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Breast Cancer Insurance

Secure yourself against breast cancer with a robust health insurance cover policy from Tata AIG!

If you are looking for the right yet most affordable critical illness plans online, you have reached the right place. At Tata AIG, we have some of India's best critical illness medical insurance plans.

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What is A Breast Cancer Cover?

Cancer is a disease which can knock on your door anytime, without notice. Also, there isn’t any specific reason behind someone getting diagnosed with cancer suddenly. Several reasons can cause cancer, like environmental imbalances, genetics, or any other specific health characteristic of an individual.

Sadly, there are no preventative measures for this disease that can be taken. Also, the cost of the treatment is sky-high! To detect breast cancer, a mammogram is done by the doctors. Although the specific causes of breast cancer aren’t known, it is important for every woman to self-diagnose themselves with a lump in breast or breast pain.

Breast cancer signs could be hard to decipher by a normal human being. However, in case of any discomfort, reaching out to a doctor immediately is prudent. And when it comes to the treatment of breast cancer, a person can lose all their life savings. Due to the skyrocketing cost of medical procedures worldwide, most patients find it difficult to get treated properly.

Hence, it is advisable to have a robust critical illness cover. We all know that health insurance tax benefits are many. And with a health insurance policy and a breast cancer cover, one can essentially protect their finances for any kind of medical emergency that may come unannounced.

Such a plan with a critical illness cover can offer coverage against several critical diseases like cancer, coma, blindness, kidney failures, etc. With a critical illness cover from Tata AIG, you will not have to worry about high medical bills that you may incur upon being diagnosed with any of the critical ailments covered under the plan.

To have sufficient financial protection against critical illnesses, you should consider buying medical insurance with critical illness cover. Such a plan for you should be the one that offers optimal coverage without burning a hole in your pockets, and the Tata AIG insurance plans tick all those boxes.

Why Should You Buy a Breast Cancer Cover Even If You Already Have a Medical Insurance Plan?

Today, nobody can have enough health insurance for themselves or their family members. Such is the unpredictability of health concerns, and diseases rise. Today, people are more vulnerable to different ailments, leaving alone accidental health issues. It is, therefore, prudent to have a robust health insurance plan to offer the right kind of financial protection against such illnesses.

However, since medical inflation is rising every day, just having a basic health insurance plan may not suffice to ensure adequate medical coverage for you and your family. This is why it is sensible to purchase a breast cancer ailment cover and a medical insurance plan. Here are a few more reasons you should opt for such a cover plan.

1. Coverage Against Breast Cancer

By buying a breast cancer cover, you will be able to easily enhance the coverage that’s offered to you by your existing health insurance plan. As a result, you will have adequate financial protection if in case you ever get diagnosed with breast cancer

2. Financial Protection for Your Savings

Without a breast cancer cover, you will have to feel the burden of extensive medical bills that will arise out of the treatment required for breast cancer. You may lose all your savings or be forced to resort to debt. None of these is good options for your financial safety in the future.

Your savings are holy, and you shouldn’t exhaust them in any way! And here, a breast cancer cover can help you.

Factors That Make Tata AIG’s Breast Cancer Cover the Right Choice

With Tata AIG, you can get one of the best breast cancer covers and your health insurance policy in India. There are a lot of features of our breast cancer cover that make it just the #RightInsurance for you. Here are some of the Tata AIG breast cancer insurance features:

1. Financial Backing : By opting for the Tata AIG breast cancer cover, you can keep your financial worries at bay during the treatment procedures. We offer a lump-sum payment of your entire sum assured under our breast cancer cover plan.

2. Go for A Second Opinion : If you need to seek a second opinion regarding your initial breast cancer diagnosis, you can do so without worrying about the bills as we would take care of the same.

3. Increase Your Sum Assured : If you wish to increase the total sum assured under your breast cancer cover, you can do that whilst renewing the insurance policy.

4. Hassle-free Online Process : As digitalisation has been a boon for us, even buying a health insurance plan is now easier than ever! Everything is pretty straightforward and hassle-free, from purchasing medical insurance or a breast cancer cover, to its renewal and filing a claim.

5.Monthly Income Benefit: The lump-sum amount of the sum assured under your breast cancer cover can help compensate for the loss of your monthly income due to your inability to work full time after being diagnosed with breast cancer. This ensures that you and your family are spared from any financial crisis in the wake of breast cancer treatment.

Benefits of Breast Cancer Cover Plans

Buying a breast cancer cover entails a few significant benefits for the policyholders. Some of the benefits have been mentioned below.

1. Provides Financial Assistance During Emergencies : A breast cancer cover can act like your best friend in times of need. Not only can the diagnosis of cancer cause immense emotional trauma, but you also go through a lot of pain physically.

With the cost of your breast cancer treatment potentially overlapping with the loss or decrease of your monthly income and savings, it can be really difficult on your part to make ends meet regularly. In such a case, a breast cancer cover can provide great financial assistance through the lump-sum payout from the total sum assured.

