Does Your Dirt Bike Need Insurance?

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There are various modes of transport available in India but the most prominent mode of transport is the two-wheelers. People prefer riding two-wheeler bikes for their style and features.

Some people prefer two-wheelers only for a short distance of travel but others are passionate about driving and travel on their bikes to distant areas. hills, valleys, terrains, dust, soil, nothing can stop them from driving a two-wheeler.

If you intend to drive your two-wheeler for a longer distance, you can use different types of bikes like the cruiser, the touring bike, sports bike, or the off-road bike which is also known as the Dirt bike.

A Dirt bike is the preferred two-wheeler vehicle for bikers travelling to different states, especially in areas with uneven terrain and unpredictable weather.

But do dirt bikes need insurance? Let us find out.

What is a Dirtbike?

Dirt bikes, also known as off-road bikes, are bikes that are specially designed for off-road rides. These work well both on-road and off-road. Bikers going on mountainous rides or travelling through steep valleys or uneven roads prefer a dirt bike.

The bikes used for off-road travel have lighter and more flexible machines, their tires are tightly fitted to its rim with a rim lock. Apart from that, they have long suspension travel too.

What is the Purpose of a Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikers are used by bikers to travel in uneven terrain. Even though these bikes work well on the road, too, they are mostly preferred by travellers.

Do Dirt Bikes Need Registration in India?

Most of the time, bikes require registration in India. Since dirt bikes work both off-road and on-road, they too require registration. Since a dirt bike is a modified version of a bike, a special process of registration is required for the same.

To register a dirt bike in India, the bike should meet the specifications of the RTO. For example, the Kawasaki KLX and KL models were not permitted to register in India in the year 2018.

Dirt Bike Insurance in India

If you are buying a dirt bike that cannot be registered as per law, you cannot insure it. So if you need to insure your dirt bike in India, the bike should be permitted for registration in India and have a valid registration certificate.

Dirt bikes can be insured in India. However, no vehicle insurance can be purchased without a valid registration certificate. That is why, only those dirt bikes that require a registration in India need to be insured mandatorily.

A dirt bike is used on uneven terrains. Hence, it faces more risk of accidents than any other type of bikes. It is, therefore, essential to get your dirt bikes insured. This ensures timely repairs and services and avoids big financial burdens.

Insurance Policy Coverage

There is no separate insurance for two-wheelers and a dirt bike vehicle. A dirt bike can be insured just like other bikes under a comprehensive two-wheeler bike policy, a standalone bike insurance policy or a third party bike insurance policy.

The dirt bike insurance cost will not vary from the usual insurance for a 2-wheeler. The owners of dirt bike motor vehicles can add add-ons to their standalone or comprehensive bike insurance plan to enhance its coverage scope for an additional premium cost.

A dirt bike insurance policy consists of normal insurance for your two-wheeler and additional add-ons. The third party insurance rates are standard as given by IRDAI. Comprehensive and Standalone Insurance rates can vary as per company’s facilities and policies. Therefore, you can get a dirt bike insurance quote from the insurer based on your preferences.


A dirt bike two-wheeler insurance can be useful if you drive on heavy and uneven terrains. Travelling on these terrains may be adventurous but also risky. Also, travelling on such terrains will result in more wear and tear on your bike. To ensure that the risk of such travel is under your control, make sure that you buy insurance for your 2-wheeler.

Before buying insurance, make sure you have analysed all the available options and calculated your requirements. Make sure that your insurance premium can cover all the expenses necessary for your bike. With Tata AIG, you can also calculate the best estimate of your insurance premium using our bike insurance calculator.


What is a Motocross Dirt Bike?

A motocross dirt bike is a dirt bike that is used mainly for racing. The race is held on a closed racing track containing a variety of obstacles for the biker. The motocross bikes are also used in a freestyle motocross display where the biker displays a variety of stunts to impress the audience and the judges.

Can I buy motocross bike insurance?

Yes, motocross dirt bikes can be insured in India. But only those dirt bikes that require a registration in India need to be insured mandatorily. A comprehensive bike insurance would be a great choice for insuring a motocross dirt bike.

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