List of 27 Schengen Countries in Europe

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Travelling to Europe is simply rewarding. You simply cannot travel to Europe and not be mesmerised by its scenic beauty, rich culture, enchanting palaces and culinary diversity. Europe is heaven on earth, and the destination practically demands repeat visits. However, travelling to 27 European countries (Schengen countries) requires a valid visa.

You must apply for a Schengen visa by fulfilling all the travel requirements, including travel insurance if you plan a trip to Europe or any of these Schengen countries. In the article below, we shall provide a comprehensive list of all Schengen countries to help you plan your next vacation better.

What are Schengen Visa Countries?

Schengen countries are a group of 27 European nations that have eliminated the restriction on the movement of people by abolishing internal borders. This gave birth to a unified visa policy called Schengen visa countries. Hence, if you have a Schengen visa, you can travel freely between these countries without border controls and lengthy formalities. However, not all European Union countries form a part of the Schengen region and vice versa.

Also, to apply for a Schengen visa from India, you must first find the visa type you need, enabling you to determine where to apply. Then, book an appointment, submit the required documents and pay the fee. If the application is accepted, you can then get your visa.

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Schengen Country List 2023

Look at the Schengen countries' names below before planning your next vacation. Bulgaria and Romania are currently in the process of joining the Schengen area and will soon be a part of the next upcoming Schengen country list 2023.

Austria Liechtenstein
Belgium Lithuania
Czech Republic Luxembourg
Denmark Malta
Estonia Netherlands
Finland Norway
France Poland
Germany Portugal
Greece Slovakia
Hungary Slovenia
Iceland Spain
Italy Sweden
Latvia Switzerland


From fascinating cities and fairy tale villages to widespread Alpine mountain landscapes, Austria is a landlocked country in central Europe. Considered one of the eco-friendliest countries in the world, Austria is famous for its enchanting castles, lavish palaces, grand museums, beautiful mountain ranges and skiing.

Capital city Vienna
Best time to visit May to September
Currency Euro
Official language German

Belgium One of the smallest and most densely populated countries in Europe, Belgium is known for its mediaeval town, rich culture, idyllic landscape and a wide variety of beers, waffles, and chocolates. The country has many iconic travel destinations making it popular among travellers. Capital city

Capital city Brussels
Best time to visit April to June and September to October
Currency Euro
Official languages French, Dutch and German

Czech Republic

Ranked among the top safest countries to live in the world, the Czech Republic is a country of architecture. This landlocked nation also boasts of many UNESCO world heritage sites. Thanks to its capital city Prague, the Czech Republic is one of Europe's most sought-after tourist destinations. Capital city

Capital city Prague
Best time to visit April to May and September to October
Currency Euro
Official languages Czech


Although a small Scandinavian country, Denmark is blessed with stunning landscapes, grand castles, magnificent architecture and a pleasant climate. With various options like castles, islands, zoos, cathedrals etc., to explore, visiting this country is no less than living a dream.

Capital city Copenhagen
Best time to visit June to August
Currency Danish Krone
Official language Danish


Estonia is less famous and explored than its other European counterparts in northern Europe, making it an affordable travel destination. Contrary to its popularity, it is a beautiful country with wild nature, mediaeval cities and Nordic fusion cuisine. Capital city

Capital city Tallinn
Best time to visit May to August
Currency Euro
Official language Estonian


Pristine, serene and breathtakingly beautiful, you can easily get blown away by the sheer beauty of Finland's natural landscape by enjoying the ethereal view of the Northern Lights and Midnight Suns. Moreover, the country also boasts an array of architectural marvels and fantastic shopping experiences.

Capital city Helsinki
Best time to visit June to August
Currency Euro
Official language Finnish and Swedish


One of the most-visited Schengen countries, France is also one of the oldest nations in the world. The country is home to vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, world-class cuisine, and rich culture. France is lovely and brims with myriad marvels. Every aspect of France is worth witnessing, from the iconic Eiffel Towers to Mont Saint-Michel and the Palace of Versailles to the fascinating countryside. Capital city

Capital city Paris
Best time to visit April to October
Currency Euro
Official language French


Germany is one of the most historical and beautiful places on the planet. From the fairy-tale castles and mediaeval villages, this Schengen country has a gamut of museums, grand palaces and magnificent cathedrals. Capital city

Capital city Berlin
Best time to visit May to September
Currency Euro
Official language German


The next on the Schengen visa countries list is Greece. Greek tourism attracts numerous people every year around the globe. The country is famous for its romantic and pristine beaches, classy restaurants, vibrant shopping destinations, charming streets, and intriguing history. Capital city

Capital city Athens
Best time to visit May to October
Currency Euro
Official languages Greek and Modern Greek


Immerse in several quaint villages and towns, Hungary is home to some of the most alluring scenic landscapes and fascinating historical attractions. The beautiful city of lights, Budapest, is a fine blend of tradition and history with modern city life. Capital city

Capital city Budapest
Best time to visit June to August
Currency Hungarian Forint
Official language Hungarian


Also known as "The Land of Fire and Ice", Iceland offers a contrasting landscape, unlike other European countries. Famous for The Northern Lights, volcanoes, glaciers and Blue Lagoon, the history of Iceland is equally interesting as the Vikings settled it. Capital city

Capital city Reykjavík
Best time to visit July and August
Currency Icelandic Króna
Official language Icelandic


Italy is famous for pizza, pasta, Colosseum, fashion and opera music, and has a lot more to offer its tourists. The country takes pride in its rich culture, historical heritage and ancient architectural monuments. Italy boasts one of the world's longest coastlines, and the cuisine sets itself apart on the world map.

