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India's financial hub- Mumbai, is well-known for its fast lifestyle, beaches, multi-cultural population, towering skyscrapers, and indeed Bollywood. The City of Dreams, Mumbai, has always seen an exponential increase in the population as more and more individuals flock to this city to realise their dreams. This surge in population directly reflects the amount of private vehicles owned by people.

This sky-high number of vehicles, along with the vibrant city nightlife, has increased the cases of traffic violations, including driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

In this blog, we will talk about the charges for drunk driving in Mumbai and how to pay for the drink and drive challan.

Is It Illegal to Drink and Drive in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, the act of drinking and driving is illegal, with stringent laws in place to deter individuals from engaging in this dangerous behaviour.

Section 185 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 2019 expressly prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating substance as a gravely punishable offence.

If people are apprehended engaging in such conduct, they will be subjected to drink and drive challan issued by the traffic police officer. Should a driver surpass the permissible alcohol limit of 30mg per 100ml in their blood or be incapable of controlling the vehicle due to being under the influence of any substance, they will be booked.

How is Drinking and Driving Checked in Mumbai?

To identify and prevent driving under the influence, the traffic police of Mumbai regularly conducts checkpoints. Hotspots and various designated areas are equipped with barricades for such checks. If you are signalled to stop by a traffic police officer, it is always advisable to pull over and provide complete cooperation. It is essential to respond candidly to the officer’s inquiries, which may include general questions.

Traffic police of Mumbai employ devices called Alco Metres, which are universally acknowledged and accepted. They are breath analysers to determine if a driver is operating while under the influence, as they hold legal and scientific recognition. The alleged drunk driver is prompted to blow in the mouthpiece of the breath analyser.

In the event that your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) surpasses the permissible limit, i.e., 30mg per 100ml, the driver may be escorted to the nearest police station for further processing.

Drink And Drive Fine In Mumbai: Punishment For Drink And Drive In Mumbai

The government of India has undertaken measures to prevent the worsening of driving under the influence situation by enforcing drink-and-drive penalties. This targets the intoxicated drivers of two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles, along with saving the lives of others on the road.

An amendment was introduced in the Motor Vehicle Act in 2019, which involves a revision of the drink-and-drive penalty in Mumbai.

As of the amendment, a drunk and drive fine amount of ₹10,000/- and/or imprisonment for six months can be levied for violating traffic regulations while driving under the influence. Before September 1, 2019, the penalty for drunk driving stood at ₹2000/- and/or a jail term of six months.

For repeat offences, the penalty escalates to ₹15,000/- and/or imprisonment for two years. Prior to the amendment, the Motor Vehicles Act dictated a punishment of imprisonment for two years or a ₹3000/- drunk and drive fine amount for violations related to drunk driving.

It's crucial to note that charges for drunk driving are specific to each case and cannot be broadly generalised. The situation becomes more intricate if harm has been caused while driving under the influence. In such instances, it may be treated as a criminal offence, leading to more stringent penalties.

How To Pay For A Drink And Drive Challan In Mumbai?

If caught violating traffic rules on camera, the violator receives an e-challan via a registered mobile number or email. Challan must be paid within 60 days to avoid fines, penalties, or a 3-month imprisonment, as decided by the court.

Individuals who receive a drink and drive challan in Mumbai have the choice to settle the penalty through online or offline avenues. The following outlines the processes for making payment for the drink and drive fine in Mumbai, whether through online or offline channels:

For Paying The Drink And Drive Fine In Mumbai Payment Online

Paying through Mumbai Traffic Police Portal

Step 01: To pay e-challan online, visit the Mumbai traffic police e-challan website.

Step 02: Click on the "Challan Status" tab on the homepage.

Step 03: Fill in the required details (vehicle number, DL number, challan number, etc.) and enter the captcha.

Step 04: Click "Get Details" and access the "Challan Status" tab.

Step 05: Select the desired challan from the issued list.

Step 06: Click "Pay Now" and proceed to the payment options page.

Step 07: Choose payment mode (Debit/Credit card, Netbanking, or Paytm mobile app).

Step 08: Receive a receipt after successful payment.

Paying through Parivahan Portal

Step 01: Go to the E-Challan Parivahan portal.

Step 02: Select the ‘Pay Online’ option.

Step 03: Select your Vehicle Number, Challan Number, or Driver’s License number. Enter the details and the captcha, then click ‘Get Details’.

Step 04: A list of challan may appear on your screen, choose the E-Challan you wish to pay.

Step 05: Choose your payment method. Enter necessary details, and proceed to pay the drunk and drive fine amount.

Step 06: Download the payment receipt for future reference.

Paying through Mobile Wallet

Step 01: Open your mobile wallet app on your mobile and search for ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’ option.

Step 02: Click on ‘Challan’.

Step 03: Select the city as Mumbai.

Step 04: Enter your E-Challan number, registration number, and other details.

Step 05: Select ‘Proceed’. Your challan details and drunk and drive fine amount will be displayed.

Step 06: Select your preferred payment mode

Step 07: Download the payment receipt and save it for future reference.

For Paying The Drink And Drive Penalty In Mumbai Offline

Step 01: Go to a nearby police station in Mumbai.

Step 02: Make sure to bring your challan, driving licence, and vehicle registration certificate (RC).

Step 03: Inform the police officer about your intent to clear the challan for the drink and drive penalty.

Step 04: Seek their help, and they will guide you through the process.

Step 05: Also, ask them about any pending traffic violation fees and settle them as well.

How to Avoid Drinking and Driving?

While drinking with friends can be enjoyable, driving under the influence poses extremely fatal risks. Here are a few ways you could avoid it:

  • Arrange a designated driver or use public transport before heading to ensure a safe way home after consumption.

  • Be mindful of the amount of alcohol you consume. However, it is advised not to drive even if you have had a small amount.

  • Choose non-alcoholic beverages or mocktail options to enjoy social events without risking.


Engaging in drinking and driving can put several lives in jeopardy. To steer clear of such uncertainties, it’s vital to refrain from driving under the influence.

The Motor Vehicle Act mandates investing in third-party four-wheeler or two-wheeler insurance. However, investing in comprehensive two-wheeler insurance (or four-wheeler insurance) is highly recommended.

Moreover, buying two-wheeler insurance from a reputed insurance provider like Tata AIG helps in an easy renewal and purchase process, hassle-free claim initiation process and access to 24X7 customer support. Our bike insurance provides budget-friendly policies and provides comprehensive coverage.

Opting for new bike insurance for two-wheelers as soon as you buy a bike is recommended. This coverage proves invaluable in times of crises, offering financial help in the event of accidents involving you or your loved ones.

Encourage responsible behaviour and share information about the dangers of driving under the influence with friends and family. Always practise responsible drinking!

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