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Since the advent of scooters, travelling has become much more convenient for both men and women. In addition, many scooters are priced because they have become a commodity that a wider market can purchase. However, when a person is driving a scooter, they become more vulnerable to road accidents and mishaps, given the nature of the vehicle. Bike or scooter accidents are among the most common accidents in India. Thus, riders need to make safety their priority. One way in which they can safeguard themselves is by getting themselves the best scooter helmet in India. When you invest in a good helmet, you invest in your safety and well-being. Also, remember that wearing a helmet is mandatory while driving a two-wheeler.

Another way in which you can safeguard yourself while riding on your scooter is by getting insurance for a two-wheeler. When you have two-wheeler insurance, it means that you have a support system that will stand by you should things ever go wrong. It also means that you are financially secure in an accident. And also, like with helmets, having insurance for two-wheelers is mandated by the law of India. Any rider without two-wheeler insurance can find themselves in a world of trouble.

If you want to buy insurance for your two-wheeler, you should consider Tata AIG’s online two-wheeler insurance. When you have a policy with us, you get comprehensive coverage at affordable prices, reliable customer support and a variety of plans to choose from. You can also customise your plans as per your needs and budget. You should use our bike insurance calculator before deciding which plan you want to ensure you make the right decision regarding your two-wheeler insurance.

And now, we will return to the topic at hand, which includes the best helmets for scootys, scooty helmets for men, best ladies' helmets for scooty and scooty helmets prices.

Best Scooter Helmets

In today’s day and age, style has become a means of self-expression. So it should be no surprise that people are looking for stylish helmets for their scooty. You want a helmet that fits your personality and does not feel like a prison. So if you are looking for the best helmet for scooty or a half-helmet for scooty at affordable scooty helmet prices, you need not look any further.

Some best scooter helmets in India are as follows.

Studds Ninja Elite Flip-up

The Studds Ninja Elite helmet may be converted into an urban-friendly half-helmet for scooty for short distances by simply lifting the front piece of the helmet. Additionally, the front part can be pushed down as needed for superior balance and increased protection, often linked with wearing a full-face helmet.

The Studds Ninja Elite helmet weighs only 480 g, which is quite light for a standard-sized large helmet. Expandable polystyrene is used for the helmet's interior and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene for the exterior. It is only offered in black as a colour choice, making it a popular scooty helmet for men. So, if you want a stylish helmet for scooty, get this one at ₹1,330.

Sage Square Benz Power

Sage Square Benz Power is the best choice if you have a limited budget yet want a stylish helmet for your scooty. The most affordable branded helmet for your scooter is the Benz Power which retails at ₹539. These are modern, high-quality helmets with the best designs possible for maximum comfort.

It offers an open-face helmet that suits your head. For better fit and safety, it has reversible straps. These are appropriate for both men and women. It has a size chart to guarantee accurate sizing and is also accredited by ISI.

Vega Verve

When it relates to the best ladies' helmets for scooty, Vega Verve is at the top of the list. Buy it if you're a woman or girl who values good protection and nice looks when riding a scooter. There are more than 12 colours available, so you may pick your favourite or the one that suits your style best. Using this helmet will add to your overall appearance. It is made by Vega, a well-known and reputable helmet manufacturer.

The Vega Verve features a silent chain belt lock for improved convenience and fit. In addition, it has a removable visor system, allowing you to switch out the visor at any time. This ISI-certified helmet is ₹1,360.

Xinor Nexo Half Helmet

The Xinor Nexo Half Helmet features simple ventilation and a superior appearance ranking it among the stylish helmets for scooty. The helmet is made to be simple to put on for those who wear glasses. The ultra-clear lid and newly developed, high-impact styrene shell are used for the exterior material, which gives the rider a wider field of vision.

Further, a hygienic interior is provided by the extremely soft velvet fabric inside, which contributes to the durability of the inner material. The inner is constructed of odour-free, high-quality cotton, ensuring longevity, usability, and comfort. The lightweight helmet is also offered in various appealing colour variations and costs only ₹535. At this price range, the Xinor Nexo half helmet for scooty can be a good pick.

Steelbird SB-33 7 Wings Gust

Steelbird is a decade-old company making good quality half helmets for scooty and bikes. Steelbird sb-33 7 wings is the perfect helmet for your scooter if you want to purchase a stylish and incredibly beautiful helmet. Your appearance and charisma are sure to get a boost with this comfortable, protective helmet.

These helmets have higher intensity material and offer the finest head protection available. In addition, your helmet features polycarbonate, which serves as an effective anti-scratch covering. For ventilation and convenience, the interiors feature fabric air mesh. It has a discreet chain band lock that offers superior comfort and fit. Its interior is neat and compact, and the lining is ventilated for comfort. This scooty helmet’s price is ₹857.


Hopefully, the points mentioned above will help you find a helmet that is the right fit for you. But remember, when buying a helmet, just looking at aesthetics is not enough. You need to look at the protection being offered. And when we are talking about protection, do not forget to secure your scooty with Tata AIG’s insurance for two-wheelers.

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