Reasons for Choosing Bikes Rather Than Cars

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Bikes have been India's primary source of transportation for years now. Cities are getting overcrowded, and with more cars on the road now than ever, you can never escape the traffic and congestion. As a result, most people prefer public transport to avoid traffic during rush hours when they commute to and from work.

The problem with this route is that the public transport in most cities is not up to the mark. This means that commuters would be able to get to where they want to be, but they would still have to do the leg work to reach their destination.

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However, coming back to the topic, we are yet to know more about "car or bike – which is better?"

Riding A Bike Vs Driving a Car

India is one of the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways' data, bikes, on an average, are sold more than cars.

There are several advantages to driving a car and riding a motorcycle. Each has its uses with respect to the circumstance.

Advantages of Bikes

Here are some pros to owning a bike over a car in India.

Motorcycles Are More Pocket-Friendly Than Cars

The age-old question, "Are bikes cheaper than cars?" has been asked over and over again by buyers when trying to decide between the two. Unfortunately, the answer you get is a little complex.

On an average, yes, bikes are generally cheaper than cars; but this will also heavily depend on what type of motorbike you buy. High-performance or luxury motorcycles are just as expensive, if not more, than cars.

Motorcycles Are Great for Saving on Additional Costs

Anyone that owns a private vehicle knows that bikes are comparatively cheaper to maintain and afford when compared to cars. They require less fuel and cost a lot less to repair when damaged. Their maintenance is also easier.

On average, bikes can go for 30 to 40 kilometres on one litre of fuel. For bikes with higher fuel efficiency, that number can go up to 60 to 70 km with the same one litre. Brands like TVS, Hero, Honda and many more offer many bike models that are fuel efficient and provide a dynamic riding experience.

Motorcycles do not have to pay tolls either. The amount of money saved from just not having to pay at toll booths when commuting to and from work is something anyone can appreciate. These expenses can quickly add up, so not having to pay them can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Motorcycles Have a Higher Resale Value When Compared To Cars

The exact resale value will depend on your bike's make, model, and style. However, due to their high demand, bikes generally fare better than cars in the second-hand market. Another reason is that these vehicles log fewer miles as well.

Another adage is that bikes are more environmentally friendly. This is a key feature that many younger drivers look for because electric scooters are cheaper than electric cars. So, scooters and bikes will always be popular.

Motorcycles Require Less Space

This is a much-needed feature in a country like India, where you can never escape traffic. Who does not want to be to weave through congested lanes and get to their destination faster? Their manoeuvrability and small size also come in handy when looking for parking space.

Your bike will be able to fit into tighter spots. This is incredibly useful, especially in large metropolitan cities where parking space is nothing but a distant dream.

Bikes Offer Riders More Freedom

Apart from being affordable, eco-friendly, and less expensive to maintain, they are also more accessible. You can take your bike out at any time of the day and go on a cruise. Bikes offer their owners a sense of comfort and independence.

Furthermore, since they are highly optimised, you will not have to worry about blowing a tire and your bike suddenly breaking down. Their easy maintenance ensures that as long as you take care of your bike, it will take care of you.

Advantages of Cars

Here are a few advantages of cars so you get the full picture:

They are more comfortable and are generally safer than bikes overall. This is especially true if you have younger children as passengers.

Cars are always the better choice if you have a large family or for long-haul road trips.

They are better for places that have unpredictable weather conditions. Cars help to protect against the elements, especially during extreme weather conditions, as their outer body provides insulation against inhospitable environments.

You are less prone to injury during minor collisions as its outer body takes most, if not all, the impact, so you remain relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for bikes.

Suppose comfort and overall safety are your top priority, and your budget can cover them. In that case, cars are a better option. This is not to say that bikes are unsafe. On the contrary, bikes today come with several safety features to ensure driver safety.

Both vehicles provide different experiences in terms of the bikes vs cars debate. It is up to you to decide which will best suit you.


Bikes are great for single-person commutes and are significantly more convenient if traffic, fuel costs and maintenance are your main concerns. On the other hand, cars are suitable investments for people with large families or living in places with harsher weather conditions.

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