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How to Carry Your Bike Documents Digitally?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 30/05/2022

It is mandatory to always have your vehicle documents in your vehicle. The traffic police can penalise you if you drive your vehicle on the road without carrying documents, such as the registration certificate, driver’s license, pollution control certificate, auto insurance policy, etc.

But do you know that it is now no longer necessary for you to carry the physical copies of these documents? These days, most drivers carry a smartphone. The Digital India initiative has amended the laws. It eliminates the need for you to carry hard copies of the documents. The recent amendments to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules specify that an individual can carry official documents like RC, PUC, driver’s license, and long-term two-wheeler insurance in electronic form.

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For this, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has authorised two mobile applications. These are DigiLocker and mParivahan. These apps allow you to store a digital copy of your documents and present the same to the traffic officials as and when required.

DigiLocker App - Introduction

DigiLocker is an initiative of the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY). It provides access to valid digital documents. These documents carry the same information as the physical documents. So DigiLocker is basically an app for keeping vehicle documents and other documents as well.

The cloud-based platform is integrated directly with the National Register, the national database of vehicle registration data. It is accessible on mobile and the web. You can use it to obtain documents such as e-Aadhaar apart from the driving license and registration certificate. Under the DigiLocker vehicle insurance section, you can add the details of your bike insurance policy.

Additionally, under the banking, DigiLocker vehicle insurance, and education sections on the app, you can import documents issued by registered institutions.

Storing documents in DigiLocker App

It is easy to store documents in the DigiLocker app. To sign in, you need your Aadhaar card number and mobile number linked to the Aadhaar card for verification. Then, using the registered database, you can obtain documents like the driving license and registration certificate.

Most auto insurance companies have an association with DigiLocker. Therefore, when you buy bike insurance online, a digital copy of the same is available for the app. However, the platform does not store your PUC. So, you will need to keep its hard copy in your vehicle.

mParivahan - Introduction

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways provides the mParivahan app to users through NIC. It facilitates paperless verification of the driver and the vehicle. Users can download and use the application on their smartphones. Once you enter your vehicle registration details, you are ready to present valid documents to the traffic officials along with the details of insurance for the bike.

Storing Documents in mParivahan

To start using the mParivahan app, one needs to download it from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. There is no need to register on the app to view documents. But if you do so, it becomes more convenient. The app allows you to travel without any physical documents.

The process to sign in on the app is OTP-based. It does not take too long. Once you sign-up successfully, you can create your account and save digital documents like vehicle registration and license. Visit the My DL and My RC section under the application and add your documents to start travelling without any worries.

Many people worry about how to upload insurance in mParivahan, but the process is simple. Follow the prompts, and you will be able to upload all the required documents. In addition, the application keeps you safe from penalties even when you are not carrying a hard copy of the necessary documents. Therefore, you can simply search how to upload insurance in mParivahan, and you will get the answers.

Benefits of DigiLocker and mParivahan

As mentioned earlier, the Motor Vehicles Act 2019 imposed stricter penalties for traffic violations. Traffic fines were seen to increase by 10 times more than the previous amount across India. It included the penalty for not carrying valid documentation for your vehicle when asked by a traffic policeman. However, to ease things for the citizens, the Government of India permits you to store and present these documents digitally. The official documents you can keep in digital format include your driver’s license, registration certificate (RC), pollution control certificate (PUC), bike insurance, etc.

The initiative is very useful as the amendments of 2019 have significantly increased the applicable fines for individuals found driving without the necessary documentation. For instance, the fine for driving without a valid driver’s license has increased from ₹500 to ₹5,000. Therefore, the availability of various apps for keeping vehicle documents with you at all times is of immense importance. They also shed the responsibility of keeping the documents safely.

Are DigiLocker Documents Valid?

If you have any questions about is DigiLocker document valid, here is the answer. Yes. It has been quite a long time since the government confirmed that documents stored digitally in the mParivahan and DigiLocker apps are legal. It means that when you use your smartphone to present these documents to the traffic officials, they will have to accept the same. Nevertheless, many still doubt and debate the legality, creating confusion. These are the best app for keeping vehicle documents.

If you are also wary of whether you should store your documents in the cloud-based app for use when required, you can take a look at the amendments to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules. The government made the storage of the vehicle documents in these bike documents apps legal around 2018. But, since it was not announced explicitly to the general public, it led to confusion that exists even today.

With the government releasing a detailed standard operating procedure (SOP) for the digital use of the driving license, registration certificate, PUC, and other documents, more people are becoming aware. To further clarify,

here’s a list of documents you can store in the DigiLocker and mParivahan apps:

  • Driving License
  • Registration Certificate
  • Pollution Control Certificate
  • Bike Insurance


You can use the bike documents app to store your official documents digitally. So, for example, if you can access your driving license, bike registration certificate, and bike insurance online, you can save yourself from higher penalties when a traffic official asks you to pull over. Moreover, if you’re not carrying the original copies of the documents with you at all times, you are not worried about losing them.

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