How to Check Mileage of a Bike

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Mileage! — the most essential question that every Indian bike or car owner will ask you.

The mileage of a bike helps you understand the performance and fuel efficiency of your bike. Due to the increase in the prices of fuel, understanding the mileage of your bike is essential so that it remains optimal and you do not end up spending more money than required on fuel costs. Checking the mileage of your bike on a monthly basis is recommended so that you know all about the performance of the bike.

There are many ways that you must know if you wish to know - how to check the mileage of the bike. It is essential that you understand all the methods in detail so that the process becomes easier for you. Before we get into all the details of how to check the mileage of the bike, understand the importance of a two-wheeler insurance plan. Two-wheeler insurance provides you with the required financial backup if there is a mishap on the Indian road involving your insured bike. Moreover, having third-party insurance for the two-wheeler is mandatory according to the Motor Vehicle Act of India.

Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance plan online is a hassle-free and quick process with Tata AIG. You can go to the Tata AIG website and get the plan that you think is right in a few simple and efficient steps. You will also see a bike insurance calculator that you can use to understand the amount of two-wheeler insurance premium that you are required to pay for the two-wheeler insurance plan.

Moreover, the renewal of the two-wheeler insurance also takes only a few minutes. In case you plan to let go of the hassle of remembering the renewal date of your plan, go with a long-term vehicle insurance plan. Let us get into the details of how to check bike mileage accurately.

How to Check the Mileage of My Bike?

You can easily check the mileage of your bike. It will help you understand your bike's mileage in 1 litre of fuel. The steps of how to check bike mileage accurately are mentioned below.

  1. Ride your bike as much as you are able to. You must ensure that the fuel tank of the motorbike is almost empty. Also, ensure that there is no drop of petrol remaining in the reserve fuel tank of the bike as well.
  2. Now, fill 1 litre of petrol in your motorbike.
  3. Keep a note of the distance that your bike drives using the odometer of the bike.
  4. Ride the bike until your bike runs out of fuel.
  5. Keep a note of the distance that you have travelled using your bike.
  6. The very first reading of the odometer needs to be subtracted from the last and final reading of the odometer. With this, you will get the mileage of your bike with ease.

This process is also known as the tank-full to tank-full process. First, you fill your fuel tank and turn the trip metre to zero. You cover a distance by riding your bike on the highway and city and note the distance covered. Now you fill the tank again and note down the amount of petrol. This is the amount of petrol your bike has consumed to cover that noted distance. Divide the covered distance by the volume of fuel and you get the accurate mileage of your bike.

Tricks and Tips to Maintain a Good Mileage on Your Bike

Here are some of the ways in which you can maintain the mileage of your bike:

  • Good quality fuel

The bikes with the optimal mileage also make use of the best fuels available. Good quality fuel might be a bit expensive, but it helps you take your bike from one place to the other place with good mileage, which will help you save on expenses. Ensure that you do not make use of leaded fuel. Most premium companies offer premium variants of fuels, and you can buy those ones for optimal mileage.

  • Timely servicing of the bike

When your bike has been driven for some thousand kilometres, it becomes essential for you to get your bike serviced. Depending on the usage, power, and type of the bike, you can get the bike serviced from one of the authorised bike service centres to ensure that the mileage of your bike remains optimum. Once you undertake the mileage check of the bike and you see that it is not optimum, you must get it serviced.

  • Avoid rash riding and revving

If you put unreasonable pressure on your bike’s engine by revving, sudden braking, and excessive speeding, the mileage of the bike also reduces. Also, this might lead to the misfiring of the engine of the bike and cause excessive damage to the engine of the bike.

  • Keep a check on the tire pressure

Before you take your bike for a ride, ensure that you check the pressure in the bike tires. In case the tire is flat, more fuel will be used up by the bike. Ensure that you maintain proper factory standards to ensure that the performance of your bike remains optimum at all times. Also, check the mileage of the bike from time to time to ensure that it remains good.

  • Avoid parking the bike in sunlight

You must avoid parking under direct sunlight. This is because the fuel evaporates from the fuel tank. This reduces the overall fuel intake in the engine. Make sure that the vehicle is parked in shade or in your garage.

  • Promptly make use of the kill switch

Do you keep your engine on while you are standing at the traffic lights? If yes, it is better to make use of the kill switch to switch the engine off so that the health of the engine is maintained and you also save on the amount of fuel.

  • Avoid modifications

A bike is developed after deep research and development and the components that come with the bike originally are the best suited for the bike’s performance. If you modify and change the components of the bike, it might lead to an increase in the amount of fuel being used. Thus, you must avoid making too many modifications to the bike to ensure that the mileage remains optimal.

  • Keep the bike light

One of the best ways of maintaining the mileage of the bike is by ensuring that it remains light at all times. You must avoid adding accessories like saddlebags or chrome bars to the bike. It is a said rule that the lighter the bike is, the better mileage the bike will offer.

  • Carburettor settings

Your bike has to be tuned adequately so that it can go a long way. In many cases, the settings of the carburettor of the bike have to be minimally tweaked to ensure that the engine of the bike performs optimally. It also helps you to enhance the mileage of the bike or maintain good mileage which is essential.


Now that you have all the details regarding how to check two-wheeler mileage, it is essential that you check the mileage of the bike to ensure that it is optimum. There are some essential tips and tricks that you can make use of to ensure that your mileage is optimum. It is essential that you enhance the fuel efficiency of the bike to ensure that the performance is optimal. Also, ensure that you do not put undue pressure on the bike engine by revving the engine, overspeeding, or using the brakes suddenly. Also, ensure that you secure your bike with the right bike insurance plan from Tata AIG.

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