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Jharkhand, like many other Indian states, has to deal with the difficulty of guaranteeing road safety in an environment of an increasing vehicle and commuter population.

In an effort to reduce the alarming rate of traffic accidents and protect its citizens, the government has enacted strict regulations, including fines for anybody discovered riding without a helmet.

In this case, the Jharkhand government has imposed fines not only for drivers but also for pillion riders who are riding without a helmet in order to avoid this dangerous practice. This legislative action was motivated not just by a desire to impose penalties but also by a genuine concern for the safety and well-being of drivers.

Continue reading to learn more about the without helmet challan in Jharkhand and the helmet rules to be aware of.

What is the No Helmet Fine in Jharkhand?

In Jharkhand, the enforcement of the No Helmet rule has been tightened with stringent penalties to ensure road safety. Under this regulation, the first offence of riding without a helmet incurs a fine of ₹1000 along with a three-month suspension of the driving licence. Subsequent violations also lead to the same penalties, emphasising the seriousness of the issue.

The rationale behind such stringent implementation of the rule stems from the imperative need to reduce road accidents and fatalities. By enforcing hefty fines and licence suspensions, authorities aim to deter individuals from flouting helmet regulations, thereby promoting safer road practices.

What Will Happen if You Are Caught Driving Without a Helmet in Jharkhand?

All drivers and owners of motor vehicles must follow the laws and regulations outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Nonetheless, many people choose to go on their motorcycles, defying these restrictions and doing whatever they want. However, many people opt to disregard these limitations and do not obey the necessary rules.

However, according to Section 194D of the Motor Vehicle Act, failing to wear protective headgear or a helmet while riding a motorbike is a crime. Any individual discovered riding a two-wheeler without protective gear comes under the violation of the provisions, rules or regulations enacted thereunder and shall be fined and have his/her licence suspended for three months.

Procedure to Pay the Without Helmet Challan in Jharkhand?

Online Procedure for the Driving Without Helmet Fine in Jharkhand Via the Parivahan Portal

Step 1: Head to the website of Parivahan.

Step 2: Go to the home page menu and select "Online Services" and then "E-Challan".

Step 3: To continue, click the "Pay Online" link on the new page.

Step 4: Enter your vehicle register number, challan number, or driver's licence.

Step 5: After completing the process and inputting the captcha code, click "Get Detail".

Step 6: The details of your challan without a helmet and the other pending challans will be viewed on your screen.

Step 7: After selecting the challan you wish to pay for, you can complete the payment and receive a payment receipt by selecting one of the available online payment options.

Online Procedure to Pay Driving Without Helmet Fine Via the Jharkhand Police E-Challan Portal

Step 1: Go to the official website of Jharkhand E-challan portal.

Step 2: Click on the "Pay Challan" option on the top right.

Step 3: Enter your vehicle number or challan number and the necessary captcha.

Step 4: Once done, all your pending challans will be presented on the screen.

Step 5: Choose the challan you would like to pay.

Step 6: Complete the process via online payment with your debit or credit card, net banking, or e-wallet.

Step 7: After completing the payment, you will receive a receipt; make sure to keep it safe for future reference.

Offline Procedure to Pay Driving Without Helmet Fine in Jharkhand

In Jharkhand, if you have been fined for driving without a helmet and prefer to pay offline, you can do so by visiting the nearest designated traffic police office or branch. Upon reaching the office, approach the designated counter for fine payments.

Provide the necessary details, such as your vehicle registration number, the date of the offence, and any other required information. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a receipt confirming the transaction. It is crucial to ensure that you keep this receipt safely as proof of payment.

Helmet Rules in Jharkhand

Below are the rules stipulated by the government of Jharkhand.

  • It is legally required for two-wheeler drivers to wear helmets.

  • The helmet needs to be ISI-certified and meet ISI criteria.

  • Sikhs who wear turbans are excused from wearing helmets.

  • If the strap is not properly tightened for complete safety, the helmet may fall off your head in the case of a head injury during an accident. It is important to properly strap up your helmet.

  • Carry only one pillion passengers on your two-wheeler. You need to carry the rider solely in the back seat and ensure they have a helmet as well. Do not allow the rider to sit or stand in front of you (including minors).

  • It is mandatory to adhere to the double helmet rule in Jharkhand while riding a two-wheeler.

What is the Correct Type of Helmet to Wear?

Every person operating a motorcycle is required to wear protective headgear, such as a helmet, which is designed to provide a certain level of harm protection in the case of an accident due to its shape, material, and construction

  • No half-helmets are permitted. Full-coverage helmets are required for optimal protection.

  • All helmets must display the mandatory ISI mark.

  • BIS tests are performed to confirm a helmet's durability under various weather conditions and speed limits. All helmets must pass these tests before being used.

How to Avoid Getting a Without Helmet Fine in Jharkhand?

Lock your helmets to your two-wheeler to make sure you remember to wear them every time you go outside.

  • When operating a two-wheeler, always wear a helmet and ensure to strap it properly in order to avoid any injury at times of any unforeseen accident.

  • Keep the pillion rider's helmet handy to avoid any additional hazards or fines if they are riding behind you on your two-wheeled vehicle.

  • Make sure your helmet meets BIS regulations to avoid being fined.

How Can a Clean Driving Record Help Your Bike Insurance Policy?

Having a clean driving record can significantly benefit your bike insurance policy in various ways. When you maintain a record free of accidents and traffic violations, insurance companies perceive you as a lower risk, which can translate into lower premiums and better coverage options for your two-wheeler.

This is particularly true when you opt for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, which provides extensive coverage for your bike against a wide range of risks, including accidents, theft, natural disasters, and third-party liabilities.

We recognise the importance of a clean driving record when determining premiums and coverage for bike insurance policies. With Tata AIG, maintaining a clean driving record can potentially lead to discounts and incentives, making your two-wheeler insurance policy more affordable and comprehensive.

When purchasing new bike insurance or renewing your existing policy, we ensure to consider your driving history and the specific features of your vehicle. A clean record demonstrates your responsibility and commitment to safe driving practices, which can reassure insurers of your lower likelihood of making claims in the future. As a result, you may be eligible for more competitive rates and better terms on your bike insurance policy.


The decision to implement fines for not wearing helmets in Jharkhand represents a crucial step towards enhancing safety on the roads. While some may argue against the imposition of fines, citing personal freedoms or economic burdens, the reality is that wearing a helmet significantly reduces the risk of severe injury or death in the event of a motorcycle accident.

By enforcing fines, the government aims to create a deterrent against reckless behaviour and promote a culture of responsible driving. Moreover, the revenue generated from these fines can be reinvested into improving road infrastructure and implementing further safety measures, benefiting the entire community.

Ultimately, the goal is not merely to penalise individuals but to foster a safer environment for all road users. Each time a fine is issued, it serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and prioritising safety.


What is the pillion rider helmet fine in Jharkhand?

The fine for a pillion rider not wearing a helmet in Jharkhand is typically equivalent to the penalty imposed on the rider for not wearing a helmet. The exact amount may vary and is subject to the current traffic regulations enforced by the authorities.

Can I face additional penalties if I resist wearing a helmet or refuse to pay the fine in Jharkhand?

Refusing to wear a helmet or pay the fine in Jharkhand may result in additional penalties, such as escalated fines, suspension of driving privileges, or legal action. It is crucial to comply with traffic regulations and cooperate with authorities to avoid further consequences.

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