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Delhi, India’s capital city, is grappling with everyday traffic congestion problems like any other metro city. More than 1.34 million vehicles are registered running on the roads of Delhi. With limited parking spaces available, it becomes essential for citizens of this city to know about the no-parking rules of traffic management.

This article speaks about the various aspects of no-parking fines in Delhi. It will discuss the parking rules in Delhi when you can be held liable to pay a fine, fines for breaking no-parking norms in Delhi, how you can pay your fine online and offline, and its other aspects.

Parking Rules in Delhi

In response to the increasing population, there are some parking rules provided by the Delhi traffic police. The parking rules, according to the Motor Vehicle (Driving) Regulations, 2017, inform that you cannot park your vehicle in certain places like on the sidewalk, cycle track, near a bus stop, at a pedestrian crossing, or in front of a school or hospital. These rules are to prevent traffic jams.

Recently, to manage parking in Delhi, the government introduced new rules called the "Delhi Maintenance and Management of Parking Places Rules, 2019." Below are the no-parking rules that every vehicle owner needs to comply with:

  1. Follow road signs and markings.

  2. Do not park your vehicle:

On busy roads or roads with fast traffic,

On the wrong side of the road,

Near crossings, bends, hilltops, or bridges,

Close to traffic signals or pedestrian crossings,

Where there are unbroken white lines in the middle of the road,

In front of essential road signs.

Near bus stops, schools, or hospitals,

In front of entrances,

On sidewalks or far from them,

On private property without permission and

Where it is not allowed.

When Are You Liable for No Parking Fine in Delhi?

The Following could be the instances that could attract a penalty in the form of a fine:

Obstructive Parking: If your vehicles are causing problems or inconveniences to other vehicles on the public space or roads, you can be held liable for a fine.

Prohibited Areas: Parking in forbidden areas like footpaths or cycling spaces can make you pay fines.

Non-Demarcated Zones: Parking in zones that are officially marketed as no parking zones can also attract fines.

RTO No-Parking Fine for Breaking Norms in Delhi

Parking your vehicle where you are not supposed to, like on the footpath, cycle track, or a busy road, can be dangerous and cause problems for others. The Motor Vehicles Act, specifically Section 122/177, says it is against the law. Below is the amount of fine for parking in no-parking:

Current Challan Rate for improper or intruding Parking
For first time ₹500/-
For any subsequent time ₹1,000/-

If you park your vehicle at the wrong place, you can be fined as per the above provisions. The Transport Commissioner, who leads the parking fee committee, decides the parking rates and has the authority to change the base fee every year.

With a no-parking challan amount, hauling charges will be applicable if your vehicle is seized and moved by traffic police authorities. They are as follows:

Hauling Charges as per Vehicle Type
Two-Wheeler ₹100/-
Four-Wheeler ₹200/-
Empty LMC/truck ₹300/-
Loaded LMC/truck ₹400/-
Buses ₹400/-

Note that the vehicle challan, like car no-parking fines, can differ in different states and cities. It is to make sure everyone stays safe, and traffic moves smoothly.

How to Pay a Bike or Car No-Parking Fine?

To pay the challan or no-parking challan in Delhi for two-wheelers and cars, one can select from online or offline modes of payment. Following are the details regarding these two ways of payment:

Online Payment

For paying E-challan Delhi for parking violations, such as those related to bikes or cars, the process has become more streamlined with the introduction of online payment systems. To pay a fine for illegal parking in Delhi online, follow these steps:

To pay the no-parking challan online, you can do it via two websites.

A. Using the Parivahan website:

Visit E-challan Parivahan

Click on “Pay Online”

Choose one from “Challan Number” “Vehicle Number” or “DL number”.

Enter the required details:

Choose a Payment Method out of the provided options

Verify and Pay

Get Confirmation on your phone and download the receipt for your records

B. Using the Delhi Traffic Police Website:

Go to the Delhi Traffic Police website.

