Traffic Fines in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is a state with the 6th largest population in the country. Its historic buildings and dense forests make it one of the most popular tourist destinations.

However, despite its rich culture and heritage and warm hospitality, Tamil Nadu is considered unsafe for residency, and road accidents are common concerns. In 2022, Tamil Nadu recorded over 64,000 road accidents.

For the same reason, the government of Tamil Nadu has updated their traffic rules and levied heavy fines and penalties to increase road safety and encourage responsible driving.

In this blog, let us dig deeper to understand updated traffic rules and fines in Tamil Nadu to help you follow them to be safe and avoid financial burdens.

Updated Traffic Rules in Tamil Nadu

The increasing number of road accidents for two- and four-wheeler vehicles has pushed the Tamil Nadu government to implement stricter traffic rules to curb the casualties on the road and protect the general public.

Auto rickshaws or taxis cannot refuse to take passengers without valid reasoning. A fine of ₹50 to ₹500 will be imposed if found guilty.

No overspeeding is allowed on the road for any vehicle.

On-road races that can cause inconvenience or accidents for the local public are prohibited.

Illegal exhaust systems in any vehicle can attract heavy fines if found.

All vehicles will be monitored using modern technology cameras.

No vehicle should be taken on the road after alcohol consumption.

Always wear a seat belt for four-wheelers and helmets for two-wheelers.

Do not break lanes when riding or driving with proper indication.

No more than 2 people are allowed on a two-wheeler.

Always have a proper motor insurance policy when taking any vehicle on the road.

Always have all relevant vehicle-related documentation readily available for checks. This includes DL, RC, insurance, pollution certificate, fitness certificate, etc.

Ensure your vehicle is registered with the RTO.

Do not jump the traffic light when the signal shows a yellow light.

List of Traffic Fines In Tamil Nadu

Implementing traffic fines is crucial to reducing road incidents that significantly increase road safety. The fines are no longer limited to primary offences but have extended to cover a broader range of road rules and regulations.

Moreover, the fine for not wearing helmets in Tamil Nadu, drink and drive fine in Tamil Nadu, and without a licence fine in Tamil Nadu have all increased significantly by a minimum of 45-50%.

The government of Tamil Nadu now has a well-defined structure for a wide range of fine categories to ensure no traffic rules are broken. The list of traffic fines in

Traffic Rule Fine Amount (In ₹) Vehicle Type
Riding or driving without a valid driver’s licence ₹ 5,000 All vehicles
Riding or driving even after cancellation of driver’s licence ₹ 5,000 All vehicles
Riding or driving without a valid Registration Certificate of the vehicle ₹ 5,000 All vehicles 
Not having valid motor insurance  ₹ 2,000 All vehicles
Disobeying traffic rules or traffic officers ₹ 2,000 All vehicles 
Juveniles breaking traffic rules or committing accidents ₹ 25,000 and the possibility of imprisonment for up to 3 years All vehicles 
Driving or riding under the influence of alcohol or any other harmful substance  ₹ 10,000 or/and possibility of imprisonment for up to 6 months ₹ 15,000 or/and possibility of imprisonment for up to 2 years for consecutive offences All vehicles 
Driving any vehicle without a valid vehicle permit  ₹ 10,000 All vehicles 
Rash riding or driving  ₹ 5,000 All vehicles
General road traffic offences ₹ 500 All vehicles 
General traffic rule breaks ₹ 500 All vehicles 
Entering into a NO ENTRY zone ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 5,000 All vehicles 
Reckless driving or riding  ₹ 500 All vehicles 
Overspeeding ₹ 300 All vehicles 
Excessive Overspeeding  ₹ 350 All vehicles 
Breaking air pollution norms  ₹ 400 All vehicles 
Breaking noise pollution norms  ₹ 100 All vehicles 
Breaking rules with a Learner’s Licence ₹ 150 All vehicles 
Jumping signals ₹ 1,000 All vehicles 
Talking on mobile phones while riding/driving  ₹ 1,000 for first offence ₹ 10,000 for repeated offence  All vehicles 
Illegal racing on the road ₹ 15,000 for first offence  ₹ 25,000 for repeated offence All vehicles 
Driving or riding vehicles in pedestrian-only zones ₹ 300 to ₹ 600 All vehicles 
Not paying road tax but taking a vehicle on the road ₹ 300 for first offence ₹ 600 for repeat offence  All vehicles 
Use of harmful fuel ₹ 200 All vehicles 
Driving or riding when not physically/ mentally fit or stable ₹ 150 All vehicles 
No parking fine in Tamil Nadu ₹ 500 for first offence ₹ 1,000 for repeat offence  All vehicles 
Not making way for Government vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, Police, etc. ₹ 10,000 All vehicles 
Poor licence conditions ₹ 25,00,000 to 1 lakh All vehicles 
Riding without a helmet ₹ 1,000 and ban on DL for up to 3 months Two-wheelers
Triple or more riding on bikes/scooty ₹ 2,000 and ban on DL for 3 months  Two-wheelers
Not wearing seatbelt ₹ 1,000 or/and community service  Four-wheelers
Driving an overloaded vehicle  ₹ 5,000 All four wheelers like buses, trucks, passenger vehicles, etc.
(adding more than 5 or 7 passengers as per vehicle capacity, overloading goods beyond the vehicle capacity, etc.)

