Thailand Visa Requirements for Indians

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With mesmerising beaches, vibrant nightlife and mouth-watering seafood, Thailand has a lot to offer to people who want to explore its exquisite beauty. However, in order to enter this heavenly country, you need to meet specific requirements.

Especially if you're entering the country for work, studies or other official reasons. For example, there are separate Thailand work visa requirements for Indian citizens who want to work in the country.

Moreover, for longer visits, you need to apply for a Thailand tourist visa because a Thailand visa on arrival for Indian citizens only allows up to 15 days of stay; after that, you need a tourist visa for travelling.

So, what are the Thailand visa requirements for Indian citizens? Here, you will get to know all about it.

What Are the Thailand Entry Visa Requirements

Indian citizens are eligible to apply for visa-on-arrival services when travelling to Thailand, but this visa is applicable for tourism purposes only.

For longer visits or when travelling for other purposes like layovers, work or studies, you must apply for other visa types like transit visas, long-term resident visas, tourist visas, etc. – all of which the Thailand government issues.

Each visa type has a different set of Thailand visa document requirements for Indian citizens. Here is the checklist of all the documents required for various visas.

Thailand Tourist Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

A tourist visa is issued to Indian citizens who wish to visit Thailand for tourism and travelling purposes, including sightseeing, participating in adventurous activities, trekking, etc. Documents required for a tourist visa are:

Passport and Visa Documents: Passport or travel document with a validity of at least 6 months with two blank pages. Duly filled and signed visa application form by the applicant.

Passport-Size Photo: Two colour photographs of the applicant of 3.5 x 4.5 cm, and the photo should be at most 3 months.

Accommodations: Evidence of confirmed flights in and out and hotel accommodations with the name and address of the hotel. If it is a group trip, then a cover letter needs to be presented with names, passport numbers and addresses of the stay for all members.

Moreover, if you intend to stay with your Thai relatives, then you must present an invitation letter and the IDs of said relatives. However, if they are not Thai citizens, then you must provide a copy of their work permits, visas and passport.

Financial Documents: Original bank statements with a minimum balance equivalent to ₹50,000.

If it is an incentive tour, then the applicant must present a cover letter from both the company and the travel agency stating all names with passport numbers, plan of travel and place(s) to stay along with the company's bank statement attested by the banks, company's business registration

Thailand Transit Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Thailand visa requirements for Indians for transit visas include all documents similar to tourist visa requirements. This visa is issued when Indian citizens are transiting from Thailand to other destination countries.

Thailand Non-Immigrant Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Thailand's non-immigrant long-term visas include 14 types of visas as per the purpose for which an individual wants to enter the country. These visa types are as follows:

  • Category B (Work/Employment)

  • Category M (Mass Media) for film producers, journalists or reporters.

  • Category B (Business) for conducting business or training.

  • Category IB (Working With Company Under the Board of Investment (BOI)) to conduct business, invest or work with the concurrence of the Thai Ministries and Government Departments.

  • Category F (Working With Special Agency) to perform official duties.

  • Category ED (Education) for students who wish to visit Thailand for a work-study tour, observation tour, participate in projects, attend training courses, attend conferences and seminars or study as a foreign Buddhist monk.

  • Category R-A, R (Religion) for those who wish to perform religious activities or missionary work with the concurrence of the Thai Ministries or Government Departments.

  • Category O (Family member/dependant) for those who wish to stay with Thai family members as dependants.

  • Category RS (Research) for researchers who wish to conduct scientific research, training or teaching in a research institute in Thailand.

  • Category O (Married With Thai Citizen) for applicants married to Thai citizens who wish to to stay with their Thai spouse.

  • Category O (NGO or a public charity organisation work).

  • Category O, O-A (Retirement) to stay in Thailand after retirement (for those 50 years or above).

  • Category O (Medical Treatment) for those who wish to reside in Thailand for long-term medical treatment.

General document requirements for non-immigrant visa types include:

Accommodation Documents: Confirmed hotel accommodation from the hotel itself, not the travel agency. The document should be coloured PDF print. Moreover, it should entail all the details of check-ins/outs.

Flight Documents: A confirmed coloured copy of travel tickets with the applicant’s name needs to be provided.

Financial Documents: Bank statements showing sufficient bank balance as proof of your sound financial condition to provide for your Thailand trip.

Other Documents: Attach original documents during your Thailand visa application. These will be returned with your passport:

Cover letters with valid ID proofs need to be submitted for applicants of family or dependent visas. Remember, only a cover letter from a spouse or parents will be accepted.

Applicants of employment visa applications must submit all recommendation, education, and work experience-related documents.

[Note: For more detailed information on document requirements for non-immigrant visas, check out the official Royal Thai Embassy New Delhi and VFS Global websites.]

Thailand Long-Term Resident Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

The document requirements for a long-term resident visa are for Indian citizens who wish to reside in Thailand permanently. These visa types include categories like Wealthy Global Citizens, Work-From-Thailand Professionals, Healthy Skilled Professionals and Dependents and Wealthy Pensioners.

The LTR Board of Investment explicitly handles the applications for such visa categories, and you need to visit their official website to apply.

Thailand Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

Type of Visa Number of Entries Validity of Visa Period of Stay (each entry) Fees (in ₹)
Tourist  Single   Multiple 3 months 6 months  60 days ₹2,500 ₹12,000
Transit Single Double 3 months  30 days ₹1,900
Non-immigrant Single Multiple Multiple (only Business) 3 months 6 months or 1 year 3 years 90 days  ₹5,000 ₹12,000 ₹24,000
Long-Term Resident Multiple  10 years  1 year ₹125,000

Need for International Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance online is recommended for you if you are planning to visit Thailand, especially if you are travelling internationally for the first time. An international travel insurance plan provides a financial safety net against emergencies or accidents you may face during your travels overseas.

You will be happy to note that along with travel insurance online, we at Tata AIG offer flight travel insurance that provides coverage for delayed flights.

If you are a senior citizen or travelling with a senior citizen, you should check out our travel insurance for senior citizens. We offer several benefits like accident and illness covers, COVID-19 coverage for international travel and coverage for medical emergencies.

Final Words

Obtaining a Thailand visa is necessary, especially if you are planning to stay for a longer duration or visit for other purposes like business, education, work, etc. Meet all the eligibility criteria and document requirements, and visit this beautiful place to enjoy your stay.


Is Thailand visa-free now?

No, but Thailand does provide visas on arrival to Indian citizens. It allows you to enter the country without having to apply for a visa prior to entering the country. This visa is only issued for tourism purposes.

If you are visiting Thailand for work or any other purpose, you will have to apply for the relevant visa and get it approved prior to visiting the country.

Is a Thailand Tourist Visa easy to get?

Yes, you can perform your Thailand visa applications online to get a tourist visa. It is usually processed within 5-10 business days without any hassle.

[Disclaimer: All the visa fees and information provided here are subject to change as per current currency rates and government policies. Please verify with the latest information before proceeding.]


Information last updated Feb 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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