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West Bengal is a state in the eastern part of India, with Kolkata being its capital city. It is the fourth most popular state in India, having a population of 102,552,787 in 2023. Due to industrial and tourism development, the state has seen a significant rise in the number of vehicles.

However, the rate of road accidents and deaths has also increased in the state, with 4927 people killed in road accidents in the year 2020. Traffic discrepancies are known to be the primary reason for road accidents.

To curb the number of accidents and to enforce traffic laws, the West Bengal Traffic Police levies penalties in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. In this article, you shall find all the information related to driving without helmet fine, how to make the challan payment, which type of helmet to wear, etc.

About Without Helmet Fine in West Bengal

A without-helmet fine is a type of penalty that a motorist has to pay if they ride a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet. The West Bengal Traffic Police charges individuals with such fines for violating the traffic rules while driving.

The laws stated in Section 129 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 are applicable all over India. It states that any person above the age of four years on a two-wheeler is mandatorily required to wear a protective headgear, meaning a helmet. As per the Act, the double helmet rule in West Bengal is applicable to motorists. The law requires both the rider and the pillion to wear a helmet compulsorily.

Individuals found violating the helmet rule will have to pay fines and also face the consequences. According to Section 194D of the Motor Vehicles Act, the without helmet fine in West Bengal is ₹1000. Additionally, the violator's licence will also be disqualified for three months.

The new penalties were introduced in the amendments to the Act in 2019 to penalise traffic violators severely. Prior to the amendment, the driving without helmet fine was ₹100. Since motorists did not take the nominal penalty amount seriously, it was increased to ₹1000.

What is the Procedure if You Are Caught Driving Without Helmet in West Bengal?

  • Every individual driving on the road is required to follow the laws mentioned in the Motor Vehicles Act. Helmet laws are laid down to provide maximum safety to the rider and pillion in case of an accident. Hence, motorists must abide by the rules for their well-being and safety.

  • However, if you are caught by the traffic authorities driving without a helmet in West Bengal, here is the procedure that will be followed.

  • The traffic police officers stationed on the roads may ask you to halt the bike and ask you to produce documents like a driver’s licence, vehicle registration papers, motor insurance, PUC certificate, etc.

  • In the absence of any of the documents, you will be penalised according to the Motor Vehicle Act. For instance, the fine for driving a vehicle without registration papers is ₹5000.

  • Besides, you will also have to pay a fine for not wearing a helmet and have your licence suspended for three months.

  • The officer may hand you a physical copy of the without helmet challan, which you must pay on the spot. If you have an e-challan sent to your mobile number, you can choose to pay it later, either online or offline.

  • It is necessary to mention that the pillion rider helmet fine in West Bengal is also ₹1000. If a challan has been issued in your name, you can pay it online through the websites and portals mentioned below.

Different Ways to Pay Driving Without Helmet Fine Online

For online users:

Through West Bengal Traffic Police website

Through Parivahan website

Through West Bengal Traffic Police Website

Visit the WB Traffic Police website.

The next screen will redirect you to the Parivahan website.

Under the challan details section, you can fill in the vehicle number, challan number, or DL number.

Enter the captcha correctly.

Click on ‘get detail.’

The next page will show all the challans issued against your vehicle.

You can choose the challan for which you want to make the payment.

Select the method through which you want to pay like debit/credit cards, etc.

Save the confirmation receipt for reference.

Through Parivahan Website

Visit the e-challan Parivahan portal.

Under the ‘challan details’ section, fill in one of the details from challan number, driver’s licence, or vehicle number.

Enter the captcha accurately and click ‘get details.’

On the next screen, you can choose from the list of challan that you want to pay.

Select the mode of payment.

Make the payment and save the receipt.

How to Pay Without Helmet Fine Offline in West Bengal?

If you are still getting familiar with the online payment system, you can also pay without helmet fine in West Bengal through one of the offline methods mentioned below.

To a traffic police officer

At a police station near you

Through a Traffic Police Officer

Search for a traffic police officer on the road with a challan machine.

Approach him and ask for the payment method available.

Provide him with details like the challan number, driver’s licence number, etc.

