Why is Bike Inspection Necessary for Insurance?

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Purchasing your first bike is an extraordinary feeling, and this accomplishment brings up mixed emotions. However, no bike purchase is complete without an insurance policy for a bike.

A bike insurance policy safeguards your bike from external damage repair costs and other maintenance costs via extended coverage for a list of incidents and situations.

An integral part of the insurance policy purchase, renewal, and claim settlement is bike inspection.

This blog will discuss bike inspection, its use case, and whether purchasing bike insurance without inspection today is possible.

What is Bike Inspection?

Bike inspection is a systematic process adopted by most insurance providers to inspect your bike's well-being, performance and physical condition.

It involves investigating the necessary bike documents, the overall condition of the bike and its accessories, and the traffic violations or rule breaks listed against your bike.

A bike inspection is done during a new bike insurance purchase, policy renewal, policy type change, claim settlement cases, ownership transfer, etc.

Why is Bike Inspection Conducted?

A bike inspection is crucial for multiple reasons. The main purpose of a bike inspection includes the following:

To reduce the scope of false claims.

To validate the existence of a bike.

To assess the performance and overall condition of a bike.

To identify and rectify potential problems and damages before they cause severe wear and tear.

To allow insurers to monitor potential risk factors of a bike which can impact the premium of the bike insurance policy. For instance, if a bike has low-risk factors, the premium charged can be more pocket-friendly.

Validate a claim request based on accident or incident details and proof images.

Process of Bike Inspection

Any bike inspection involves the following steps.

Cross-checking the necessary documents for your bike like PUC, record book, registration number, chassis number, etc.

Clicking bike pictures from various angles to assess for any dents, scratches, or other damages.

Evaluating the list of accessories with the original bill copies.

Recording any scratches or dents on paper.

Impact of Bike Inspection on Insurance Premium

In most cases, bike inspection impacts the insurance premium positively as based on the bike's condition, age, wear and tear, and other accessories or damages, an insurer can increase or reduce the premium amount for the insured.

The following cases are common, wherein the increase or decrease of insurance premiums is possible.

The insurer can charge a higher premium if the bike’s condition is improper, with multiple internal damages or physical dents and scratches.

If an insurer notices incomplete bike documentation during the inspection process at the time of bike insurance purchase, they can increase the premium charged or reject the application.

If the bike is brand new with all necessary part integration and a clear track record, the insurer can offer a discounted premium amount.

Can I buy Two-Wheeler Insurance Without Inspection?

If you wonder, “Is an inspection necessary for bike insurance?” The answer is no. Buying two-wheeler insurance without inspection is possible.

Although bike inspection is integral to a two-wheeler insurance policy, many insurance providers allow you to skip the bike inspection step while purchasing a new bike or any other two-wheeler insurance.

Other than purchasing a new bike insurance policy, cases like claim application approval, policy renewal, and others require bike inspection as a mandate. You can easily buy two-wheeler insurance online without inspection and get instant approval..

To buy 2-wheeler insurance online with Tata AIG, visit our website, enter the required details on the two-wheeler insurance page, and make the suggested premium payment to receive immediate policy coverage as needed.


Bike inspection is crucial for reducing false claim requests and excessive coverage demand for lesser damage. Moreover, a bike inspection studies a bike's existing issues or repair requirements to allow a policyholder to get the repairs and maintenance in check for a better premium offering.

The two types of bike insurance policies include third-party insurance and comprehensive bike insurance. With us, you can purchase online bike insurance without inspection to safeguard your bike from thefts, natural disasters, third-party damages, etc.

Choose bike insurance after comparing different insurance plans and customise the plan as needed for peace of mind while riding. Protect your new bike and experience stress-free riding with us.


Is it possible to file a claim without filing an FIR for the accident?

In cases of road accidents or thefts, filing an FIR at your closest police station is mandatory to file for a claim with an insurer. This is because the FIR supports the claim application and increases the chances of claim settlement approval.

Can I show the necessary bike documents as a soft copy on my phone during the inspection?

Yes, for most states in India, digital documents are acceptable for validating bike ownership and other on-road situations. However, it is always better to keep the physical documents handy in case of insurance claims against accidents.

How can I prepare for a bike inspection?

Assess the physical condition of your bike and note down all dents and scratches. Next, clean the bike thoroughly, as the impression and appearance of the bike can attract better premiums in some cases.

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