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Assam is a vibrant state in the North-Eastern part of India. Also known as the gateway to the North-East, this small state has undergone some serious improvements in its road infrastructure.

Despite the efforts to maintain the quality of road infrastructure and ensure road safety, the transport department of Assam is dealing with one major issue: drinking and driving cases.

Drinking and driving is a serious traffic violation in Assam, similar to other states in the country. Any driver who is found driving in a drunken state in Assam is immediately issued a fine along with other penalties.

In this blog, we will help you understand the drink and drive penalty in Assam and will also share ways to avoid it. Let’s begin!

Is it Illegal to Drink and Drive in Assam?


Not just in Assam, drinking and driving is a punishable offence in all the states and union territories of India. If any motor vehicle driver is found driving or riding under the effect of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance will be punished and levied a significant fine.

The punishment includes seizure of the vehicle and driving licence and even imprisonment for up to 6 months.

How is Drinking and Driving Checked in Assam?

The traffic authorities, along with the local police in Assam, monitor the vehicles and run BAC tests on suspects of drinking and driving offences.

During a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) test, the driver is asked to blow air in the BAC machine, which tests the concentration of alcohol in his blood.

If the amount exceeds 30 mg per 100 ml of blood, the suspect is proven guilty of driving in a drunken state and is dealt with accordingly.

Drunk and Drive Fine Amount: What Are the Charges for Drunk Driving in Assam?

Under Section 185, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the drunken driver is punished with a fine of up to ₹2,000 and/or six months imprisonment for the first offence.

For the second or subsequent offence within three years, the driver is levied a fine of up to ₹3,000 or an imprisonment term of up to two years, or both

How to Pay for a Drink and Drive Challan in Assam?

There are two ways in which you can make the drunk and drive fine in Assam payment online. These are as follows:

Pay Drink and Drive Challan in Assam Online

  • Open the eChallan portal of the Parivahan government.

  • Select the “Pay Online” option located on the right side of your screen.

  • Enter your eChallan ID and captcha code displayed on the screen. In the absence of a challan number, you may also use your driving licence or vehicle registration number.

  • Click “Get Details”.

  • Select the drink and drive challan in Assam and proceed with the payment.

Pay Drink and Drive Challan in Assam Offline

  • The online eChallan payment process in Assam is simple, quick, and highly convenient. However, if you are unable to pay your challan online, you can do the same offline.

  • For offline challan payment, visit your nearest RTO along with your challan details and necessary documents like your DL, vehicle RC, etc.

  • You can make the challan payment to the designated traffic police officer in cash or by using any other payment method of your choice.

Tips to Avoid Drink and Drive Fine in Assam

Utilise Public Transportation: Nothing can match the comfort of driving a personal vehicle. However, the same can impose a life-threatening situation when you are drunk and have no control over your vehicle.

There are plenty of public transportation options available in Assam. So, whenever you are drunk and need to commute, use a cab, bus, or any other public transportation.

Have a Driver: If you have to have your vehicle, then have a sober driver. Also, don’t make the mistake of trusting your drunk friends claiming to be sober. Instead, get help from a professional driver or someone who is trusted and reliable.

Stay the Night: This is another great tip to avoid a drink and drive fine in Assam. Unless it is absolutely needed, consider staying for the night or simply wait until you are back in your senses.

Know Your Limits: When drinking at parties or anywhere outside your home, stay within your limits. Drink responsibly and encourage others to do the same.

Avoid Drinking on an Empty Stomach: Drinking on an empty stomach results in excessive consumption of alcohol, which in turn leads to a massive hangover. So, avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

Other Tips to Avoid Traffic Challans in Assam

Carry Necessary Documents: Regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving, make sure to carry the mandatory documents, such as your driving licence, vehicle registration certificate, car or bike insurance policy, PUC, and so on.

Follow Traffic Rules: Above all, learn about the traffic rules in your city and stick to them to avoid any unforeseen tragedy and heavy fines.

How Can Tata AIG Help?

The drink-and-drive fine in Assam is just one thing; there are many other traffic regulations that can result in significant fines and other troubles.

These include driving an uninsured motor vehicle on public roads. If you are found driving your motorbike in absence of a valid two-wheeler insurance policy, you will be issued an eChallan of ₹2,000.

To avoid this penalty, every vehicle owner in Assam must purchase suitable car or bike insurance.

At Tata AIG, we offer tailored new bike insurance plans with benefits like affordable premiums, easy purchase and claims settlement, cashless claims, a no-claims bonus, and, most importantly, broad financial coverage for unforeseen tragedies.

Whether you are looking for a new bike insurance or want to change your existing insurance policy, reach out to us.

With our comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, you get extensive coverage at a cost-effective price.

For more information, contact us!

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