Pros and Cons of Electric Scooters

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Two-wheelers are quite popular in India due to the convenience they provide. People can easily travel from one place to another in minimum time with the help of two-wheelers. Two-wheelers are convenient for various reasons. But it also causes problems like an increase in air pollution.

To eradicate this issue, many companies around the globe started developing electric scooters. Electric scooters provide a smooth driving experience at low costs to their buyers.

Electric scooters are not only efficient to use but also environmentally friendly. Keep reading as we discuss more on the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters.

Pros of Buying Electric Scooter

When analysing the pros and cons of electric scooters, note that there are numerous advantages of electric scooters. If you are considering buying a scooter, checking out electric variants will surely benefit you.

Eco Friendly

The main aim of electric vehicles is to reduce the emissions produced by running petrol and diesel vehicles and reduce and control air pollution. Electric motorcycles are eco-friendly as they reduce carbon footprint. This happens because tailpipe emissions while driving a vehicle are almost negligible.

Low Weight

The low weight of the body is one of the key advantages of electric motorcycles. E-bikes weigh comparatively less than normal vehicles like activa or bikes. So, if you are looking for a bike that is lightweight and easy to drive, e-vehicles may suit your requirements.

Smoother Drives

Electric motorcycles are not only smooth to drive, but they also offer a silent drive on the road. With no loud voice at the start or during acceleration, electric vehicles also reduce noise pollution to a certain extent.

Lower Running Costs

The prices of fuel touch the sky nowadays. Petrol is considered one of the most expensive commodities in the market. Electric vehicles work on electricity and require charging instead of fuel. This saves money for the user of the electric motorcycle.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Just like other motorcycles, Electric motorcycles, too, require periodic checking and timely servicing and maintenance. But the normal motorcycles that run on petrol require checking and maintenance of parts that are complicated in nature.

Due to the use of oil and petrol in such parts, the maintenance of such vehicles poses a higher cost. As these parts do not exist at all in an electric motorcycle, the e-bike offers low maintenance costs.

Tax Benefits

Section 80 EEB of the Income Tax Act provides tax benefits to buyers on the purchase of electric motorcycles.

Apart from the above benefits, there are only EV parking and many more benefits available to electric motorcycle owners.

Cons of Using Electric Scooters

While discussing the prominent electric scooter merits and demerits, next in line are the disadvantages of electric scooters:

Finding a Charging Station

First and foremost, an electric scooter requires electricity to work. Petrol pumps are easily available at major locations, and a normal vehicle can be fueled easily.

Electric vehicles are fairly new in the market, and that is why not many charging stations are available as of now, which may cause inconvenience to the electric vehicle owner.

Travelling for Long Distance

Electric vehicles cannot travel for long distances on a single charge as of now. Electric motorcycles are fairly new in the market, and more research is required to advance in the field.

In the future, electric vehicles will be produced to cover longer distances. But as of now, travelling on electric motors outside the city/town is not possible.

Charging Time

Electric motorcycles take a long time to recharge. There are not many charging stations available, too. This puts limitations on the drivers or the passengers of the motorcycle.

High Production Costs

Electric bikes cost more in comparison to normal vehicles. This is due to the high production costs. Also, currently, there are only a few producers of electric motorcycles. Though the government is taking measures to reduce the costs of EVs, currently an EV is priced higher than normal vehicles.


Electric motorcycles are beneficial for most, but one should go through all the e-scooter pros and cons before purchasing them. The usage and benefits of e-scooters vary from person to person, depending on individual circumstances and purchase capacity.

If you plan to buy an electric scooter anytime soon, do not forget to secure it with a bike insurance policy. Tata AIG provides bike insurance for both e-vehicles and vehicles that work on other fuels.

Tata AIG provides not only basic features like insurance for fire or accidental damage but also bike insurance policies for personal accidents and damages to third parties. Tata AIG offers a facility to compare two-wheeler insurance between various insurance coverage plans for insurance for 2-wheelers.

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