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Telangana, a happening state in South India, is also one of the most crowded states in the country. With the advent of information technology, the state’s capital city, Hyderabad, emerged as a metropolitan city with a mounting population.

The growing population poses several challenges, including traffic congestion and limited parking spaces in urban and suburban areas.

This article discusses the parking rules in Telangana and emphasises the importance of understanding and adhering to them to avoid getting fined. In addition to this, where you can park your vehicle and where you cannot is also mentioned.

In case you violate any of the parking rules, you should know the penalties imposed on you and what options are available to you for spying these fines. Whether you are a native driver or new to the roads of Telangana, this article will help you acquire the knowledge required to park in a suitable space and be on the right side of the law.

Parking Laws in Telangana

Parking rules in Telangana are crucial to maintaining order on the city's roads and ensuring the safety and convenience of all road users. Vehicle owners must be aware of and adhere to these regulations to avoid penalties and contribute to a smoother traffic flow.

It is imperative to note that you should not leave your vehicle in an unsafe position. Abandoning or parking a vehicle that obstructs, inconveniences, or poses a danger to others in public places is strictly prohibited.

Road signs and markings indicating parking regulations must be followed diligently. Failure to comply may result in vehicle towing, primarily if it blocks a traffic symbol, traffic lights, road crossing, or a zebra crossing.

Below are some parking Telangana RTO parking rules that every individual has to abide by:

No-Parking Zones: Parking is strictly prohibited in designated no-parking zones and any area where parking is explicitly disallowed.

Sidewalks and Private Property: Vehicles should not be parked on sidewalks or too far away from them, and parking on private property without the owner's permission is not allowed.

Heavy Traffic Areas: Parking is prohibited on main roads or any road with heavy traffic to avoid obstruction.

Traffic Flow: Vehicles should be parked on the opposite side of the road from other parked vehicles or alongside them, ensuring that traffic flow is not impeded.

Road Markings: Parking is not allowed on roads with a continuous white line in the centre, in front of gates, or obstructing building entrances.

Proximity to Facilities: Parking is restricted near bus stops, schools, hospitals, and locations where it may obstruct views of road signs.

Traffic Signals and Crossings: Vehicles should not be parked near traffic signals, pedestrian crossings, or on bridges, as towing may be enforced.

Vehicles in Telangana can be towed, removed, or disabled if left unattended for more than ten hours in a public place or if they obstruct or endanger regular traffic. Police officers with jurisdiction are authorised to order towing.

When are You Liable for Paying Telangana No-Parking Fine Amount?

If parking rules are not followed, or norms are disobeyed, an individual vehicle owner will be liable to face specific consequences.

In such cases, the authorities of the Telangana traffic police will necessitate the settlement of fines related to parking violations for 2-wheelers or cars. Swiftly addressing and rectifying any infractions is crucial for a seamless resolution and to prevent additional repercussions.

How Much is the No-Parking Fine in Telangana?

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, if you park your vehicle in an area where it is prohibited or inappropriately in Telangana, a non-parking fine may be imposed upon you. This Telangana RTO traffic police fine is as follows:

Non-Parking Norm Violation Section No. of the Motor Vehicle Act Challan for No-Parking Fine in Telangana
Parking of vehicles posing a risk to others M.V.Act 122, 177 ₹200/- for two, three, four & six wheelers
Illegal parking on public roads at No Parking Boards M.V.Act 122, 177 ₹1000/- for two, three, four & six wheelers

If your vehicle gets towed for parking incorrectly, you will be charged extra for towing along with the fine. The Helper and Towing charges are a separate part of the total fine for parking wrongly in Telangana, which are added separately.

Vehicle Class Helper and Towing Charges
Car Up to ₹500
Two-wheeler Up to ₹300
Heavy Vehicles Up to ₹1,000

It is important to note that the above are no-parking fines in Telangana for four-wheelers and motorcycles may increase or decrease as per yearly amendments made by the traffic authorities of the state.

