which is packed with vineyards, lush greenery, active volcano peaks and more. The country is a blend of bustling nightlife and natural beauty.

Tourists can explore historical forts, national parks and much more here. If you visit in winter, you will enjoy the snow resort experience. When it comes to currency value, one Indian rupee is equal to 11 Chilean Pesos.


Tanzania is a famous African nation known for its infinite wilderness. From Kilimanjaro to Serengeti, you can witness fantastic animal species here.

It is a travel-friendly country known for its national parks and grilled meat. The value of one Indian rupee in Tanzania equals 30.04 Tanzania Shillings.

Need For Travel Insurance While Visiting High Rupee Value Countries

While budget is one thing, we cannot overlook other factors like medical emergencies, delayed flights and other possible situations while planning a trip. After all, we want our vacation to be a fun experience without worrying about anything.

Here, a travel insurance policy ensures that travellers make the most of their foreign trips. The travel insurance policy provides coverage to policyholders for various situations, such as baggage loss, medical emergencies and more, per the policy condition.

While picking the travel policy, it is best to check out the coverage and premium. Tata AIG offers a travel insurance plan to individuals that starts at ₹40.82. Further, you can compare travel insurance plans online to get the best coverage within your budget.


Travelling should not be constrained by budget. With that thought in mind, we have prepared a list of countries where the Indian currency is strong. However, checking the foreign exchange rate before making the travel plan is best. Additionally, having a travel itinerary prepared will also help you enjoy the vacation.


Which country has the highest value of Indian Currency?

Vietnam is the country with the highest Indian rupee value, which is equal to 305.02 Vietnamese dong.

Is Korean money cheaper than India?

South Korean currency is cheaper than India's.

What is the value of one Indian rupee in Nepal?

The value of one Indian rupee is equal to 1.58 Nepalese Rupee.

Disclaimer: All the currency-related information listed above is subject to change. It is advisable to check the latest currency exchange rates before making a travel plan.

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