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Thane, a bustling city in Maharashtra, is known for its vibrant energy and lively people. However, with the limitation of space and increased traffic on the roads, traffic management has become extremely difficult.

With the ever-growing traffic in the city, the inconvenience of improper parking has led the city traffic police to impose stringent Thane RTO parking rules.

The primary intent is to encourage people to park correctly to avoid the wrong parking fine in Thane and comply with the necessary traffic rules. This will help keep the traffic in control and also resolve issues regarding traffic congestion and, in some cases, accidents.

Thane RTO Parking Rules

Being aware and updated about the different Thane RTO parking rules and regulations, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, will help you reduce the risk of paying fines and make you a more responsible driver.

  • Always park in designated parking spaces and zones.

  • Keep an eye out for no-parking signs and avoid parking in these areas.

  • When you are parking in paid zones, ensure you make the due payment to avoid fines later.

  • Double parking is strictly prohibited in Thane as it is illegal and can cause a traffic jam, so avoid it at any cost.

  • Do not park on footpaths, as they are strictly meant for pedestrians.

  • Do not park near restricted areas like schools, hospitals, and other busy markets or follow the time-bound parking rules in this area if available.

  • Do not park in front of houses or private properties.

No-Parking Fine in Thane

Other than the no-parking fine for a two-wheeler in Thane and the no-parking fine for a four-wheeler in Thane, there are many other parking fines applicable, and they are as follows:

Offence Wrong Parking Fine in Thane  (In Rupees)
Parking vehicle without number plate ₹500
Parking vehicles in prohibited areas ₹200
Leaving the vehicle parked and unattended ₹200
Parking vehicles in places that block traffic signs ₹200
Parking near schools, colleges, and bus stops ₹200
Parking vehicles in a bus lane ₹200
Parking vehicles on entry or exit points ₹200
Parking vehicles in any tunnel ₹200
Parking vehicle on footpath ₹200
Parking a vehicle in front of another vehicle that causes obstruction ₹500
Double parking  ₹200
Parking in No-Parking areas ₹200
Parking in the middle of traffic  ₹200
Parking vehicles for a longer duration than the permitted time window ₹200
Not parking the vehicles in designated parking spots ₹200
Parking any vehicle on the main road ₹200

How to Pay a Bike or Car Thane No-Parking Fine Amount?

Online Methods

  • Parivahan Portal

  • Go to the Parivahan website.

  • Click on “Pay Online” on the main page.

  • Enter the required details accurately. You can choose from challan number, driving licence number, or vehicle number.

  • Enter the captcha code as given.

  • Select “Get Detail” to view all challans against your vehicle.

  • Select the one you want to pay and make the payment using any of the payment options available.

  • Maharashtra E-Challan Website

  • Visit the Maharashtra traffic e-challan website.

  • Enter either the vehicle number to view all the challans or the specific challan number against which you wish to make the payment.

  • Tick on “I’m not a robot”.

  • Select “Submit” after entering all the details.

  • Next, select the challan you want to make the payment for and click on the “Make Payment” option to proceed.

  • Make the payment using any of the online payment options.

  • Download the receipt for future reference.

  • Paytm

  • Download the Paytm application from the App Store on iPhones or the Google Play Store on Androids.

  • Launch the application and then locate and click on the “Recharge and Pay Bills” option.

  • Select the “E-Challan” option.

  • Enter your vehicle number or challan number in the space provided.

  • Check for all the pending challans and choose the ones you want to pay.

  • Choose the payment option for challan payment.

Offline Method

  • To pay a no-parking fine for a two-wheeler in Thane or a no-parking fine for a four-wheeler in Thane offline, you can choose one of the following options.

  • Pay the fine amount in cash at the nearest traffic police station.

  • Go to a traffic police officer who has the e-challan swipe machine and give him your challan details to make the payment in cash.

Validity of No Parking Challan in Thane

All e-challans issued by the traffic police come with a validity period of 60 days from the date of issuance. You must pay the due no-parking challan in Thane within this period to avoid other financial penalties and other consequences like the following-

  • A visit from a police officer at your registered address.

  • Court order against your name for the challan.

Other Important Traffic Rules for Two-Wheeler Riders

Along with the parking rules, there are many other traffic rules and regulations that are mandatory for two-wheelers. The list includes:

No triple-riding - Having more than one pillion rider on the bike.

Wearing a Helmet - The rider and the pillion rider are both required to wear a helmet when on the two-wheeler.

Traffic Lights - Follow the traffic lights strictly to avoid penalties.

Speed Limits - There are specific speed limits for two-wheelers on different roads and areas. Follow them properly to avoid accidents and fines.

Valid Insurance - A mandatory document to have with you at all times is valid third-party bike insurance. Without it, you are not permitted to ride in Thane or elsewhere in India.

Correct Vehicle Documentation - Other than insurance documents, you must have your driving licence, vehicle registration certificate, pollution under control certificate, and fitness certificate.

Importance of Having a Valid Four or Two-Wheeler Insurance

Other than the different parking traffic rules, another mandatory traffic rule under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 is to have valid third-party insurance at all times while driving any vehicle in Thane. Third-party insurance protects you against damages caused to any third party using your vehicle.

However, it does not extend any coverage for your vehicle. To protect your car or bike from unexpected damage and loss, investing in comprehensive two-wheeler insurance or four-wheeler insurance is highly recommended.

With a car or bike insurance plan from Tata AIG, you can benefit from coverage for accidental damage, flood damage, or any other natural or man-made disaster-led damage.

Our comprehensive four and two-wheeler insurance also provides cover for third-party liabilities and personal accident cover for all-rounded financial support. You can customise your new bike insurance with a wide range of add-ons to increase the base coverage based on specific requirements.

We understand the need for maximum convenience and thus offer a user-friendly website to buy, renew, and customise your car and bike insurance online in just a few steps.


With the increasing number of cars and bikes in Thane, it has become important to follow all the traffic rules and regulations for personal safety as well as the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians.

Parking in prohibited areas or wrong parking can cause traffic congestion and accidents. Therefore, to be aware and updated with the general traffic rules and the rules related to parking is necessary.


How to check the status of my Thane e-challan payment online?

Visit the Parivahan portal, select the “Check Online Services” option from the top bar, click on “Check Challan Status”, enter your challan or vehicle number and then select “Get Detail” to view the status of your e-challan.

Can I pay multiple challan fines together in one go?

For the online options, you get to choose all the challans you wish to make the payment for, so choose as many as you want to make the payment.

For offline options, you need to provide the details of all the challans issued against your vehicle to make the payment together.

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