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The traffic rules in India are stringent to ensure the safety of vehicles and individuals on the road. Therefore, you can be heavily penalised for a traffic violation and suffer loss of time and money.

Keeping in line with the improved traffic regulations across the country, the Hyderabad traffic police have simplified the process of paying a traffic fine in the city.

The Hyderabad traffic e-challan system enables the Hyderabad traffic police to issue challan online through a remote traffic monitoring system.

A crucial step towards avoiding a traffic violation is riding or driving a vehicle with all necessary precautions, like wearing a helmet/ seatbelt, not using a hand-held phone while riding or driving, not jumping a traffic signal, and getting a four-wheeler or two-wheeler insurance policy.

Along with two-wheeler insurance, there are other violations for which you can be fined in Hyderabad. Here is a detailed guide to an e-challan Hyderabad and how you can pay for it.

What is E-challan Telangana Hyderabad?

E-challans are traffic fines that can be paid online by drivers in Hyderabad. These fines are paid under an electronic system that deploys CCTV cameras installed across the city for traffic monitoring.

The traffic police department allows drivers and vehicle owners to check the challan status and pay it online.

The e-challan portal has simplified the process, and you can check your e-challan status Hyderabad by logging in to the portal from anywhere.

In addition to tracking the challan status, you can use the e-challan facility to generate an invoice, make a payment, and track your payments remotely.

You can stay updated on the challans you must pay and avoid non-compliance with the traffic laws.

What is the Information Present in the E-challan Hyderabad?

- Reason for issuance of the e-challan: The e-challan has the details for the traffic law violation for which you are being penalised, like driving without a seatbelt, jumping a red light, parking in the no parking zone, etc.

- Vehicle details: It also has details about the vehicle against which the e-challan is being issued. You can confirm the vehicle registration number and other descriptive information about the vehicle, like its colour, make, and model.

- Unique identification number: Every e-challan has a unique identification number, which is present on the challan. You can use this number as reference for further processing of the challan.

- Location and time details: If you are unsure of when and where you violated the traffic rules, you can refer to the e-challan. It has the exact location and time at which the violation occurred.

- Penalty amount: The e-challan has information on the amount you need to pay as penalty for the rule violation. You can pay the penalty amount through various options explained below.

- E-challan payment instructions: The e-challan has clear directions on how you can pay the penalty. It has additional information on the e-challan validity and subsequent penalty on non-payment.

- Contact information: If you have any questions or doubts regarding the e-challan, you can use the concerned authorities’ contact details to put up your queries.

How Does an E-challan Hyderabad Work?

  • As mentioned above, the Hyderabad traffic police have installed CCTV cameras in various parts of the city. These CCTV cameras continuously monitor the traffic movement and record the movement of all the commuters on the road.

  • Thus, every activity on the road gets recorded on the CCTV camera, and if there is a violation of the traffic rules, it gets captured.

  • The traffic police extract the vehicle number of the violator from the CCTV footage and trace the contact information of the vehicle owner.

  • Once the nature of the violation is established, an e-challan is issued to the vehicle owner.

  • The vehicle owner gets the challan information and can pay the fine on the e-challan portal.

Steps to Do an E-challan Hyderabad Check Status Online

You can check the status of your e-challan within a few minutes on the Parivahan app. Follow the steps given below to check your e-challan status Hyderabad:

Visit https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in/index/accused-challan.

To get the challan details, enter your vehicle number, challan number, or driving licence number.

Enter the Captcha and hit the ‘Get Detail’ button.

The site will direct you to a new page where you can find all the relevant information for the e-challan.

Keeping track of the e-challan status is advisable to avoid further penalties due to delayed or non-payment.

How to Make an E-challan Payment Hyderabad Online?

The online e-challan payment system allows you to pay the fine without visiting the TRO office and at a time suitable to you.

It is a fairly simple task, and you can pay the e-challan online on the official e-challan website, the Hyderabad traffic police website, or a mobile wallet.

Here are steps for e-challan payment through all these methods:

- E-challan Payment Hyderabad on the Official E-challan Website

  • You can pay an e-challan on the Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways website ‘Parivahan Seva.’

  • Visit https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/

  • From the various options available, select the ‘Online Services’ option.

  • Select e-challan from the dropdown menu of the Online Services section.

  • Click on the ‘Get E-challan Details’ link.

  • Enter your challan details and click on ‘Get Details.’

  • It will direct you to a new page detailing the violation and the challan issued.

To make a challan payment, click on the ‘Pay’ option and choose the preferred payment mode.

  • You will receive a Transaction ID which is a unique code to be used for future reference. You can also download the payment receipt copy.

- E-challan Payment Hyderabad on the Hyderabad Traffic Police Website

  • Alternatively, you can pay the e-challan on the Hyderabad traffic police website.

  • Visit the website https://www.htp.gov.in/

  • Click on the ‘Services’ menu.

  • From the various services available, click on the ‘E-challan Status’ option.

  • Enter your driving licence number or the vehicle registration number.

