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Bangalore is one of the busiest cities in India and is often called India's Silicone Valley. As a result, its roads house a high volume of motorists daily, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

A high volume of motorists also means more traffic violations, leading to more fines and E-Challans being issued. Paying them on time is crucial, as missing the due dates can result in additional fines, penalties, and even imprisonment.

Thankfully, Bangalore's digital infrastructure simplifies the payment process and makes it more accessible to its citizens. If you want to learn more about how to pay your Bangalore traffic E-Challans, we have provided a step-by-step guide on this blog. So keep reading to find out.

What Is An E-Challan?

An E-Challan is a digitised version of a paper challan issued to motorists by the traffic police whenever they violate a traffic law in India. These laws are specified under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, where some of the most common traffic violations are driving without a seat belt, driving without a helmet, skipping traffic signals, driving without a licence, etc.

Like a paper-based challan, when an E-Challan is issued under your name, you are charged to pay for it within a time frame.

E-Challans are computer generated and have been introduced by the Government of India to increase transparency, cut down on cash transactions, and ensure that citizens do not get out of traffic violations through bribes.

These challans can be paid via an online portal by anyone that has been issued an E-Challan under their name.

How Does a Bangalore E-Challan Work?

  • E-Challans issued to motorists in Bangalore must be paid to the Bangalore traffic police or the Government of Karnataka's Transport Department through the Parivahan portal.

  • When you are issued a Bangalore traffic E-Challan, it will specify the traffic violations you have made, the fine amount that must be paid, and the time frame the payment should be made within.

  • The Bangalore traffic police are given a swiping machine to generate and issue an E-Challan on the spot. The E-Challan machine also generates an entry on the police server to maintain a digital paper trail.

  • The Bangalore traffic police also issue these challans through the use of CCTVs set up throughout the city. The camera takes a picture of the licence plate number of vehicles caught violating a traffic law, and a Bangalore traffic E-Challan is issued to the registered owner.

How to Check Your E-Challan Status in Bangalore

Visit the Parivahan portal, the Vahan Citizen Services, or the Karnataka One portal.

  • On the Parivahan portal, enter your vehicle registration number, E-Challan number, or driver's licence number by clicking on one of the options displayed.

  • Type in the correct captcha and click ‘Get Detail’.

  • On the Vahan Citizen Services site, enter your registration number, select your state and RTO from the drop-downs and click ‘Proceed’.

  • On the Karnataka One portal, select your city, enter your vehicle registration number and click ‘Search’.

  • You will be redirected to another page displaying your current challan details against your vehicle, including any pending or already paid fines.

Alternatively, this process can also be done on the mParivahan mobile app. You can perform your E-Challan check in Bangalore using this exact process on your mobile.

How to Pay Your Traffic E-Challan in Bangalore

There are two websites you can do this process on. You can pay your traffic E-Challan in Bangalore by visiting the Parivahan or Karnataka One portal.

Both sites feature streamlined online facilities that ensure a quick and transparent payment process that can be done anywhere, any time, at your convenience. Here is the step-by-step process to help you navigate both sites.

- For the Parivahan Portal:

  • Choose the vehicle registration, E-Challan, or driver's licence numbers option and enter your details.

  • Type in the correct captcha and click ‘Get Details’.

  • Click on your pending Bangalore vehicle E-Challan fine on the webpage and enter the required details before clicking ‘Pay Now’.

  • Choose your payment mode: Debit/credit card, net banking, UPI, etc. and complete the transaction.

  • Note down your transaction number and download your payment receipt for future reference.

- For the Karnataka One portal:

  • First, you must register for an account by clicking the ‘Create Account’ option.

  • Provide all the necessary details and click ‘Register Me’.

  • Click on ‘Online Services’ on the top tab and then click on the ‘Police option’, which will display a drop-down where you must select ‘Pay Traffic Violation Fine’.

  • Click ‘Avail Online’ and choose your city - Bangalore, after which you will be asked to log in to your account.

Click on ‘Quick Pay’ and select ‘Collection of Traffic Police Violation Fine’.

Enter the following details and proceed to pay the fine.

Note down your transaction number and download your receipt by clicking on ‘Get Receipt’.

Can I Pay My Bangalore Traffic E-Challan Offline or In-Person?

It is possible to make your Bangalore E-Challan payments in person. To do so, you need to visit your nearest traffic police station and inquire about your fine payments at the station. Here is a breakdown of the process:

Take a printout of the Bangalore E-Challan issued against your vehicle from any of the above-mentioned sites you have used to check your E-Challan status. We recommend the Parivahan portal.

Visit your nearest traffic police station and present all your supporting documents, like your E-Challan printout, vehicle registration certificate, and driver's licence. If you received a traffic violation letter, you must also present that.

Pay your fine at the counter, and after paying, remember to maintain your payment receipt for future reference.

Verifying Your Receipt and Knowing Your Payment Transaction Status:

- To Know Your Transaction Status:

  • Visit the Vahan Citizen Services portal and click ‘Know Your Payment Transaction Status’.

