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Boasting a population of approximately 13 million people, the Silicon Valley of India- Bangalore attracts individuals from all walks of life. A rapid escalation in the amount of vehicles can be witnessed as the population continues to surge. This, in turn, proliferates traffic rule violation-related concerns.

While renowned as India’s technological hub, Bangalore is also known for its lively nightlife, which includes high-end activities in pubs and bars on the weekends. This vibrant city also witnesses an uptick in instances of drunk driving and operating vehicles under the influence.

In this blog, we shall discuss the repercussions of driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drug and charges for drunk driving in Bangalore.

Is It Illegal to Drink and Drive in Bangalore?

Yes, according to the laws that govern drinking and driving in India, the act of operating a vehicle whilst being under the influence of alcohol or any other drug is a severely punishable offence.

Section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act 2019 explicitly states that driving a vehicle or riding a bike while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offence. If caught engaging in such behaviour, you will be subject to a drink and drive challan imposed by the traffic police.

If a driver is caught with alcohol levels exceeding the lawful permissible limit, i.e. 30mg per 100ml in their blood or is under the influence of drugs to the point of being unable to control the vehicle properly, they will be charged. Among the incidents related to traffic violations, cases of drunk driving in Bangalore have surged.

How is Drinking and Driving Checked in Bangalore?

Police officials in Bangalore use breath analysers to examine whether the driver or a motorist is operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. These Alco metres are a universally accepted measure.

This method is both legally and scientifically recognised and reliable. A passive test involves holding the instrument close to the mouth and asking the person to blow into the device to detect the presence of alcohol in their breath.

Drink And Drive Fine In Bangalore: Punishment For Drink And Drive In Bangalore

The drink and drive penalty in Bangalore entails a six-month imprisonment and/or a fine, the latter not exceeding ₹10,000. In case of a repeat offence, the offender may be subjected to a two-year imprisonment and/or a ‘drunk and drive’ fine of ₹15,000.

If the police officer suspects the driver of a drinking and driving offence, the driver may be deemed to operate the vehicle immediately. The driver must provide the original driving licence and RC book to the police officer.

The officer may then call the relative or acquaintance of the driver to pick them up. Alternatively, the police officer has the right to arrest and take the driver to the nearest police station. The driver may then be taken to the nearest hospital for a blood test.

The police office will then issue a drink and drive challan in Bangalore, the fine for which must be paid at the earliest.

Often, drivers or motorists forget to adhere to lawful procedures and engage in corrupt practices, such as attempting to bribe law enforcement officials. Also, suppose the drink-and-drive accident ends fatally for either party. In that case, the offender can be subjected to charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, which is a non-bailable offence.

How To Pay For A Drink And Drive Challan In Bangalore?

Offenders have the option to settle the drink and drive challan through either online or offline channels. Below are the procedures for making the drink and drive fine in Bangalore payment online and offline if you receive a drink and drive penalty in Bangalore.

For Paying The Drink And Drive Fine In Bangalore Payment - Online

Step 01: Access the Karnataka One portal’s official website.

Step 02: Navigate to the “Online Services” section of the website and then select “Police” from the category section.

Step 03: Choose “Pay Traffic Violation Fine” and then select “Avail Online”.

Step 04: Specify the city as “Bangalore” from the options and click on “Pay Now”.

Step 05: Create a new account or sign in to your existing account.

Step 06: Pick the violation, input essential details such as your mobile number and DL/RC particulars, and proceed to the payment step.

Step 07: Choose your preferred payment mode and finalise the transaction.

For Paying The Drink And Drive Penalty In Bangalore Offline

Step 01: Head to any conveniently located police station or Karnataka One centre nearby.

Step 02: Ensure that you carry your challan, driving licence, and RC with you.

Step 03: Notify the police office or Karnataka One staff that you intend to settle an e-challan fine.

Step 04: Seek their assistance in locating your challan and helping you through the process.

Step 05: You can also request the inspector to check for any previous traffic violation fines that you might have missed and pay them accordingly.

How to Avoid Drinking and Driving?

As much as drinking might be fun on the weekends, driving under the influence could be fatal. Following are some of the ways drinking and driving could be avoided:

Plan your commute accordingly in advance before going out for an event where you may consume alcohol.

Use public transport as much as possible.

Set your limits on alcohol consumption and adhere to them.

Do not be overconfident about your driving skills under the influence of alcohol.

Prioritising personal safety along with the well-being of others on the road is crucial.


Drinking and driving might seem like a conventionally rebellious activity, albeit it’ll always put lives in danger. In order to steer clear of the uncertainty, ensure to avoid drinking and driving.

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