  • Answer the questions on the page and click on ‘Go.’

  • Verify the e-challan details and make the payment using the payment mode of your choice.

  • Download the payment receipt.

  • E-challan Payment Hyderabad Through a Mobile Wallet

  • To pay the traffic e-challan Hyderabad through a mobile wallet, follow these steps:

  • Visit the homepage of the mobile wallet app.

  • Select the option that enables recharging and paying bills.

  • Click on the ‘Challans’ option.

  • Select the Hyderabad traffic authority and enter your vehicle registration number.

  • Enter the challan amount and complete the payment.

How to Pay Hyderabad Traffic Police E-Challan Offline?

If you are not comfortable with the online payment method, you can pay an e-challan offline by following these steps:

  • Take a printout of the e-challan issued for your vehicle.

  • Get all the necessary details, like the challan amount and its due date.

  • You can choose to pay the challan through a cheque, demand draft, or pay order. Address it in favour of ‘DCP/ Traffic (HQs).’

  • Post the payment option and the e-challan printout via courier to the ‘DCP/ Traffic (HQs) Office, Hyderabad Traffic Police.’

  • When the Hyderabad traffic police receive your challan payment, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number and email ID.

  • You will receive a transaction ID which you can use for future reference.

What to Do if I have Been Issued a Wrong E-challan Hyderabad?

The e-challan is a digital process and the challans are issued on the basis of clear evidence. Still, there may be a rare occasion where you are issued a wrong challan.

If you have been issued a wrong challan and want to challenge it, you can do it in several ways.

  • Visit the Hyderabad traffic police website mentioned above and click on the option ‘Got a Wrong Challan?’ on the Services page. Here, you can upload evidence that you have been issued a wrongful e-challan.

  • Alternatively, you can contact the Hyderabad traffic authorities and notify them that the e-challan issued to you is wrong.

  • Another way is to email the Hyderabad traffic police about your concern.

  • The authorities will assess your case and provide you with reasonable feedback. If the e-challan is found to be wrong, you need not pay the penalty fee.

My E-challan Hyderabad Payment Transaction Status?

- To Know the Payment Transaction Status

Visit the Vahan Citizen Services portal and find the ‘Know Your Payment Transaction Status’ option.

Click on it and select the relevant option from the list.

Enter the required details. You will have to provide the transaction ID here. The transaction ID is the ID you received on making the e-challan payment.

Click the ‘Search’ option to find out all the details about the payment transaction status for your e-challan.

- To Verify the Payment Receipt

Visit the Vahan Citizen Services portal and find the ‘Verify Your Receipt’ option.

Enter your vehicle’s registration number and the receipt number you received after your e-challan was processed.

Click the ‘Verify’ option to verify your payment receipt.

What Rules and Regulations You Should Follow to Avoid E-challan Hyderabad

Knowing the traffic rules and regulations in Hyderabad can save you from violating them. Here is a list of rules and regulations applicable to all vehicle drivers in Hyderabad:

- Left-side driving: You must drive your vehicle on the left side of the road at all times. If there are no dividers on the road, allow other vehicles to pass safely from your right side if needed.

- Right-side overtaking: If you want to overtake a vehicle ahead of you on the road, you must do it from the right side after flashing the indicator or blowing the horn. If the road is narrow, avoid overtaking to maintain safety.

- Follow the traffic signals: Every vehicle driver must follow the traffic signals at all times. Do not jump a signal, as it leads to a heavy penalty. Moreover, if there are pedestrians ahead of you, be extra patient and drive carefully.

- Obey the roadside markings: It is mandatory for every driver to understand the roadside signals and markings. The signals inform you of what to expect ahead on the road so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. They also inform you of what you can and cannot do on the stretch of road that lies ahead.

- Respect the ‘No Parking’ signs: A ‘No Parking’ sign means that you cannot park your vehicle in the given area. Do not park your vehicle where there is a ‘No Parking’ sign displayed. In addition, do not park your vehicle on busy corners or in the middle of the road, as it can lead to chaos and accidents.

- Drive slowly at roundabouts and intersections: Be cautious when approaching an intersection, roundabout or corner on the road. Slow down and blow the horn before moving further.

- Carry the relevant documents: Always carry the necessary documents when driving on the roads of Hyderabad. These documents include a valid driving licence, a vehicle insurance policy, a vehicle registration certificate, a pollution under control certificate, a fitness certificate, etc.

- Respect the speed limit: There are various speed limits for different roads, like city roads and highways. Do not drive over the speed limit, as it can be hazardous and cost you a fine.

- Blowing the horn: Blow the horn only when it is required, like overtaking another vehicle, turning on a corner, changing the lane, etc. Avoid honking near schools, hospitals, and other such sensitive areas.

- Use the relevant lights: Different lights on a vehicle have different purposes. Use the relevant light wherever required. Switch on the side indicator lights when you switch lanes or take a U-turn. In case of heavy rains or fog, use the fog light and emergency light. The lights alert other drivers to keep a reasonable distance on the road.

