Top 10 50 cc Bikes in 2023

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In today's times, many may choose to buy an exciting 125cc and higher machine as their first bike. But the joy of having a hands-on 50cc bike is incomparable. Irrespective of the style and speed, these bikes are generally the first step towards more prominent and powerful motorcycles. Many aged riders would agree to have started their biking journey with a 50cc motorcycle.

One of the most significant advantages of having a 50cc bike is that in case of a fall, the rider may not be heavily injured, and the bike can get fixed easily and affordably. Of course, there might be a downside in the trend of owning a 50cc bike, but it surely has its share of the fan base.

In India, the market for 50cc bikes is tiny; however, in the west, especially in Europe, many people still consider buying this bike. The article below looks at some of the best 50cc bikes available globally and in India. Regardless of the type of bike you buy in India, buying a bike insurance policy is mandatory.

The benefits of having insurance for a 2-wheeler are many, apart from complying with the law. Also, at Tata AIG, we recommend you compare two-wheeler insurance based on coverage, offerings, price etc. and then make a final purchase decision.

Top 50cc Motorbikes

The list below will cover the top 50cc motorcycles available based on their specification, style, speed and value. Now, it's time to get adventurous and do something cooler and exciting, like having a fun yet easy ride for errands and short trips.

Aprilia RS 50

Aprilia RS 50 might look different from a regular 50cc motorbike as it comes in a supersport design like a bigger sports bike. It has a liquid-cooled and fuel-injected single-cylinder engine. It comes with a 6-speed gearbox, 40 mm USD Forks front suspension and a full aluminium perimeter frame. Considered one of the best sports bikes for beginners, it has a kerb weight of 132 kg and a seat height of 820 mm.

Rieju MRT 50 Pro

Rieju is not a well-known brand around the globe, but this Spanish brand has been around for several decades. However, Spain and the EU are familiar with this bike manufacturer. The MRT 50 Pro is powered by a liquid-cooling, 2-stroke, single-cylinder engine. It comes with a highly resistant double-cradle steel frame and weighs just 85 kg. This dual-sport adventure bike has a fuel tank capacity of 6.32 litres.

Vespa Sprint 50

The list of the best 50cc bikes for adults needs not only a motorbike but scooters as well. And Vespa has been synonymous with scooters in many parts of the world since it has been around for almost 75 years. However, Sprint 50 is one of their relatively new offerings, which bets on stylish design, comfort and safety. The highlight of Sprint 50 is its new 3-valve, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine.

Mash Dirt Track 50

Mash introduced this great-looking dirt bike for individuals who enjoy riding around a dirt track or going off-road. It has a 50cc single-cylinder engine with a 4-stroke and 4-speed gearbox. It features telescopic forks for the front suspension and dual shock absorbers for the rear suspension. This classic-looking retro-styled bike weighs 105 kg with a 12-litre fuel tank capacity.

Derbi Senda X-Treme 50 SM

This Spanish manufacturer is specialised in making lightweight sports bikes. The Derbi Senda X-Treme 50 SM is a supermoto bike with a sporty design making it popular among Spanish teenagers. It has a 50cc Single-Cylinder, 2-Stroke engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox. It has an electronically controlled carburettor, 37 mm telescopic hydraulic forks for the front suspension and a hydraulic mono-shock absorber for the rear suspension. This bike may be one of the best in the supermoto segment, but it is heavy on your pockets.

Best 50cc Bikes in India

In India, the minimum age for getting a learning licence for a two-wheeler is 16 years. However, a 16-year-old can ride a bike with an engine capacity below 50cc. But, the 50cc two-wheeler market in India is almost negligible. There are no known brands that manufacture bikes in this segment. Moreover, unlike western countries, where 50cc bikes are popular even among adults, Indians have rarely shown interest in this segment. The main reason is that two-wheelers in India have predominantly been a need-based product.

Kinetic Luna was launched in 1972 and became popular in India. It had a 50cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. As per reports, Kinetic Luna will be re-launched as Kinetic E-Luna as an all-electric model. TVS also launched a two-seater moped with a 50cc engine as TVS 50 in 1980.

Importance of Bike Insurance Policy

A 50cc bike can be ridden by anyone above the age of 16 years; you may need not undergo any test to get this Learner's License. Also, they are relatively cheaper in fuel and expenses. However, you still will have to buy a bike insurance policy to take it on the roads. Thus, regardless of the type of bike you own (even a 50cc motorcycle), in India, insurance for all 2-wheelers is mandatory. This insurance gives you financial protection for your bike, covering damages caused to the vehicle, yourself or a third party in case of an accident or natural calamity.

As per the mandate, insurance for 2-wheelers is a must to protect from third-party liability. But, having a comprehensive bike insurance plan provides an added advantage and is the need of the hour.

For example, Mr A has a comprehensive bike insurance policy covering personal accidents, vehicle damage, third-party liability, etc. However, he, unfortunately, faces an accident, injuring his hand and damaging his bike. In this case, the insurance company will cover the entire cost of damage to the bike and personal injury. However, in the same scenario, if Mr B had opted for only third-party bike insurance, he would have to pay for the damages and medical costs from his pocket.


The market for good 50cc bikes may not be as active and famous as the regular one, but these bikes still hold a special place in the hearts of many. Indeed, you can barely forget the first time you tried your hands on a bike, and for many 50cc bikes were their first. It is for that reason adults in the west still have a craze for such bikes.

Above, we have compiled a list of a few of the best 50cc motorbikes to buy. However, whichever two-wheeler you opt for, ensure you opt for a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

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