Capital city Rome
Best time to visit May, June, September and October
Currency Euro
Official languages Italian


Latvia is a famous European tourist destination and is part of the Schengen countries list. The country has abundant natural beauty, serene beaches and extraordinary history. It also has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites making it an attractive tourist destination. Capital city

Capital city Riga
Best time to visit April to September
Currency Euro
Official language Latvian


The tiny country of Liechtenstein is one of Europe's most picturesque Alpine countries. This popular travel destination in the region is popular among adventurers for its exciting hiking trails and work-class ski and winter activities. Capital city

Capital city Vaduz
Best time to visit September and October
Currency Swiss franc
Official language German


The largest Baltic state, Lithuania is considered an authentic country where the past, present, and future are closely tangled to create a gem. With its abundant Gothic architectural sights, unique gardens, beautiful lakes, and several museums, the country makes a positive impact from the first minute. Capital city

Capital city Vilnius
Best time to visit September to April
Currency Euro
Official language Lithuanian


Luxembourg shares its borders with Belgium, France and Germany and is considered one of the best European destinations for a city break. This country's major attractions are the beautiful nature parks, quaint villages and charming towns. Capital city

Capital city Luxembourg City
Best time to visit May to September
Currency Euro
Official language Luxembourgish and French


Malta, an archipelago in the central Mediterranean, is a country rich with history, exciting culture, mesmerising landscapes, expansive beaches, and vibrant nightlife. With so much to offer, this Schengen country caters to every type of traveller. Capital city

Capital city Valletta
Best time to visit May to September
Currency Euro
Official language Maltese and English


The Schengen country of the Netherlands offers an immersive and enriching tourism experience. The country showcases different auras and colours in different seasons. The country offers something to every traveller, from exquisite flowers blooming in the summer to white snow blankets in the winter and colourful spring. Capital city

Capital city Amsterdam
Best time to visit June and September to November
Currency Euro
Official language Dutch


Known as the “Land of Midnight Sun”, Norway is famous for the magical phenomenon of northern lights. Norway stays cold most of the time yet offers its travellers distinctive beauty and numerous activities. Capital city

Capital city Oslo
Best time to visit June to August
Currency Norwegian krone
Official language Norwegian


Poland is a delight for nature lovers. With around 23 national parks, Poland is a perfect destination for bonding with mother earth. Poland has made a special place on travellers' list with green mountains, long sea-coasts with wide sandy beaches, lakes, rivers and forests. Capital city

Capital city Warsaw
Best time to visit May to June and October to September
Currency Polish zloty
Official languages Polish


Portugal has several cultural and historical sites to explore in the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Portugal has much to offer, from relaxing on its serene beaches to exploring its many historical spots to enjoying its lively nightlife. Capital city

Capital city Lisbon
Best time to visit March to May
Currency Euro
Official language Portuguese


Slovakia is another feather in the cap for Europe. This landlocked country welcomes its tourists with enchanting scenery, folk architecture, mediaeval castles and town and ski resorts. This incredibly beautiful country is straight out of the fairy tales. Capital city

Capital city Bratislava
Best time to visit December to March
Currency Euro
Official language Slovak


Slovenia offers its travellers distinct landscapes, thus making it one of the preferred Schengen countries to relax, explore and immerse oneself in its beauty. This stunning European country has captivating castles, fascinating museums, UNESCO heritage sites and alluring visuals in abundance. Capital city

Capital city Ljubljana
Best time to visit September
Currency Euro
Official language Slovenian


Spain symbolises geographical diversity. From sun-soaked shimmering beaches and lively and vibrant urban cities to picturesque snow-capped mountains and striking heritage sites, you must experience Spain at least once in a lifetime as a traveller. Capital city

Capital city Madrid
Best time to visit March to May and September to November
Currency Euro
Official language Spanish


The offbeat European destination, Sweden promises a splendid combination of stunning cities, serene coastal towns and chilly landscapes. The country doesn't just charm with its enchanting beauty; it is also a must-visit destination for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Capital city

Capital city Stockholm
Best time to visit May and September
Currency Swedish krona
Official language Swedish


What can we say about Switzerland? It has been one of the most-loved tourist destinations for years, and you agree with it the moment you put your first foot on its land. The epitome of natural beauty, the fascinating train journey, the breathtaking suspension bridges, the captivating culture and the list to describe Switzerland is endless. Capital city

Capital city Bern
Best time to visit June to August
Currency Swiss franc
Official language French, German, Romansh and Italian


The latest to join the Schengen country list, Croatia is a mix of interesting destinations, beautiful towns, serene nature, exquisite aromas and experiences. Not just beautiful, Croatia offers multiple activities to indulge in for every travel enthusiast.

Capital city Zagreb
Best time to visit May and June or September and October
Currency Croatian Kuna
Official language Croatian

International Travel Insurance for Schengen Countries

If you wish to travel to any of the countries from the Schengen countries list, you must apply for a Schengen visa. This visa allows you to move unrestricted in these countries during your stay.

Among many documents required for visa application, one vital prerequisite is proof of travel insurance plan. Indian citizens travelling to Schengen visa countries must have a valid travel insurance plan for the whole region for the total period of stay. The Schengen visa travel insurance requirement must include the following:

  • A minimum coverage of €30,000.00

  • Coverage in all Schengen visa countries.

  • Coverage for all urgent medical expenses, including evacuation for medical purposes or repatriation to India

You can buy Schengen travel insurance from a reputed travel insurance provider like Tata AIG, which offers you comprehensive coverage at affordable rates. Moreover, you can also compare, buy or renew your insurance online or initiate an online travel insurance claim for hassle-free and quick processes


Before planning a trip to these 27 Schengen countries, ensure you have proper information on the visa application process and the documents requirement. Also, buying valid travel insurance for a Schengen visa from India is best for a safe, fun and hassle-free trip.

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Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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