- Avoid using mobile phones: Do not use a mobile phone when driving. If you need to urgently use a mobile phone while driving, park your vehicle on the side safely and then use it.

- Do not drink and drive: Driving under the influence of alcohol is a legal offence and can lead to a heavy penalty, imprisonment, or cancellation of your driving licence.

- Be patient: Prioritise pedestrians when driving on the road. If children or senior citizens are crossing the road, allow them to cross the road before driving ahead. Additionally, slow down your vehicle or stop if there is a zebra crossing ahead and people are crossing it.

- Use safety gear: Wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. The pillion rider should also wear a helmet for additional safety. Wear a seatbelt while driving a car. The passengers in the car should also wear a seatbelt to stay safe during a collision or sudden braking.

- Single pillion rider: Only a single person should ride a pillion on a two-wheeler. You cannot take more than one person to ride on your two-wheeler with you.

- Do not overload the vehicle: Overloading a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler is a punishable offence in Hyderabad. It applies to passenger vehicles and vehicles transporting goods.

- Overtaking from the wrong side: Overtaking another vehicle from the wrong side can be dangerous. If it is a busy road or the vehicle ahead is at a high speed, overtaking it from the wrong side can be fatal. Ensure that you overtake only from the right side and after giving a proper indication to the driver ahead.

Validity of the Traffic E-challan Hyderabad

There is a set time limit for paying your e-challan. You must pay an e-challan within 60 days of its issuance. Failure to do so will result in further penalties or legal action.

Therefore, it is advisable not to ignore an e-challan notification. As soon as you receive an intimation about a traffic rule violation from your vehicle, start the process of paying the fine.

It will ensure that you continue to be a law-abiding citizen, and there will be no severe consequences for challan non-payment.

What Are Hyderabad Traffic E-challan Fines and Penalties?

Violation of different traffic laws leads to fines of different magnitudes. These fines discourage the public from violating the traffic rules for their and other people’s safety.

Here is the list of the challans for various offences charged by the Hyderabad traffic police:

Traffic Violation Challan Amount
Driving on roads without possessing a valid driving licence ₹ 500
Driving on roads without possessing a valid vehicle insurance policy ₹ 1000
Driving on roads without possessing a valid vehicle registration certificate ₹ 2000
Driving at high speed, rash driving, or driving dangerously ₹ 1000
Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet ₹ 200
A mentally or physically challenged person driving a vehicle ₹ 200
Violation of U-Turn/ No Entry/ One Way ₹ 200
Violation of the stop line or stop lane ₹ 200
Driving a vehicle on the wrong side of the road ₹ 1100
Jumping the red light signal ₹ 1000
Using the mobile phone while driving a vehicle ₹ 1000
Driving a vehicle in an intoxicated condition Court
Driving a vehicle without a Pollution Control Certificate ₹ 1000
Parking the vehicle illegally ₹ 1000
Overloading an auto-rickshaw carrying school children ₹ 100 to ₹ 200
Overloading a vehicle carrying goods ₹ 200
Carrying people in a goods vehicle ₹ 200

Documents Needed to Drive a Vehicle in Telangana Without Being Fined?

- Driving Licence: You must have a valid driving licence at all times when driving a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler in Hyderabad.

- Insurance Certificate: You need to get your vehicle insured to take it out on the road. A minimum of third-party insurance is necessary to use a vehicle in India.

- Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC): The Regional Transport Office (RTO) issues the vehicle registration certificate for every vehicle. You must carry the vehicle’s RC with you at all times when using your bike or car.

- Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: You can get a Pollution Under Control certificate for your vehicle after getting its emissions from the exhaust pipe checked. It is mandatory to carry the PUC certificate every time you use your vehicle.

- Permit: For a commercial vehicle, you need to get a permit from the RTO. You must carry the permit with your vehicle at all times.

You can make a small kit where you carry all the documents mentioned above and keep them in a safe place in your vehicle. Alternatively, you can also carry them in an electronic form to avoid handling too many papers.

Why Should You Have Valid Vehicle Insurance to Be on the Safe Side?

As we have seen above, it is mandatory to carry certain documents while using a vehicle. Out of these, a four-wheeler or two-wheeler insurance policy can save you from the financial implications of a mishap, along with saving you from legal trouble.

Insurance for two-wheelers and four-wheelers saves you from a challan due to non-compliance with traffic rules and regulations. Additionally, it gives you financial coverage if your vehicle meets with an accident, suffers damages due to a natural or man-made calamity, or gets stolen. It also helps you cover the costs of third-party damages due to your vehicle.

You can use a bike insurance calculator to check the premium payable for a desired coverage amount. The same can be done for a car insurance policy as well.


The Traffic rules in Hyderabad are straightforward and ensure road safety. The traffic police department of Hyderabad monitors the traffic in the city and on the highways through CCTV cameras and traffic policemen. The department issues an e-challan to people violating traffic laws.

You can pay an e-challan through the online or offline mode. However, it is advisable to pay e-challan Hyderabad within the deadline to avoid further penalties and legal complications.

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