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Rapid urbanisation and an increase in Tamil Nadu’s population, especially in urban cities like Chennai, have contributed to an increase in vehicle ownership. However, without proper infrastructure in place to handle this increase, traffic congestion and a lack of parking facilities have become a common problem. The lack of adequate parking areas also results in illegal parking, which further impacts the flow of traffic.

With increasing instances of wrong parking in the state, the transport department levies a wrong parking fine in Tamil Nadu. This means illegally parked vehicles have to pay a no-parking fine in Tamil Nadu.

The fine is expected to make people mindful of where they are parking and reduce the instances of illegal parking in the state.

Tamil Nadu RTO Parking Rules

  • Do not park your vehicle in a public place where it can obstruct the regular movements of others.

  • Keep an eye open for the signs put up by the traffic department on parking rules in a particular area.

  • Avoid parking on main roads with heavy traffic and in places demarcated as no-parking zones.

  • Do not park your vehicle on a footpath, near a bus stop or at the entrance of a school or hospital.

  • Avoid parking your vehicle in front of a traffic sign blocking it from view.

No-Parking Fine in Tamil Nadu

If your vehicle is found to be parked in a no-parking area, then the transport office will levy a fine. This is done to dissuade people from parking in places where it is prohibited to park as it can result in causing danger or obstruction to people.

  • For the first time you park illegally, the transport police charge you a fine of ₹500

  • For the second and subsequent violation, the Tamil Nadu no-parking fine amount will increase to ₹1,000.

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How to Pay a Bike or Car No-Parking Fine in Tamil Nadu?

In recent years, the Indian government has launched the e-challan service in various states. These services have helped reduce the response time for updating records and collecting fines and penalties from vehicle owners.

So, if you are ever issued a no-parking challan in Tamil Nadu, you can easily check your fine amount online and pay it through official portals or in person.

Online Methods

Through Parivahan website

Step 1: Go to Parivahan’s E-Challan portal.

Step 2: Click the option “Pay Online” from the top menu of the home page.

Step 3: Enter the challan number, vehicle registration number, or driving licence number to get details of the challan issued to you and click “Get Detail”.

Step 4: Go through the list of challans issued to you on the next page and select the one you want to pay.

Step 5: Make the payment using one of the listed online payment methods available.

Step 6: Download and save the receipt.

Through the Commissionerate of Transport and Road Safety, Tamil Nadu

Step 1: Visit the official website of The Commissionerate of Transport and Road Safety, TN.

Step 2: Scroll down and click the option “E-Payment”.

Step 3: Click the option E-Challan Payment

Step 4: This will take you to the E-Challan Parivahan website

Step 5: Enter the challan number, your driving licence number, or the registration number of the vehicle to get the details of the challan.

Step 6: Pay the e-challan using one of the online payment methods available.

Through a Mobile Wallet

Step 1: Login to the mobile wallet that you want to use for paying the e-challan

Step 2: Look for the bill payment option in the wallet

Step 3: Next, look for the option “Challan” and choose TN Traffic Department

Step 4: Enter the challan amount and details of your vehicle

Step 5: Make payment.

Offline Method

If you are not comfortable with online payments, you can also pay offline by using one of the following options:

If the traffic police officer has the authorised e-challan machine, then you can pay the no-parking fine for your four-wheeler in Tamil Nadu directly to the police.

You can also visit the local traffic police office, submit your documents, and pay the fine at the respective counter

Challan Payment Validity in Tamil Nadu

The validity of an e-challan is the period within which you are required to pay the fine. For e-challans issued as a no-parking fine for a two-wheeler in Tamil Nadu or for a four-wheeler, the payment validity period is 60 days.

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Other Important Traffic Rules for Two-Wheeler Riders

  • It is mandatory to have third-party liability two-wheeler insurance in India.

  • You also need some other documents like the registration documents of the car, your driving licence, etc.

  • Do not ride a bike without a full helmet.

  • The total number of people on a two-wheeler should not be more than 2

  • Stop the bike to answer a call or text on your mobile phone

  • Ensure that you never exceed the driving speed limit

Importance of Having a Valid Insurance Policy for your Bike or Car

Many insurance providers have started offering 2 wheeler insurance online to help you buy and renew a policy in no time. This includes the mandatory third-party liability-only plan and the optional comprehensive plan.

It is important to note that you need to have either an active third-party policy or a comprehensive policy to ride your car or bike on public roads. Tata AIG is a reputed and reliable name when it comes to bike insurance in India.

With our simplified processes, you can buy two-wheeler insurance online within a few minutes. Our high claim settlement ratio and 24/7 customer support ensure that you get the best protection for your bike when you need it.


To manage the increasing problem of traffic congestion, the Tamil Nadu government has been taking various measures. While they are trying to boost the road network, they are also trying to keep the roads accessible to vehicles by ensuring no vehicles are parked in a manner that disrupts the flow of traffic.

As responsible citizens, each one of us must ensure adherence to traffic rules, including Tamil Nadu’s RTO parking rules. Also, if you are ever issued a TN Challan, you must pay the fine within the validity period to avoid more charges and penalties.


What happens if you don’t pay traffic fines in Tamil Nadu?

If you miss the due date for paying the fine, a traffic police officer will visit your registered address to collect it. If the payment is still not made, then you might receive a summons from the court for making the payment. This can also result in the suspension of your driving licence and your vehicle getting impounded.

How do I pay my TN traffic fine?

There are many ways to pay your TN traffic fine. These include:

Via the Parivahan website.

Via the Commissionerate of Transport and Road Safety, Tamil Nadu website.

Using a mobile wallet.

Through the e-challan machine with the traffic police.

At your local traffic police office.

How can I check my car fine in Tamil Nadu?

You can check your car fine in Tamil Nadu by visiting the E-Challan portal of the Parivahan Sewa website. Once here, you can click the option “Check Online Services – Check Challan Status” and provide your driving licence number or the registration number of your vehicle to get details about the fine.

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