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Assam is the most populated state in Northeastern India and ranks second in terms of area. Being one of the emerging states in the country, Assam has seen exponential growth in the population, which has resulted in increased vehicular traffic along with the pedestrian population, leading to congestion and accidents.

Hence, the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 was passed in India to ensure the road safety of all motorists. As per this act, riding a two-wheeler without a helmet is a punishable offence.

In this article, we shall discuss in detail about helmet rules in Assam, penalties, how to pay the penalties and more.

What is Without Helmet Fine in Assam?

A without helmet fine in Assam is the penalty levied on motorists who ride a two-wheeler without a helmet. The fine is charged to penalise motorists who violate road safety rules and ride without wearing a helmet. It is an offence under section 194D of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Prior to 2019, the fine for not wearing a helmet was ₹100. Since the amount was very nominal, most motorists riding a two-wheeler did not take it very seriously.

To enforce the safety rules and ensure the protection of motorists, the fine was increased to ₹1000 in the Amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act 2019. As per the helmet rules in Assam, apart from the fine, the rider’s licence may also be disqualified for three months as a part of the penalty.

In Assam, the transport department is responsible for the implementation of the safety rules and regulations laid down by the Motor Vehicles Act.

What Happens if You Are Caught Driving Without a Helmet in Assam?

As per the double helmet rule in Assam, the rider and pillion both must wear a helmet. If the traffic police find a motorist riding a two-wheeler without a helmet, the following things happen.

  • You may have to show documents like the driver’s licence, registration papers, insurance certificate, PUC certificate, etc., as the officer demands. All these documents are mandatory while riding a bike.

  • you do not possess the documents, the officer may penalise you accordingly.

  • You will be given a challan for riding without a helmet as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

  • If the officer generates an e-challan, you will receive it on your registered mobile number, which can be paid online or offline. If you get a regular challan, that is, a hard copy of the challan, you have to make the payment on the spot.

  • It is important to remember that as per the Amendments made to the Motor Vehicles Act in 2019, even the pillion riders must compulsorily wear a helmet on the bike. Failure to do so will lead to a pillion rider helmet fine of ₹1000.

How to Pay the Without Helmet Challan in Assam Online?

Using the Parivahan Website

  • Go to the official Parivahan website.

  • Under the challan section, enter your challan number, or vehicle number, or DL number.

  • Enter the captcha code correctly and click ‘get details.’

  • On the next page, you will find the details of the challan issued against your vehicle.

  • Select the challan that you wish to pay.

  • Proceed to pay by choosing the mode of payment like debit/credit card, internet banking, etc.

  • On successful payment, you will receive a confirmation and the transaction ID.

Using the Assam State’s Official Website

  • Visit the Assam Government’s official portal.

  • Select the option ‘Pay without registration.’

  • Select the ‘Make payment’ option on the right corner.

  • Choose the department as ‘Police’ and payment type as ‘Fees, fines, and forfeitures.’

  • Choose the district, period, and office name.

  • Enter the payer information and payment details.

  • Select the ‘-Payment’ button and choose your bank name from the drop-down menu.

  • Press the submit button.

  • Review the draft challan and click on ‘Agree,’ then press ‘Proceed.’

  • If the transaction is successful, a confirmation will be shown on the screen.

  • You can also make the challan payment offline in the ways listed below.

Paying Helmet Fine in Assam Offline

Visiting the Assam Traffic Police Headquarters

You can visit the traffic police office in your area.

Carry along all the necessary documents like the e-challan copy, driver’s licence, etc.

Ask the officer for the mode of payment, whether cash or online.

Make the payment to the officer in charge.

Collect the payment receipt before leaving the police station.

Payment to a Traffic Police Officer

You can make the payment for ‘without a helmet challan’ to a traffic officer on the road.

Look for an officer with a challan machine.

Provide him with the details like the challan number, vehicle registration number, driver’s licence, etc.

Then, make the payment in cash or online.

Ensure to collect a receipt of the payment.

Helmet Rules in Assam

According to the double helmet rule in Assam, both the rider and the pillion rider must wear a protective headgear or helmet. Also, as per Section 129 of the Motor Vehicle Act, every person above the age of four, whether riding or being carried on a two-wheeler, must wear a protective headgear. To ensure the enforcement of the rules and to safeguard the motorists travelling on the road, the Amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act was made in 2019 regarding helmet fines.