  • Choose any options displayed on the page and enter the relevant details corresponding to the option. Here, the transaction ID is the ID you received after making your payments on any of the sites mentioned above.

  • Click ‘Search’ to get all the relevant information on your vehicle's transaction details in the table below.

- To Verify Your Receipt:

  • Visit the Vahan Citizen Services portal and click verify your Receipt.

  • Enter your vehicle registration number and the receipt number you got after processing your Bangalore E-Challan payment. Click ‘Verify’.

What to Do if You Are Issued the Wrong Traffic E-Challan in Bangalore?

In addition to the traffic police, another way Bangalore E-Challans are issued is through the help of CCTV cameras. If a vehicle is found to have violated a traffic rule, the camera captures its licence plate number, and the E-Challan is issued to the registered owner of that vehicle.

Despite its convenience, it does suffer the risk of occasional inaccuracies, where the wrong vehicle is sometimes issued a fine. If this has happened to you, don't worry, there are ways to rectify this.

- Steps To Cancel An E-Challan in Bangalore:

Contact the Bangalore traffic police helpline and notify them of the wrong challan issuance. You can also email the Bangalore traffic police explaining your situation. They will get back to you after verifying your claims.

You do not have to pay the E-Challan Fees to get it cancelled.

Common Road Safety Rules to Follow To Avoid Getting E-Challans in Karnataka Bangalore

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Wear a Helmet if You Drive a Two-Wheeler

Obey Traffic Signals

Drive Within the Speed Limit

Use the Appropriate Signals

Avoid Distractions

Bangalore has 63 accident black spots where accidents occur most frequently. The Outer Ring Road (ORR), Hosur Road and Bellari Road in Bangalore account for most of the city's road accidents.

This is a result of the city's dense population and a combination of rash driving, traffic violations and heavy pedestrian movement on roads, which often result in major and minor road accidents and traffic violations.

Considering these things, it is always best to adhere to basic road safety rules when driving. They keep you safe and help you avoid getting issued a traffic E-Challan in Bangalore.

Let us take a closer look at some of these safety rules.

- Always Wear Your Seatbelt

This is the most common traffic violation among people that drive four-wheelers. Seatbelts are the best defence against rash, distracted or aggressive drivers and protect our body's most vital parts. However, despite its mandate, many people have yet to follow this rule despite the fines it incurs.

The force of the impact during an accident may cause your body to be ejected from your vehicle, which is almost always deadly. This can be prevented if you wear a seatbelt.

- Wear a Helmet if You Drive a Two-Wheeler

If you own a bike, you and any pillion riders riding with you must wear a helmet. If you are caught riding your bike without one, you and the pillion rider will be issued a Bangalore traffic E-Challan.

Furthermore, continually getting issued fines for repeated offences can negatively impact insurance premiums. It can signal to the provider that you are a rash driver and increase your premium when you buy bike insurance online or need to renew your bike insurance policy.

Lastly, head injuries are also almost always serious and require immediate medical attention. A helmet will protect against any serious head injuries if you fall off your bike during the impact. So it is best to wear a helmet if you plan to ride your bike.

- Obey Traffic Signals

Not slowing down near pedestrian crossings, skipping red lights, not adhering to stop signs, etc., are all familiar sights when driving. All of these are also traffic violations and punishable offences.

Despite being seemingly harmless, these can cause major road accidents. In addition, not following traffic signals also disrupts the flow of traffic, which can compromise everyone's safety.

- Drive Within the Speed Limit

Driving at high speeds can cause your vehicle to skid if you need to brake, and in more extreme cases, it can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Overspeeding is a punishable offence and will incur fines if you are caught. So always maintain the proper speed limit based on traffic and weather conditions.

- Use Appropriate Signals

Using your indicators or the proper hand signals when turning, braking, merging, or slowing down can alert other drivers of your actions.

If your indicators are damaged or do not work, you must get them repaired, as driving with faulty indicators can incur a Bangalore vehicle E-Challan.

- Avoid Distractions

Talking on the phone or texting while driving is the primary cause of most road accidents. Therefore, when driving, it is always best to put your phone on silent or pull over if you need to make urgent calls.

What Happens if You Don't Pay Your Bangalore E-Challan or Exceed its Validity?

If you fail to pay your E-Challan within the prescribed time frame, you will be liable to face legal consequences. These can be in the form of penalties, additional fines, imprisonment or the suspension of your driver's licence, depending on the severity of your traffic violation.

You will be sent a summons to your residential address by the court. You must then attend your court hearing to discuss the details of your traffic violation with a judge. If you fail to attend your court hearing, your driver's licence will be suspended.