Click on the "Pending Challan/Notice" tab.

Provide your vehicle number and select the parking violation.

Select your preferred payment method – credit/debit cards, net banking, or digital wallets.

Review details, enter payment information, and complete the transaction.

Save or print the payment receipt for your records and check for a confirmation message.

Offline Payment

To pay a no-parking fine in Delhi offline, consider these methods:

Cash Payment to Officer

Visit any Delhi Traffic Police officer in person. Hand over the payable amount in cash, ensuring you receive a receipt as proof of payment. It can be done at various locations where traffic officers are stationed.


Cheque/ Demand Draft at Headquarters

Prepare a Cheque/Demand Draft payable to Delhi Traffic Police, submit it at the headquarters, and receive confirmation. Ensure all details are filled out accurately, and collect a receipt or acknowledgement for your records.

Alternatively, you can also Submit it by Post to DCP/Traffic HQ. For this, mail the Cheque/Demand Draft to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)/Traffic Headquarters with a cover letter containing your vehicle details.

Include Contact Information

In the cover letter, provide your contact details to facilitate communication regarding the payment.

Wait for Confirmation

After making the payment, wait for confirmation. This confirmation may come in the form of a receipt if paid in person or acknowledgement through mail if submitted by post.

Check the status of your payment to ensure it has been processed successfully. This step ensures that your violation is appropriately recorded as


Collect Receipt

Get the receipt of payment of non-parking charges made to traffic authorities of the state.

Challan Payment Time Period in Delhi

In Delhi, one can pay challan if any is levied on them within 60 days from the date of issue of notice or challan. One can use both offline and online payment methods for doing the challan clearance.

Failure of Challan Payment for No-Parking

The failure or improper parking challan payment can give rise to strict actions by traffic authorities. If the payment is not completed within the stipulated period, the case can go to virtual court.

The virtual court system in India is now in place to settle traffic fines. This system was created to warn and send notices to traffic offenders with added charges in case of untimely challan clearance. To avoid such circumstances, it is constantly prescribed that you complete your non-parking traffic challan payment as soon as possible.

Importance of Having a Valid Insurance Policy for Your Vehicle

Traffic rules for our and other vehicle owners’ safety are regulatory and have to be complied with under laws. However, it is our primary responsibility to safeguard our vehicles from any uncertainty that may arise due to traffic in metropolitan areas.

One wise way to protect our vehicle is to get four-wheeler or two-wheeler insurance, which will financially insure for any damages caused to your vehicle. We, at Tata AIG, offer various kinds of car and bike insurance plans, which are affordable and come with ease of purchasing online.

One of the main kinds of policies is first-party bike insurance, which covers damages to one's bike, whether from the event of an accident, natural disaster, or theft. It also comes with the facility of adding on insurance riders as per the requirement and budget of the vehicle owner.


No-parking challan in Delhi is not just about saving yourself from paying fines; it is a responsibility that every citizen should assume to ensure proper traffic management and safety for everyone. If you violate traffic laws, the process of paying fines is simple.

However, we must pay attention to ensuring our safety rather than the immediate concern of paying fines. If you park your vehicle correctly, it helps in the efficient usage of limited parking space available in towns and cities. In addition, it will also help in avoiding accidents and traffic congestion.

Moreover, it is vital to have sufficient insurance coverage for your vehicle. It not only ensures adhering to the compliances but financial protection in case of any accidents or damages. Let us be more mindful of our parking habits not just to avoid penalties but to contribute to an organised urban environment for everyone.


Can I complain about the no-parking policy break?

Yes. Being a citizen, to ensure your and other citizens’ vehicle safety, you can complain about the no-parking policy break.

Where should I report a complaint about improper parking in Delhi?

You can file a complaint about improper parking in Delhi at a nearby station or just by calling 1095 25844444, which is the helpdesk contact of Delhi Police.

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