A fine of ₹1000 is applicable for the rider and pillion when not wearing helmets while travelling on the bike. Just wearing a helmet is not sufficient to ensure the protection of motorists in case of a mishap.

Section 129(a) of the Motor Vehicles Act states that motorists must wear the specified type of helmet made with a specified material and shape. Additionally, Section 129 (b) mentions that the helmet must be fastened securely and that it offers maximum protection in case of an accident and must not fall off the head.

Here is a guide to wearing the correct type of helmet for maximum safety.

What is the Right Type of Helmet to Wear?

Section 138 (4) (f) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rule lays down the benchmarks for helmets to be supplied by two-wheeler manufacturers. As per the rule, manufacturers must provide the buyers with 2 BIS-compliant helmets, i.e., one for the rider and one for the pillion.

Here are the helmet specifications as per the law.

The ideal weight of helmets should be 1.2 kg as opposed to the previous weight of 1.5 kg.

Every helmet must have a minimum thickness of 20 to 25 mm and it must be made of high-quality foam.

All helmets must have an ISI mark on them. Anyone selling a helmet without an ISI mark will be held for committing an illegal offence.

The part of the helmet near the eyes must be crafted out of transparent material, which must be durable and must not block the rider’s view.

All helmets are required to pass the BIS tests. These tests check the impact absorption capacities of the headgear under different weather conditions, at different speeds, and different levels.

Anyone found wearing a helmet that does not meet the specifications and standards mentioned in the law, the helmet will be seized, and the manufacturer will be held responsible.

How to Avoid Getting Driving Without Helmet Fine in Assam?

As per the laws in India, it is an offence to ride a bike without wearing a helmet. The reason behind the compulsory wearing of helmets is to provide the highest protection to the riders in case of an accident. Wearing a helmet saves the rider from severe injuries. Here are some tips to avoid getting a challan for driving without a helmet in Assam.

  • Ensure you wear a helmet each time you ride a two-wheeler.

  • Ensure that your helmet is good quality and is an ISI-certified product.

  • Buy a helmet with 20-25 mm thickness.

  • One must always have an extra helmet tied to the bike in case you have a pillion rider.

  • Buy the correct-sized helmet as per your head size. A small helmet may feel uncomfortable, and a bigger one may fall off the head, increasing the risk of injury.

  • If the helmet has become too old or damaged, replace it with a new one.

  • Store your helmet carefully or lock it on the two-wheeler so you never have to ride without one.

How Can A Clean Driving Record Help Your Bike Insurance Policy?

If you are looking for new bike insurance, a clean motor vehicle record is undoubtedly going to help you. Insurance companies pay attention to various factors to decide the premium amount of your bike insurance policy. Apart from age, occupation, and vehicle condition, your driving records and claim history, too, play a crucial role in premium determination.

Individuals with clean driving records and having no traffic violation challans are able to get two-wheeler insurance at a lower premium rate. Insurance companies see individuals with clean driving records as low-risk customers who are less likely to be involved in road accidents, thereby reducing their overall coverage risk.

You must adhere to the traffic rules and follow the regulations for safety. It will also help you to get comprehensive two-wheeler insurance from reputed insurers like Tata AIG at the most affordable rates.


Riding without a helmet is an illegal offence and poses a danger to the life of the motorist. You must remember to wear a helmet at all times while riding a two-wheeler.

In case you are caught for not wearing a helmet or wearing the wrong helmet, you must pay the fine at the earliest and clear your driving records. You can pay the fine through online or offline modes as you wish. Moreover, adhering to rules and regulations and having a clean driving record also enables you to get a two-wheeler insurance policy without hassles. You may also enjoy discounted premiums.


What is the penalty for driving without a seatbelt in Assam?

The fine for driving without a seatbelt in Assam is ₹1000.

What happens if one does not pay the fine for not wearing a helmet?

If one does not pay the fine for not wearing a helmet they will have to face further legal consequences.

Is motor insurance mandatory in Assam?

Yes, third-party motor insurance is mandatory in all parts of India, including Assam, as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

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