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Royal Enfield has remained a rage among enthusiastic motorcyclists. Its bikes continue to get better over the years, with models becoming more contemporary, faster, and premium than their previous versions.

The Classic 350 enabled the manufacturer to rise to new peaks with its modern features, while the Bullet 350 is an iconic and legendary motorcycle. The two variants exhibit a retro appeal, but their features and price range cater to different customers.

Selecting between the Bullet 350 vs Classic 350 is tricky, but if you understand how they differ, it is easier to decide.

The comparison of the Royal Enfield Bullet vs Classic can be elaborated based on specifications, design, ergonomics, mileage, safety features, and price.

Difference Between Classic 350 and Bullet 350 - Specifications

Key Highlights Bullet 350 Classic 350
Starting Price ₹ 1,73,562 ₹ 1,93,080
Engine Capacity 349 cc 349 cc
Engine Type Single cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air-oil cooled Single cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air-oil cooled, Spark ignition
Power 20.2 bhp @ 6100 rpm 20.2 bhp @ 6100 rpm
Maximum Torque 27 Nm @ 4000 rpm 27 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Number of Cylinders 1 1
Starting Self-starting Self-starting
Fuel Tank Capacity 13 litres 13 litres
Mileage 37 kmpl 35 kmpl

Difference Between Classic and Standard Bullet - Design

The Bullet 350 and Classic 350 can look the same, especially from afar. But a closer look can help motorcyclists determine the design and style differences. The Bullet distinguishes itself from the Classic 350’s curvy style by incorporating an all-new square-ish fender. The tubular steel braces embracing the fender’s shape are also not curvy.

Other prominent differences in design are the round headlight, taller handlebar, and distinct side panels added to the Bullet 350. The seat is also a difference worth mentioning. The Classic 350 has dual seats, whereas the Bullet 350 has a single-piece seat.

The colour options also matter. There are five colour options for the Bullet 350, with three of them highlighting Royal Enfield’s iconic pinstripes. On the other hand, the Classic 350 does not exhibit the stripes and maintains its retro appeal.

Bullet Standard 350 vs Classic 350 - Mileage

Royal Enfield Bullet 350’s fuel tank capacity is 13 litres, the same as the Classic 350’s fuel tank capacity. The two are pretty fuel-efficient, offering similar mileage. The Bullet 350 has a city mileage of 37 kmpl, whereas the Classic 350 has reported a mileage of 35 kmpl. The highway mileage is a bit more, around 41.1 kmpl.

They are both petrol variants, with top speeds of 110 kmph. The maximum power and peak torque are similar at 20.2 PS @ 6100 rpm and 27 Nm @ 4000 rpm, respectively.

Bullet vs Classic - Alloy Wheels and Tubeless Tyres

The new Bullet 350 does not feature alloy wheels and tubeless tyres. Conversely, some variants of the Classic 350 offer tubeless tyres with alloy wheels to keep you prepared for punctures.

Bullet 350 vs Classic 350 - Dimensions

The Bullet 350 flaunts a J-series 349 cc engine. On the other hand, the Classic 350 offers a double-cradle chassis, dual shocks, and 41 mm telescopic forks. Moreover, the Bullet 350 has 19/18-inch spoke wheels fitted with a bigger 300 mm disc brake at the front. This makes the dimensions of the Bullet 350 slightly different from the Classic 350.

Bullet 350’s overall length is 2,110 mm, whereas Classic 350 is 2,145 mm. The overall height of Bullet 350 is 1,225 mm, while the Classic 350 is 1,090 mm. Their ground clearance also differs by 10 mm, with the Classic 350 offering more clearance.

Bullet Standard 350 vs Classic 350 - Price

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 comes in three variants, whereas the Classic 350 is available in six. The pricing of each variant is different, depending on safety features and colour.

The average ex-showroom price of both bikes in their respective variants is as follows:

Bullet 350 Price Classic 350 Price
Black Gold (dual-channel ABS) ₹ 2,15,801 Chrome Red and Bronze (dual-channel ABS) ₹ 2,24,755
Standard Maroon and Standard Black (dual-channel ABS) ₹ 1,97,436 Dark Stealth Black and Gunmetal Grey (dual-channel ABS) ₹ 2,20,991
Military Red and Military Black (single-channel ABS) ₹ 1,73,562 Signals Desert Sand and Marsh Grey (dual-channel ABS) ₹ 2,13,852
Halcyon Green and Black (dual-channel ABS) ₹ 2,02,094
Halcyon Green and Black (dual-channel ABS) ₹ 1,95,919
Redditch Grey and Red (single-channel ABS) ₹ 1,93,080

Bullet vs Classic - Pros and Cons

The Classic 350 has remained one of Royal Enfield’s best-selling models. But with the launch of the latest Bullet 350, motorcyclists are trying to determine the difference between Classic 350 and Bullet 350.

Pros of the Classic 350

Quintessential vintage styling

Attractive design with a peanut-shaped fuel tank

New engine for refined performance

Balanced and agile due to appropriate weight distribution

Cons of the Classic 350

Feels heavy while treading slowly in the traffic and moving around in the parking lot.

Ride quality becomes harsh if you’re moving fast through a major crest or dip.

Pros of the Bullet 350

Commanding on-road style with a straight seat, curvy fuel tank, massive fenders, and huge tyres.

Abundance of torque

Use of chrome with care and perfection


Cons of the Bullet 350

Heavyweight based on its size

Lacks equipment and modern features

Priced on the higher side

Classic 350 vs Standard 350 - Which is Better?

The launch of the latest Bullet 350 has confused many customers over which one to buy - this or the Classic 350. Many features of the two are similar, such as a 349 cc engine, five-speed gearbox, digital odometer, analogue speedometer, 13-litre fuel tank capacity, etc.

The design and bodywork differ, with the Classic 350 having a ground clearance of 170 mm and the Bullet 350 having 160 mm. The Classic 350 has disc front and rear brakes, whereas the Bullet 350 has front disc and rear drum brakes.

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Does the Classic 350 weigh more than the Bullet 350?

Yes. The Classic 350 has a kerb weight of 195 kg, while the Bullet 350 has 191 kg.

Is there a difference in the seat height of Classic 350 and Bullet 350?

Yes. The seat of a Bullet 350 is 800 mm high, whereas the seat of a Classic 350 is 790 mm high.

What are the disadvantages of Bullet 350?

The Bullet 350 does not have the features and equipment other bikes in this segment possess. There are no tubeless tyres, LED headlights, rear disc brakes, and electric starter. The instrument console is basic, with not much information to display.

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