Tips for keeping pillion riders safe during long distance biking

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Two-wheelers are the most reliable and convenient mode of transportation in the city, but it's a dream of every biker to go on a long road trip. Well, it's true that travelling satisfies the soul, and riding your two-wheeler makes the journey even more enjoyable since any destination appears within reach. You simply need to wear your biking gear, start your two-wheeler, and you're at your destination in a few hours.

However, long-distance biking necessitates a theoretical as well as a practical grasp of body dynamics and riding physics. When a pillion rider is added to the equation, the physics of two people balanced on two wheels turns out to be far more challenging and complex. Being a rider, it is your obligation to look after safety when you have a pillion on the bike.

Any damage or injury sustained by the pillion might detract from the enjoyment of your travel, thus, it is critical that you consider certain things related to pillion rider safety as well as yourself.

Everything's not in your hand. You're cautious while travelling, but misfortunes land suddenly without knocking. But there's one thing that you can do - obtain a decent bike insurance policy. Good insurance for 2-wheelers will cover your financial losses in the event of bike damage. With the correct insurance for two-wheelers, you may even claim services such as on-the-spot repairs, roadside assistance, and so on.

Since there are loads of insurance companies in India providing two-wheeler insurance, you can go online and compare two-wheeler insurance policies and select the one based on your requirements and budget.

At Tata AIG, we provide insurance for two-wheelers at affordable rates, extending protection to you as well as your pillion rider on the road. With smartly picked riders or add-ons, your Personal Accident Coverage can be extended to your pillion rider. If an accident occurs, in that case, Tata AIG will pay for the hospital bills, making sure you don't need to pay the bills out of your pockets.

Now coming to the central theme of the blog regarding things to consider for your pillion's safety during a long-distance bike trip. Continue reading to learn more.

Tips to Keep Your Pillion Rider Safe During Long-Distance Bike Trips

Helmet Is Mandatory

A helmet is required not just for the person riding the bike but also for the pillion passenger. Take note that both of you are wearing a nice helmet which is ISI-certified. Also, keep in mind that if the pillion is not wearing a helmet, you may draw a pillion rider without a helmet challan, which is dangerous. Furthermore, only two persons are permitted to ride a two-wheeler, and you may not allow more than two individuals to ride your bike at the same time.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road When Riding

Road safety is a major concern in India, with thousands of people dying each year as a result of traffic accidents. As a result, it is critical for the rider and the pillion to focus on the road when riding the bike in order to guarantee the pillion rider's safety, own self, as well as any third-party individual on the highway or road.

Pillion Riders Must Always Remain Alert When Riding

In contact with four-wheelers, pillions on motorcycles cannot take a nap when on the road. If the pillion falls asleep, they may fall and call for an accident. As a result, it is critical for the pillion rider to remain awake and aware during the trip.

Pillion Must Prevent Unnecessary Movement

Similarly to the preceding point, unlike in four-wheelers, pillion passengers on motorcycles don't have the luxury of making needless movements while sitting in the two-wheeler since this may produce imbalance and call for an accident. So, even if the pillion rider is experiencing pain and wants to adjust or stretch, they may not be able to do so while the two-wheeler is going since it may interfere with the rider's focus.

Riders Should Avoid Unwanted Conversations

Another crucial consideration for a pillion rider is to avoid unwanted conversations with the rider. Because the driver or passenger of a two-wheeler must concentrate when riding, it is best not to distract the individual so that they can concentrate on riding.

Ensure That Your Pillion Holds on to You During the Bike Ride

It's one of the most effective and simplest ways to secure your pillion's safety. To avoid slipping off, ask them to hold on to you. Also, instruct your pillion to grab your waist rather than your shoulders or arms for a stronger grip. Most two-wheelers now include grab rails that the pillion passenger may grip onto while riding. If your two-wheeler lacks these rails, have them installed. In fact, they provide a better grip than clinging to the rider.

Maintain a Safe Space from the Exhaust

If you are carrying a pillion on your bike, tell him or her to avoid putting their foot on the two-wheeler's exhaust pipe. It's because the exhaust pipe remains extremely hot and may burn the pillion rider's skin.

Carry Every Essential Bike Paper

When riding your two-wheeler, you should carry a set of documents related to your bike. If you are stopped by a traffic officer when riding your two-wheeler without the needed documents, you may face a severe challan as well as could be imprisoned for a minimum of three months. Listed below are the papers that you should keep in place:

  • Driving Licence

  • Valid Registration Certificate

  • A minimum of third-party insurance for 2-wheelers (always better to have a comprehensive bike policy)

  • Two-wheeler's Pollution under Control certificate


As said, pillions on bikes must ensure that the tips penned above are followed so that they, as well as the bike rider, remain safe when riding the bike. To emphasise the most critical point, failing to wear a helmet as a pillion rider might result in severe penalties.

Also, be sure to obtain a Tata AIG comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. It will assist you in the event of any loss or damage to your two-wheeler or the pillion or yourself by covering for the expenditures incurred that you may have to pay in the event of an unforeseen accident.

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