Six Ways to Reduce Back Pain while Riding a Bike

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Technology is advancing day by day in the 21st century. Households are advancing, firms are expanding, operations are evolving and transportation has no leaps and bounds. You name the place and reach there within hours. But along with efficient transport comes the problem of never-ending traffic, which is solved to some extent by two-wheelers.

Travelling on two-wheelers is highly convenient and time-saving for people. Since two-wheeler vehicles are generally comparatively cheaper than four-wheeler automobiles, people prefer two-wheelers more.

While this preference for two-wheelers is beneficial for individuals, it also brings in some inconveniences, bike back pain being the top of it.

According to the World Health Organisation, 619 million people across the globe were affected with low back ache in the year 2020. One of the major reasons for backache in the cities is back pain from riding a motorcycle and the stress caused by it.

Let us find out a few ways to reduce back pain while riding a two-wheeler. Read on.

What Causes Back Pain While Driving?

Riding Posture

Back pain due to bike riding is a prominent issue. First and foremost, a bad riding posture leads to lower back issues. Due to long-distance driving or traffic issues, people tend to slouch while driving.

This leads to an inappropriate posture. As we sit in the posture for long periods, the posture results in back pain and spinal cord-related issues.

Using Sports Bike

Using a vehicle where you have to lean forward and drive causes an arch in the back. This may result in back pain.

Using The Wrong Seat

Using a seat that is hard or with unusual textures may be the cause of your lower back pain. Correct seat comfort is important to avoid back pain while riding a bike.

Not Using Appropriate Back Support For Bike Riders

Even if giving back support to bike riders is not possible throughout the ride, not giving them back the necessary support during the remaining part of the day will cause backache.

All the above-mentioned points are the root cause of back aches due to riding. Make sure to avoid them and also take proper care of your back.

Effective Ways to Reduce Back Pain While Riding

Here are a few ways of how you can reduce the back ache caused by riding bikes:

1. Implement Right Riding Posture

Sitting up straight during the rides and taking appropriate breaks when necessary will ensure that your back remains healthy. A good riding posture throughout the day will work in your favour and give you bike back pain relief. This will help in reducing lower back pain due to motorcycle riding.

2. Back and Core Exercises

Back pain after riding a motorcycle can happen even after riding with a good posture. This can happen due to long hours of driving or when travelling for long distances.

To avoid riding back aches, one should exercise regularly and focus on back and core exercises. Yogic poses like savasana, cobra poses, cat and camel poses, child-like poses, and exercises like stretching, wall pushing, etc. can help not only to reduce backaches but also to build immunity against it.

3. Take Breaks to Stretch While Driving for Long

Taking breaks during long travel can provide much-needed rest to the back. Whenever taking such breaks, one should ensure to stretch enough to provide relief to the frozen back muscles. Basic stretches like rotating your shoulder or stretching your arms to your back can help a lot.

4. Switch Positions Often

Sitting in the same position for many hours can make you vulnerable to many risks such as degenerative discs. To avoid this, it is important to keep changing positions in which one sits and drives to provide flexibility to the back.

5. Prefer Gearless Bikes

It takes a lot of effort to shift gears, especially when there are a lot of traffic signals where one needs to stop and go. Gearless bikes provide relief from frequent gear shifting and constant clutch. In automatic transmission, there is no clutch or gear mechanism to deal with. Therefore, it is all easy and convenient for longer drives.

6. Correct Seat Height

Correct seat height is essential for a comfortable ride. You can install additional cushions to adjust the correct seat height. Installation can be done with the help of any bike service provider in your area. Make sure you ride easy and don’t bend too much while travelling long distances.

To Sum Up

This blog covers some effective ways to reduce bike back pain while riding. Ensure that you are giving proper rest to your back and exercising well. Along with this, make sure that you are giving your bikes proper care too. Maintaining motor vehicles on a timely basis will guarantee smooth rides even during long travels.

With that, it is equally important to ensure that you have covered financial risk for your bikes. For this, you can buy a comprehensive bike insurance plan.

Tata AIG provides comprehensive long-term two-wheeler insurance to your vehicle to cover loss caused by fire, theft, riot, earthquake, flood, and other risks.

With insurance for a bike, you need now worry about funds for repairs and part replacements for all covered expenses in case your bike gets damaged. So get your two-wheeler insurance soon and be stress-free of financial risk.

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