List of Traffic Violations and Fines That Can Get You a Traffic E-Challan in Bangalore

<td>Blocking Emergency Vehicles on the Road </td>
Traffic Violations Vehicle Types Traffic Fine Amounts and Other Penalties
Driving Without a License Applicable to All Vehicles ₹5,000 - ₹10,000
Riding on Footpaths ₹2,000 - ₹5,000
Using Mobile Phones While Driving ₹5,000
Not Carrying Required Documents ₹5,000
Jumping Traffic Signals ₹2,000 - ₹5,000
Drunken Driving First Offence: ₹10,000 for, and/or imprisonment upto 6 months

Second or Consecutive Offences: ₹15,000 and/or imprisonment upto 6 months

Underage Driving ₹25,000 fine and imprisonment for 3 years

Deregistration of said vehicle for 1 year

Underage drivers shall be ineligible for a licence until 25 years of age.

Driving Without Insurance Two-Wheelers ₹1,000
Four-Wheelers Or LMVs (Light Motor Vehicles) ₹2,000
Other Vehicles ₹4,000
Driving Dangerously Two-Wheeler And Three-Wheeler ₹1,500
LMV (Light Motor Vehicles) ₹3,000
Other Vehicles ₹5,000
All Vehicles Consecutive offences: ₹10,000
Riding Without a Helmet Two-Wheelers ₹1,000 - ₹5,000
Speeding Two-Wheelers ₹1,500 - ₹5,000
Four-Wheelers ₹1,000 - ₹10,000
Driving Without a Seatbelt Four-Wheelers ₹1,000 - ₹5,000
Overloading Commercial Vehicles ₹20,000 - ₹2,00,000
Not Having a Fitness Certificate Commercial Vehicles ₹10,000 - ₹20,000
Driving Without a Permit Commercial Vehicles ₹10,000 - ₹20,000

What Documents Do You Need to Prevent Getting an E-Challan in Bangalore?

  • Driver's Licence

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate

  • Motor Insurance Policy

  • Pollution Under Control Certificate

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, any driver that wishes to drive freely on public roads in India must have all four of these documents to avoid getting fined. Here is an explanation of these documents and where you can get them.

- Driver's Licence: A driver's licence works as identity proof and as legal authorisation that permits you to drive your vehicle. Anyone 18 years or older can apply for a driver's licence in India and must pass a written and on-road test to get their licence.

To apply for a driver's licence in India, you must visit your local RTO, fill out an application form, pay a fee, and attend and pass the driving test to qualify for a driver's licence.

- Vehicle Registration Certificate: It is a certificate issued by a Regional Transport Office (RTO). To get a vehicle registration certificate, you must visit your local RTO, ask to register your vehicle and pay the registration fees.

Your vehicle's details are recorded in the RTO's database, which will then issue a certificate after processing and approving your application.

- Pollution Under Control Certificate: This certificate states that your vehicle's emission levels are within permissible levels under India's environmental guidelines. You can get a PUC certificate online through the Vahan portal.

- Motor Insurance Policy: You can get a motor insurance policy from the dealership when purchasing your vehicle, or you can get one from an insurance provider. This document provides coverage for financial and legal liabilities incurred during an accident.

All vehicle owners in India are legally mandated to get at least third-party motor insurance from an IRDAI-certified insurance provider.

Where Can I Get Insurance for My 2-Wheeler To Prevent Getting an E-Challan in Bangalore?

Expanding on the previous section, you can get insurance for your 2-wheeler online from any IRDAI-certified insurance provider. For example, at Tata AIG, we provide three types of bike insurance policies to customers:

- Third-Party Bike Insurance Policy: This is an inexpensive bike insurance policy that most bike owners opt for to satisfy the legal mandate. It covers third-party repairs and legal liabilities incurred during an accident. Only costs incurred by the third party are covered under this plan. Repair costs for your own bike will need to be borne by you.

- Stand-Alone Own Damage Insurance Policy: This can be paired with a third-party bike insurance policy to cover repair costs and reimbursements for your bike. It also covers damages for natural and man-made disasters.

- Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy: A comprehensive plan combines features of a third-party insurance policy and stand-alone own-damage cover to give you all-around protection.

A comprehensive bike insurance policy also allows you to choose add-on covers that will increase your overall coverage and offer coverage for specific damages.

Your location and driving habits play a huge part when calculating your bike insurance policy premiums. Since Bangalore is a high-traffic city, it will automatically result in higher premiums. Moreover, being a reckless driver and incurring repeated fines will also increase your premium amount.

When buying two-wheeler insurance online, it is best to compare two-wheeler insurance plans. This allows you to examine policy terms using a different lens and ensures you get the best price.


The Bangalore E-Challan initiative is a step in the right direction. Due to the high volume of vehicles at any given point, it can be hard to track traffic violations by relying only on paper documents.

Digitising this process has made it easier for both citizens and the traffic police to access information, keep track of payments and establish a digital paper trail for future reference. Moreover, it has simplified the payment process and made it more accessible for citizens to pay their fines from any location.

So if you are ever issued an E-Challan in Bangalore, you can simply log onto the Parivahan portal and pay it forward online.

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