How to Pay Traffic Fines

Paying your traffic fines on time is necessary to avoid increased penalties. Every challan is imposed as an e-challan and comes with a payment period of 60 days. Within these 60 days, you can easily clear your challan payment via different methods.

E-challan is an electronic document given to the offender on the spot. The two most common methods include Tamil Nadu traffic fine online payment and a few offline options. Let us discuss them below.

Parivahan Method - Online

Go to the e-challan Parivahan website

Enter the e-challan number, vehicle number, or driver licence number

Add the Captcha code required and click on “Get Details”

Select “Check Challan Details” on the next page to check all the challan details and fine payments

Click on the respective challan and make the fine payment online

Collect the payment receipt

You can also use this method for Tamil Nadu traffic fine check requirements

Tamil Nadu e-challan Portal - Online

Go to the official Tamil Nadu Transport and Road Safety website

Click on “Citizens Services (Paid) from the drop-down menu

Click on the “e-payment for traffic challans” option

Enter the e-challan number, vehicle number, or driver licence number

Add the Captcha code required and click on “Get Details”

Select the respective challans you want to pay for from the list and make payments as required.

Offline Methods**

Create a demand draft or bank cheque equivalent to the challan amount on the name of the traffic policy of the city/area of residency and courier the same to the headquarters of the traffic police.

Find a police officer with the e-challan payment machine and submit the challan details and a valid DL to pay the fine in cash.

Go to the nearest traffic police station with your challan copy. Ask the designated officer to accept cash payment for your challan.

How to Choose the Right Motor Insurance?

The need for motor insurance for your vehicle is at its peak today, with it being mandatory to take any vehicle on the road.

Whether you want insurance for a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler, knowing how to make the right choice is very important. Many options are available today for two-wheelers, making it essential to compare two-wheeler insurance plans based on needs, coverage, add-on benefits, claim approval process, terms and conditions, etc.

It is necessary to know the types available for a car or bike insurance policy, how they help protect against a range of personal and third-party accidents, and customisation flexibility. Knowing the details of different comprehensive plans is a top priority for buying the right insurance plan.


To be safe while riding or driving your vehicle, abiding by the traffic rules and regulations in Tamil Nadu is a must. Safe driving or riding ensures your safety and protects the public on the road, as your reckless driving can cause severe damage to them.

If you are unsure about changing traffic rules, brushing up on your knowledge and following them with diligence is always beneficial.

A car or bike insurance is also a big part of safeguarding your road safety. Choose an insurance plan from Tata AIG and allow us to protect your vehicle from the financial burden of unforeseen accidents and damages.


Can I pay a challan 3 months after another one is given to me?

No, you need to clear your challan payment within 60 days only. Any delay in this might lead to increased fines, a visit from the police officer, or a case filed against you in court.

How to file for re-evaluation for a challan that seems incorrect?

To file any gaps or grievances with your challan, visit the e-challan online portal, go to “Grievances System”, and enter your details and challan number to log into your account. Once done, upload the proof of incorrect challan to process it for re-assessment.

Can someone else pay for my challan?

It is recommended to pay your challan yourself using any online or offline method to stay informed and updated.

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