Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 vs Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

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In recent years, Royal Enfield has been experiencing an enticing growth spurt. The enviable sales of its various models have fuelled the development of new avenues for the brand.

Its subsequent twin models namely the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 and Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 come with the promise of a superior riding experience that has captured the hearts of riders all over the globe.

The bikes are a symphony of power, control, and comfort providing a responsive and exhilarating ride.

Let us explore the difference between the GT 650 and Interceptor so you can decide for yourself which one you would prefer to ride in style!

Comparative Analysis: Continental GT 650 vs Interceptor 650

The biking community enjoys dissecting features and comparing riding experiences to analyse whether their potential purchase is a bang for the buck.

Comparison of various motorcycles in light of your specific needs is essential because otherwise, you will have paid an exorbitant amount for something that is not suitable to your requirements.

To prevent this from happening, let us explore the differences between GT 650 and Interceptor 650 so you will know which one would be perfect for you:

Interceptor vs Continental GT: Price Comparison

The ex-showroom price of the GT 650 is pegged at ​​₹3,18,417 whereas the Interceptor 650 is priced at ₹3,02,418.

However, since the price difference is not much, you can explore the variant-wise price comparison of the two bikes:

Continental GT 650 Variants Ex-showroom Price Interceptor 650 Variants Ex-showroom Price
Rocker Red/British Racing Green ₹3.19 Lakhs Canyon Red/Cali Green ₹3.03 Lakhs
Dux Deluxe ₹3.29 Lakhs Sunset Strip/Black Pearl ₹3.11 Lakhs
Slipstream Blue/Apex Grey ₹3.39 Lakhs Barcelona Blue/Black Grey ₹3.21 Lakhs
Mr. Clean ₹3.45 Lakhs Mark 2 ₹3.31 Lakhs

Interceptor vs Continental GT: Mileage

With the rising fuel prices, mileage is an important aspect for consideration. Especially when bikes are a prominent mode of transport in India:

Bike Models Mileage
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 30 kmpl
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 30 kmpl

Interceptor vs Continental GT: Design

The Continental GT 650 as well as the Interceptor 650 have an imposing road presence with distinct design characteristics:

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650
Comes with an aggressive and sporty stance derived from the cafe-racer-inspired design Legacy design with a retro feel and a classic charm
Aerodynamic design with a low-slung fuel tank and rear-set footpegs make riding a comfortable experience Upright riding posture for a comfortable riding experience even for long road journeys
For an aggressive riding posture, the clip-on handlebars on the bike are positioned lower The wide dual-seat configuration is designed for the comfort of both the rider and the pillion
The upswept twin exhausts are reminiscent of the retro appeal that offers timeless grace Has retained the appearance of a 70's motorcycle that appeals to lovers of classics
Boasts a compact profile with a minimalist design approach  Twin upswept chrome exhausts afford a more traditional look to the bike
Introduces some modernity in design with a blacked-out engine and a few other components  The teardrop fuel tank and round headlight provide a more retro look
A slightly forward-leaning stance for a sporty look  An upright riding stance offering a classic and premium appeal 

Interceptor vs Continental GT: Safety

For rider safety, both bikes offer essential features:

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650
Tubeless tyres Tubeless tyres
Alloy wheels Alloy wheels
Slipper clutch  Slipper clutch 
Dual Channel ABS Dual Channel ABS

Interceptor vs Continental GT: Features

The twin bikes are loaded with exciting features that will incite interest among bike enthusiasts:

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650
Rear seat cowl No cowl for the rear seat
Clip-on handlebars Upright handlebars
LED headlight LED headlight
Tubeless tyres Tubeless tyres
Spoke/alloy wheels Spoke/alloy wheels
Gas-charged rear twin suspension Gas-charged rear twin suspension
Dual channel ABS Dual channel ABS
USB phone charger USB phone charger

Interceptor vs Continental GT: Colours

When skimming through the photos, every bike enthusiast will have a colour that they dream of owning.

Fortunately, in this department, the two bikes have not skimped and riders are spoilt for choice to own a vehicle that resonates with their style

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650
Mr. Clean Mark 2
Apex Grey  Sunset Strip
Rocker Red Barcelona Blue
British Racing Green Canyon Red
Slipstream Blue Black Pearl
Dux Delux Cali Green
- Black Grey 
Acknowledging the distinct needs of its riders, the Interceptor 650 has one additional colour than the GT 650 to choose from.

Interceptor vs Continental GT: Specifications

Certain specifications matter more for some bikes than they do for others but acquainting yourself with a general range of specs can help you analyse the performance of your potential purchase. Here are some key specifications for Continental GT 650 vs Interceptor 650:

Key Specifications  Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650
Engine type Air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke Air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke
Engine capacity 650 cc 650 cc
Max power 47 bhp  47 bhp 
Max torque 52 nm  52 nm 
Gearbox 6-speed 6-speed
Fuel tank capacity  13.7 litres 13.7 litres
Weight  218 kg 218 kg
Brakes Disc Disc
Rim size 18 inch  18 inch 
Ground Clearance  174 mm 174 mm

As can be seen from above, the twin models of the Royal Enfield namely the Continental GT 650 and the Interceptor 650 share the same set of specifications.

Interceptor vs Continental GT: Insurance for Bike

Bikes are an expensive purchase and for bike aficionados, they are more than mere means of transport.

For these reasons and more, a comprehensive bike insurance policy becomes imperative so you are secured against accidental damages, third-party liabilities, theft, vandalism, and more.

You can get a quick quote on your insurance for your bike online by simply adding a few details about your bike as prompted on the screen.

Interceptor vs Continental GT: Warranty

As with the list of key features, the warranty of the two bikes is also the same as can be seen from the following table:

Bike Models Warranty 
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 3 years/40,000 km
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 3 years/40,000 km

Which is Better: Continental GT or Interceptor?

This relies heavily on the preference of the rider.

  • You can choose the Interceptor 650 if you:

  • Want to go touring (in any capacity)

  • Want to save money for bike accessories

  • Have a pillion rider

  • Want a practical option for daily commutes

  • Enjoy the 60’s California design

  • You can choose the Continental GT 650 if you:

  • Want your bike to be a head-turner

  • Enjoy solo rides

  • Are looking for a motorcycle/drawing room artwork

  • Enjoy leaning the bike around corners

In Conclusion

Royal Enfield is an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturing company and is also the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production. If you wish to become a part of this legacy, you can opt for any of the twin models of the bike maker.

However, regardless of the bike you choose, you must secure it with the right bike insurance for wholesome on-road protection. If you do not want the hassle of policy lapses, you can even invest in our Tata AIG long-term two-wheeler insurance to cruise the streets in a worry-free manner.

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