You can make the payment in cash or through online methods.

Collect the payment receipt and keep it carefully as proof of payment.

Through a Police Station

You can visit a police station in your locality with the e-challan copy, driver’s licence, vehicle registration papers, etc.

Ask the police officer for the procedure of challan payment.

Make the payment in cash, cheque, or online transfer.

Ask the officer for the payment receipt before you leave the police station.

What are the Helmet Rules in West Bengal?

Like many other states in the country, West Bengal follows the double helmet rule. As per the laws of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, both the rider and the pillion on a two-wheeler must compulsorily wear helmets for safety.

The primary reason for introducing the double helmet rule in West Bengal is to safeguard people from fatal head injuries and deaths during an accident. Section 129 of the Motor Vehicle Act compulsorily requires every individual to wear a helmet, except the people of the Sikh community.

It is essential to wear a helmet, follow the traffic rules, and drive cautiously for everyone’s safety. Also, wearing any helmet is not the key to safety. Hence, Section 129 (a) of the Motor Vehicles Act specifies the right kind of helmet to be worn by motorists.

Know About the Right Type of Helmet to Wear

The applicability of the Motor Vehicles Act is compulsory throughout India. The Act not only makes it compulsory to wear a helmet but also describes the correct type of helmet to be worn. Section 138 (4) (f) provides guidelines to the helmet manufacturers to ensure that the helmet is of the best quality and correctly manufactured.

A helmet must be made with high-quality material and must have a specific shape so it can protect the wearer on the road.

The helmet must be fastened correctly with a strap.

A helmet must have a thickness of 20-25 mm. It must be manufactured with a good-quality foam.

The ideal weight of a helmet must be 1.2 kg as opposed to the previous limit of 1.5kg.

Every helmet must have an ISI mark to be considered as permitted by the Act. Helmets that do not have an ISI mark are not the right ones. Selling such helmets is equivalent to committing legal violations.

The area covering the rider's eye must be transparent and crafted out of durable material.

Helmets are mandatorily required to undergo BSI testing to ensure that they are capable of absorbing impact under different weather conditions and at various speeds.

Helmets with other specifications are liable to be seized, and the manufacturer will be held responsible.

Ways to Safeguard Yourself From Getting a Without Helmet Challan?

  • Road safety rules must be followed by every motorist for their safety and that of others. One of the ways to stay safe while driving is to wear the correct helmet as mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act.

  • Follow these tips to avoid getting a rider or pillion rider helmet fine:

  • For safety reasons, make sure you always wear a helmet while riding a bike.

  • Purchase a sturdy helmet with a thickness of 20-25 mm.

  • While buying a helmet always look for the ISI mark and the quality standards as per the Act.

  • Wear the correct-sized helmet so it can adequately cover your head and save you from serious injuries.

  • Carry an extra helmet on the bike for the pillion rider.

  • When the helmet gets old or damaged, replace it immediately.

  • Keep the helmet locked in the bike so you can always wear it.

Ensuring Safety With Two-Wheeler Insurance

In India, having third-party bike insurance is mandatory for all bike owners as per the law. It is wise to choose a comprehensive bike insurance policy as it provides more coverage and secures you efficiently.

By opting for comprehensive insurance from Tata AIG, you receive coverage for third-party liabilities, your own damage, and a personal accident cover, too. A two-wheeler insurance is a must-have to secure you financially in the event of an accident.

To know more details about bike insurance, you can contact us!


Accidents can be fatal, especially if you are riding a bike. Hence, the helmet rules in West Bengal require motorists to wear a helmet compulsorily. Whether you are riding a bike or riding a pillion, wearing a helmet is mandatory.

By wearing a helmet, you not only obey the traffic laws but also safeguard yourself from fatal injuries. In case you forget to wear the helmet and receive a without helmet challan, you can pay it using the online or offline methods.

Remember, having a clean traffic record is beneficial for getting a low insurance premium.


How can I check my challan information online?

You can check the challan information by visiting the e-challan portal. It provides you with all the information about the challan issued in your name.

Where can I read about West Bengal traffic rules?

West Bengal traffic rules are mentioned on the official website of West Bengal Traffic Police.

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