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    What to keep in mind before booking your hotel for your family abroad

    Aditya was excited. His boss had approved his leave application. He could finally spend some quality time with his family. But, his excitement took a backseat when his wife told him about Rewa, her friend. Rewa was on a solo trip to Brussels. She was chilling in her hotel room. That is when she had a minor chest pain. She managed to call the lobby. But, none of the hotel staff could provide immediate help.

    If you’re planning a vacation abroad, keep the following things in mind and you’ll have a stress-free vacation.

    Read the fine print: How much do you pay for the entire family?

    Don’t believe whatever you see or read. Every offer has hidden terms and conditions which usually mean big bucks being spent later. Figure out how if they have a 24 hour medical station or how strict is their cancellation policy and how much will you end up paying if you change your mind. 

    Is the hotel elderly, kids-friendly? Check hotel reviews

    Does your hotel have the X factor? What sets good hotels from great ones is the experience. And who better to rate that than guests who have stayed there before you. Pay attention to reviews. It’s not like you can test every hotel yourself. The closest thing are traveller ratings. You get an idea of the hotel’s amenities, hospitality, and their trustworthiness. Check out the services that they offer. Make a list of extra services that you would want for your family. For example, you would need a wheelchair for your parent. Or, you would appreciate a mini swimming pool for kids. Match your needs with their offerings.

    Book a safety net for your family

    You are in a city that is miles away from yours. Any unexpected event can ruin your trip. Safety is a priority. Look up the weather, the location, and the cultural norms. Research the vicinity of the hotel. Find out if there are hospitals, clinics or medical stores around. Kids and elderly people often do not adapt to drastic weather conditions. This can take a toll on their health. Also, check the locality. See if the hotel is on the main road or in the interiors. A hotel near a police station can be a good idea. A busy thoroughfare is safer than a secluded alley. 

    Upgrade your kid’s happiness

    While planning a trip abroad, the cost is a crucial factor to consider. Compare the different hotels in your chosen location. You must also be careful of the time when you book the hotel. Usually, a booking made in advance costs less. Also, bookings at specific times entitle you to certain offers and discounts. Always ask for discounts and upgrades. You never know when you may get lucky.

    Let your family explore the new city, but not from afar

    You do not plan an overseas trip to sit inside a hotel room. Your room can be luxurious, yet it is a just a place for you to get back to, after a tiring day. You are on a trip to explore new places. Choose a hotel close to or amidst tourist attractions. This saves you the transport cost. Also, you may want to take a break and rest in your hotel room. But, this might not interest your children. If the hotel is close to the entertainment hubs, you can be stress-free while the kids have fun.

    When you are young and single, you are all up for last minute plans. When travelling with family, make your vacation plans as foolproof as possible. It keeps you ready for uncertainties.

    While travelling with family is awesome, expect the unexpected. You do so much to plan for a perfect vacation, a little foresight can help you protect it. To make sure you have one less thing to worry invest in a good travel insurance plan.


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    Disclaimer: “The above mentioned list is indicative and for information purpose only. We assume no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use or misuse of any of the above information.”

    Keep these in mind

    • Know your transport: Understand the basic functioning of the transport system of your destination. The Subway or the Tube may not connect some remote locations. You may have to take more than one mode to reach there.
    • Blend in: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Learn a few words in the local language and the local etiquette. Words like ‘excuse me’, ‘thank you’, and ‘sorry’ can help.
    • Think of plan-B: What if you get late at a night club and the Subway closes at 11.55pm? Always keep an alternative option ready. If close by, you can walk to your hotel or take a taxi.
    • Be aware, beware: The crowd in public transport makes way for criminal activities. It could range from pick-pockets to drug peddling to kidnaps and thefts. Always keep your bags in front of you. Divide the money and other valuables, and keep them in different places.
    • Keep travel insurance details ready: This is an important part of your travel plan. If anything untoward happens, contact your insurer at once. Tata AIG General Insurance company limited Travel Guard provides 24/7 helpline services for their travel insurance customers.

    Public transportation is the heart of a destination. It gives you insight into the lives of the locals. Follow these tips on your journey and enjoy your vacation like never before.

    Knowledge is power so find out as much as you can before your trip. Plan and research to know exactly what to expect. And for those unexpected moments, protect yourself with a fool proof travel insurance plan.

    Visit to know more #foresight is useful



    Disclaimer: The above mentioned list is indicative and for information purpose only. We assume no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use or misuse of any of the above information.”

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