Budget-Friendly Electric Bikes

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Have you considered purchasing an electric bike or even wondered how and why it differs from fuel bikes? Most bike owners may choose to switch to electric two-wheelers for different reasons.

As you may be aware, the increase in fuel prices has made traditional petrol-powered bikes more expensive, leading to a shift towards more cost-effective options. Moreover, the Indian government's push towards sustainable mobility and its incentives for reducing carbon emissions have increased awareness about electric vehicles. It is no news that electric bikes do offer some more benefits when compared to traditional bikes. Electric bikes are not only smoother, but also quieter and need less maintenance.

Budget-Friendly Electric Bikes

These factors are the reason why budget-friendly electric bikes in India are becoming more popular, making them an attractive and viable option for those looking for a reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective mode of transportation.

To help you choose from some cost-effective options, these are some of the best choices for affordable electric bikes in India:

Lohia Oma Star

The Lohia Oma Star is a budget-friendly electric bike offering a range of up to 60 km on a single charge. It is ideal for city commuting because it is a lightweight bike with a top speed of 25 km/hr. It comes with LED headlights and tail lamps that not only offer increased visibility at night, but also saves energy as compared to halogen bulbs.

Price: ₹41,444 (ex-showroom)

Komaki X-One

This Komaki X-One comes with a 250W brushless DC motor under the hood which can pull the bike at a maximum speed of 25 km/hr. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the X-One offers a range of up to 80 km on a full charge (takes about 4-6 hours). It comes with a digital display where you can see all the vital information like speed, battery level, and distance covered.

Price: ₹45,000 (ex-showroom)

Avon E Scoot

This thrilling electric scooter features a 250W motor and 24 km/hr top speed. The 48V lithium-ion battery offers a range of up to 60 km on a single charge, one of its salient features. Furthermore, the lightweight design makes it easy to handle and manoeuvre the bike, especially on crowded city roads or in smaller lanes.

Price: ₹45,000 (ex-showroom)

Komaki Super

A 250W brushless DC motor and a top speed of 25 km/hr make this bike a desirable choice for a low-cost electric bike. It comes with a 48V lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 70 km on a single charge. The bike also has a digital display that shows information such as speed, battery level, and distance covered. The Komaki Super is also one of the cheapest electric bikes in India.

Price: ₹29,500 (ex-showroom)

Ujaas Energy eSpa

This electric scooter comes with a 250W motor and a top speed of 25 km/hr. It features a lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 60 km on a single charge. If you use your bike to run errands on a daily basis or need to commute long distances, the comfortable seat and a large storage compartment under the seat are the features you are looking for!

Price: ₹48,174 (ex-showroom)

Raftaar Electrica

Available in two variants and 8 colour options, this low-cost electric bike has a 250W motor and a 25 km/hr top speed. It features a lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 50 km on a single charge. The Raftaar Electrica also has a digital display that shows information such as speed, battery level, and distance covered. It comes with front and rear disc brakes for better safety and control.

Price: ₹48,540 (ex-showroom)

How to Choose an Affordable Electric Bike?

Model Selection

Many manufacturers offer a range of e-vehicles that are as comfortable as traditional bikes. Before selecting a model, focus on your specific needs and choose a model that meets these requirements. Look for features such as anti-theft devices, luggage storage, and optimal seating position.

Battery Quality

While choosing an electric bike, be sure to pay attention to the battery quality. Use only high-performance and sturdy ones from reputable brands that last longer and are safer. Try to avoid very low-cost batteries only so that you can have a cheap electric bike.

Power Source

Most e-bikes use a combination of pedal assist and electric-only mode to operate. Preferably, go for the mode that suits your needs - if you are suffering from leg or knee problems or do not want to pedal, opt for a bike that can be used solely with the throttle.

Battery Capacity and Voltage

Determine the battery's capacity and voltage in your electric bike. Higher-capacity batteries provide a longer range. A 36-volt battery works well in flat areas, while a 48-volt battery is more apt for hilly terrain. Battery capacity is measured in amp hours, ranging from 10 to 20.

Do You Need Two-Wheeler Insurance for Electric Bikes?

The Motor Vehicles Act mandates all two-wheelers in India to have a valid bike insurance. And this includes electric bikes as well. It is essential to financially protect everyone on the road in case of an accident. For example, a third-party insurance policy covers the damages caused to a third-party person or property in an accident involving your insured two-wheeler.

While the law only tells us to at least carry a valid third-party insurance policy, it is advisable to have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. A comprehensive insurance not only covers third-party damages but also covers damages to your own bike in case of accidents. But where do you get your bike insurance from? - The answer is Tata AIG.

Tata AIG’s online portal can help you get electric bike insurance in a matter of a few clicks. Our bike insurance calculator will calculate all the factors and offer an insurance premium. Once you review your premium break up, you can finalise payment and get your bike insurance for your electric bike.

This estimate can help you compare different premium quotes for your policy and allow you to choose the policy suitable for your needs. Using a bike insurance calculator can save you time and effort in the buying process and ensure that you make an informed decision.

With a good bike insurance policy for your electric bike, you can secure yourself financially in case of unforeseen events and also stay away from legal hassles, as not having a third-party bike insurance policy can attract fines.


As you can see, the given options for affordable electric bikes in India and their salient features can help you choose a suitable bike for yourself. However, be sure that you also get adequate bike insurance coverage for your new electric bike to continue enjoying your leisure rides and daily commute securely!

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