How to Register a Modified Bike in India

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Motorbikes are one of the best modes of transportation. You can easily make use of bikes to navigate the heavy traffic on the roads and reach your destination on time. Bike manufacturers keep making certain changes to the bikes to enhance the look, feel, and riding experience of the bike. But some people prefer to make modifications as per their own needs. These modifications can be done to change the look of the bike, enhance the speed, or for other purposes.

But what is the process of getting your modified bike registered in India? If you are wondering about an answer to this question, the answer simply is that there are certain bike modification rules in India that you need to follow.

When it comes to the rules, there is one very important rule that you need to follow before taking your bike for a ride, and that is having the right insurance for the 2-wheeler. A bike insurance policy ensures that you have financial backup if an accident takes place involving the insured bike.

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Let us now get into all the details of legal motorcycle modifications and RTO permission for bike modification rules.

Is Bike Modification Legal in India?

In the 2019 judgement, the Supreme Court of India mentioned that bike modifications are legal until these do not end up altering or changing the bike’s specifications. The RTO is authorised to grant permission for changes to the colour or slight engine and other minor adjustments. In case you have not taken any permission from the RTO regarding legal motorcycle modifications, you can face penalties and hefty fines.

Now that you have the answer to can I modify my bike in India, let us understand how to get it registered.

How to Register a Modified Bike in India?

For many people in the country, a bike is an essential mode of transportation. Some people in the country are very passionate about motorbikes and make enhancements to the bike to improve the look and feel. But, modifying your bike can also have some legal implications if the changes done to your bike make it dangerous. But there is a silver lining as you can get the bike modified according to the legal parameters and after taking RTO permission for bike modifications.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to get your modified bike registered:

  • Before you plan to make any modifications, it is compulsory to take RTO permission for bike modifications.

  • The RTO will only give you permission for some cosmetic adjustments and modifications to the bike. The modifications that adjust the performance of the bike or make the bike unsafe will not be approved.

  • Once the RTO permission for bike modification has been received, you will get all the modifications added to the RC of the bike. Now, your bike will be considered a modified motorcycle.

  • Once all the processes have been undertaken, you can proceed with getting your bike modified.

  • The modifications that you do have to be the same that you take permission for from the RTO. In case you make any other modifications, your bike can be seized by the authorities.

In case you do not receive the RTO permission for bike modifications and you still go ahead with all the modifications, you are at risk of getting the bike registration cancelled. Also, if you alter the bike’s structure without any permission, your bike will be considered illegal. Ensure that you undertake only the bike modifications allowed in India after prior permission, otherwise, you may have to pay a penalty.

Rules of the RTO Regarding Modification of the Bike

Here is the list of rules that you must follow if you wish to make modifications to your bike:

  • The initial specifications of any motorbike like the seating capacity, braking system, engine, etc., cannot be modified.

  • After the bike’s modifications have been done successfully, it is essential that all these are updated in the database of the RTO.

  • The change in the bike’s colour or painting of any picture or logo on your bike has to be approved by the RTO nearest to you.

  • The modifications which make the bike unsafe for the driver, as well as others, will not be permitted by the RTO.

What are the Legal Motorcycle Modifications?

Here is the list of the legal motorcycle modifications that you can opt for after taking permission from the RTO:

  • The bike’s colour can be changed, but the colour that you plan to choose must be from the list of colours that the RTO has approved. Also, for any colour-related changes, seek permission from the RTO.

  • You can make some small physical alterations like changing the decals, winglets, visors, etc.

  • You can alter the bike tyres if the company is ready to provide some alternative tyres for the bike model that you have. Any tyres other than the ones approved by your company are not allowed.

  • You can also opt to change the engine if the engine of the bike has undergone damage that is beyond repair. However, changes to the engine have to be made after permission from the RTO.

Do’s and Don’ts of Legal Motorcycle Modifications


  • If the changes to the bike enhance the look but affect the performance of the bike negatively then these changes should be avoided. The bike's performance should remain optimal even if you plan to make changes to the bike's appearance.

  • Any changes to the bike that lead to compromising the safety quotient of the bike should not be made.

  • All the information pertaining to the changes and modifications in the bike should be updated on the RTO portal. Prior permission should be taken for the changes so that they are considered legal.



  • Do not rush into the modification process. Some changes that might look great can cause a lot of inconvenience in the future. 

  • Any alterations that are not considered legal should not be made. You can face legal implications and hefty fines in case you are found with a bike that has been illegally modified.


Some modifications to the bike enhance its look and features of the bike. You can get these modifications done after taking RTO permission for bike modifications. Before you seek permission, ensure that the changes that you plan to make are according to the modifications that the RTO considers legal. Only legal motorcycle modifications will be approved by the RTO, which mostly includes changing the overall look of your bike.

However, when you plan to modify your bike, ensure that you also inform the insurance company of the same. Also, most of the modifications that you make, like speed enhancements or giving your bike a sporty look, can increase your premium, whereas if you install good safety devices to the bike, you might receive a discount on the premium that you pay for your bike insurance policy.

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