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Protect Your Two Wheeler From All Kinds Of Risks

Comprehensive, Third Party And Own Damage Bike Insurance At Tempting Premium

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Best 500cc Bikes in India

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 25/06/2022

One of the first things people look at is their engine capacity when looking at bikes. Different bikes offer different engine capacities based on the demand of their consumers. If you want an entry-level commuter bike, you will not be looking for a bike with a robust engine capacity.

But if you are looking for a bike to carry you long-distance and through possibly rough terrain, you will be looking for a bike to support your requirements. So, if you are among those who want a robust engine, you will be happy to choose from some of the best 500cc bikes in India. We will be putting together a list of 500cc bikes for you to have a look at and choose from.

But before you look at the best 500cc bikes in India, you should note that you cannot drive your bike on the Indian roads without insurance for your bike. The Indian Government mandates bike insurance as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Not having insurance for your bike while driving can incur you large fines, loss of your licence and even imprisonment, as the case may be. Remember that having bike insurance does you good and safeguards you in the case of any unforeseen circumstances.

If you are thinking of the easiest way to buy insurance, you can get Tata AIG’s bike insurance online in a few simple steps. Just visit our website and follow the instructions to buy your bike insurance. We have set up the process to be simple and hassle-free, so you have nothing to worry about when buying insurance for your bike. We offer various customisable plans, so compare two-wheeler insurance plans available with us and choose the one that meets your needs.

Now that we know how to protect our bikes and be safe in the eyes of the law, we can delve back into the best 500cc bikes in India and the best 500cc sports bikes in India.

Best 500cc Bikes in India

If you are looking at bikes with an engine capacity of 500cc, you are not a starter. You may be a seasoned rider who wants to take your bike riding to the next level. You have quite a few good bikes to choose from in such cases. You want to look at the features and the price of the bike when making a purchase. Thus, we will be putting together a list of the best 500cc bikes in India, the best 500cc sports bikes in India and 500cc bike prices in India. All of this put together should allow you to make an informed choice.

Best Bikes 500cc in India

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan

In India, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is an outdoor bike. It comes in three different styles and nine different colours. The Himalayan is a Royal Enfield off-road bike upgraded to BS6 in 2020. The bike was provided with 3 different colour schemes in 2021. Royal Enfield's Tripper Navigation system is also available on the 2021 model. The navigational system is driven by Google Maps and provides turn-by-turn guidance via the Royal Enfield mobile application. On the other hand, the semi-digital gauge panel is unchanged from the previous model. Modifications to the saddle, the back carrier, the frontal racks, and a revised windscreen structure have also been made to improve the bike's touring potential. It is one of the best bikes under 500cc.

  • Apache RR310

The TVS Apache RR310 is among the best 500cc sports bikes in India. It comes in only one colour and one version. A 312.2cc BS6 engine powers the TVS Apache RR310. TVS Motor Group released the Apache RR 310 in 2021. In comparison to the 2020 model, the latest edition of the bike comes with several improvements. Several typical modifications and optional attachments are included. A wave bite function, which is said to provide better security and function as an in-hand regulator for suspension modifications, is among the basic additions. In addition, the TFT panel on the 2021 model has been updated to incorporate an engine rpm limit indication, a day trip metre, an over-speed marker, and the ability to save and present digital documents.

  • Dominar 400

Only one model and two colours are available for the Bajaj Dominar 400. The Dominar 400 bike weighs 193 kg and features a 13-litre fuel tank. At its price bracket, the Bajaj Dominar 400 provides the best value. However, Bajaj updated the Dominar, which received a slew of modifications in 2019 that improved the vehicle. The bike's design remained the same in 2019, although it received a few minor tweaks that gave it a fresh look. There are two colour schemes to choose from. It includes a data-extensive metre console that provides the user with host data and a supplementary monitor on the fuel system. Thus, it is one of the best bikes under 500cc.

  • KTM RC 390

The KTM RC 390 is among India's best 500cc sports bikes, with only one model and two colours. This RC 390 has a fuel tank size of 13.7 gallons and weighs 172 kg. The KTM RC390 was introduced in India in 2022 to compete with the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and the TVS Apache RR 310.

The airbox on the 2022 model has been increased by 40%, and new engine mapping has been implemented to improve performance and general rideability. The engine produces 42.9bhp and 35Nm of torque, respectively. A single-pod LED headlamp, reworked chassis, and modified seat design are the stylistic modifications for the 2022 model.

500 cc Bike Prices in India

To help you better understand the models you may be interested in, we have put together a table containing the 500cc bike prices in India of the models mentioned above.

Model Ex-showroom price in Delhi*
Royal Enfield Himalayan ₹2,14,504
Apache RR310 ₹2,64,902
Dominar 400 ₹2,21,409
KTM RC 390 ₹3,11,915


If you are looking for a 500cc bike, these bikes are among the best you can get your hands on. The prices of a 500cc bike are higher than a regular bike because they offer you much more. So, when buying a 500cc bike, always look at the features it offers and if those meet your requirements. Also, when buying the best 500cc bikes in India, always remember to buy insurance for your bike from Tata AIG!

Disclaimer: *All the bike prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

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