To save yourself from such unnecessary no-parking fines for two-wheelers and four-wheelers in Telangana, you need to ensure your vehicle is safely parked and aligned properly in the allowed space for parking.

What are the Payment Options of Wrong Parking Fine Amount

To pay the no-parking Telangana e-challan for two-wheelers and cars, one can select from online or offline modes of payment. Following are the details regarding these two ways of payment:

Online Payment

There are three different ways in which online payment can be made to traffic authorities as non-parking challan in Telangana. These ways are as detailed below:

A. Using the Parivahan website:

Visit E-challan Parivahan

Click on “Pay Online.”

Choose one from “Challan Number”, “Vehicle Number”, or “DL number”.

Enter the required details:

Choose a Payment Method out of the provided options

Verify and Pay

Get Confirmation on your phone and download the receipt for your records

B. Using the Telangana State Police Integrated e-Challan System:

Go to the Telangana Traffic E-challan website.

Provide your vehicle number and do the captcha check.

Select the type of violation made.

Select your preferred payment method – credit/debit cards, net banking, or digital wallets.

Review details, enter payment information, and complete the transaction.

Save or print the payment receipt for your records and check for a confirmation message.

C. Payment using Paytm App:

Download the Paytm app for payment convenience.

Go to the Challan Bill Payment page.

Enter your Vehicle Number.

Select and mark the due fine to be paid.

Choose the payment option from Paytm Wallet, net banking and other available options.

Verify the OTP sent by mail and phone and complete the payment.

Download the receipt to ensure payment completion.

Offline Payment

To settle a no-parking fine in Telangana for two-wheelers or cars through offline channels, you can explore the following methods:

  1. Cash Payment to Officer:

Visit any Delhi Traffic Police officer in person, hand over the required amount in cash, and obtain a receipt as proof of payment. This can be done at various locations where traffic officers are stationed.


  1. Cheque/Demand Draft at Headquarters:

Prepare a Cheque/Demand Draft payable to Delhi Traffic Police, submit it at the headquarters, and receive confirmation. Ensure all details are accurately filled out, and collect a receipt or acknowledgement for your records.

Alternatively, you can mail the Cheque/Demand Draft to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)/Traffic Headquarters with a cover letter containing your vehicle details. Include your contact information in the letter for communication regarding the payment.

Provide Contact Information: In the cover letter, furnish your contact details to facilitate communication regarding the payment.

Wait for Confirmation: After making the payment, await confirmation. This confirmation may be in the form of a receipt if paid in person or an acknowledgement through the mail if submitted by post. Verify the status of your payment to ensure it has been processed successfully. This step ensures that your violation is appropriately recorded as paid.

Collect Receipt: Obtain the receipt of payment for non-parking charges made to the traffic authorities of the state.

Period of Payment of No-Parking Charge in Telangana

In Telangana, one can pay challan levied on them within 60 days from the date of issue of notice or challan. One can use both offline and online payment methods for doing the challan clearance. Late payments can lead to severe penalties and actions from traffic authorities of the state.

Importance of Having a Valid Insurance Policy for Your Vehicle

Compliance with traffic rules is imperative for the safety of our vehicles and fellow road users. However, taking proactive steps to shield our vehicles from potential uncertainties in metropolitan traffic is equally vital.

A wise approach is to secure our vehicle with comprehensive insurance for two-wheelers or four-wheelers. Tata AIG offers affordable car and bike insurance policies that are conveniently available for online purchase.

Notably, scooter insurance provides financial protection against damages arising from accidents, natural disasters, or theft. Moreover, the option to include insurance riders allows for customisation based on the specific needs and budget of the vehicle owner.


In short, it is vital to understand the traffic laws and park vehicles in the right place. This helps you avoid paying fines for parking violations. At the same time, it promotes better traffic management and avoids traffic congestion. If you violate the parking regulations, paying penalties is crucial. You get an option to pay fines online and offline channels.

Moreover, having a valid insurance policy for your vehicle is wise as it provides financial protection in case of uncertainties. By adhering to the traffic rules, drivers in Telangana can contribute to a more efficient and safer traffic environment.

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