2. Covers the Treatment Processes of Breast Cancer: Our breast cancer cover will offer coverage against every possible detail related to the treatment. Therefore, with one cover plan, you can get extensive coverage against the tests, radiations, chemotherapies, etc. So, you will not have to shell out all your monthly salary and savings to start with the cancer treatment.

3. Can Be a Substitute for Your Loss of Regular Income: A critical illness diagnosis can shock anyone, but it may hit you harder if you are the sole breadwinner of your family. The potential loss of your ability to work and earn during the subsequent treatment can cause severe financial stress for your family and household.

However, if you have a breast cancer cover with a robust health insurance plan, you can rest assured of a regular payout that can help you substitute your lost stream of monthly income.

4. Additional Financial Support aside from Your Health Insurance Plan: A breast cancer cover will give you extra financial backing over and above your basic health insurance plan. And it surely makes up for the coverage for cancer that’s not usually available in a normal health plan. Therefore, once you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you are better placed financially if you have this cover.

5.Affordable Premiums: If you think health plans are expensive, you need to think again! It is a myth that such additional covers are costly. With us, you can avail yourself of a breast cancer cover that’s affordable. Hence, opting for a breast cancer cover plan is a sensible decision.

6.Health Insurance Tax Benefits: With this cover, you get sufficient coverage for the treatment of breast cancer, but you will also be able to avail certain tax benefits for the premiums paid for your plan. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, you can claim a tax deduction of ₹25,000 for medical insurance premium payments. For senior citizens, this deduction is ₹50,000.

How to Buy Breast Cancer Cover?

At Tata AIG, we offer the most suitable breast cancer cover. Also, buying a breast cancer cover with us is a straightforward process. You can follow these steps to take it forward:

  1. Visit Tata AIG’s official website and leave your contact details with us.
  2. Our team will reach out to you at the earliest and help you find a suitable breast cancer cover.
  3. Alternately, you can also get in touch with our customer care, and we will take it forward.
  4. To purchse the plan offline, you can also visit the nearest Tata AIG office branch to choose a breast cancer cover plan.

You can also buy a health insurance plan with a breast cancer cover to enjoy the dual benefits of a medical insurance policy and a breast cancer cover.

What Are The Breast Cancer Signs and Treatments Covered Under a Breast Cancer Cover Plan?

To find out whether you have breast cancer or not, you should look for a few breast cancer signs yourself. You should look for any lumps in the breast, underarms, or nearby areas in the body. Also, if you experience any unusual discharge from the nipples and breast pain, you should immediately seek medical help.

Now, before opting for a breast cancer cover plan, it is prudent on your part to be clear about the inclusions and exclusions in a breast cancer cover plan with us. Here are a few inclusions and exclusions for a breast cancer cover policy.

  • Inclusions Under the Tata AIG Breast Cancer Cover

  • Detection Procedure: Cancer is a condition where a malignant tumour develops in the body. The growth and spread of the malignant cells become uncontrolled and destroy the normal tissues. A doctor should confirm the diagnosis of breast cancer through a mammogram. The breast cancer cover plan will support the entire cost incurred during the detection process.

  • Consumable Expenses: The plan will cover other expenses like pre and post hospitalisation costs, ambulance charges, Domiciliary Hospitalisation, related medical expenses, daycare procedures, etc.

  • Second Opinion Benefits: If you are unsatisfied with the diagnosis of breast cancer from one doctor, you can go for a second opinion. And all the expenses that would be incurred during this time will be covered under the plan.

  • **Exclusions Under the Tata AIG Breast Cancer Cover **

These cancerous tumour treatments aren’t included in the plan

  • Skin cancer, except for invasive malignant melanoma.

  • All prostate tumours with a Gleason score less than 6.

  • Bladder’s Microcarcinoma

  • Tumours in the presence of an HIV infection, without any exception

  • Thyroid’s papillary micro-carcinoma that is less than 1 cm in diameter

  • Less than RAI stage 3 Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

  • Some other exclusions include

  • Any pre-existing medical condition that’s not disclosed at the time of policy application and any further complications that may arise from it.

  • If the breast cancer signs and symptoms were present before the policy date or if it arose within the first 90 days of issuing the cover plan, the claim will be rejected.

  • Any disease caused by any mental or physical condition that has existed at the time of issuing the policy or the commencement date of the policy, will not be covered.

  • Sexually transmitted disease or self-inflicted injuries like suicide, etc. It also includes any kind of injury caused by adventure sports like paragliding, sky diving, and so on.

  • Any other treatment or diagnosis that is not directly related to the covered illness.

What Are The Documents Required At the Time of Breast Cancer Cover Claim?

If you wish to follow a hassle-free claim settlement process, you need to provide every necessary document. For filing a breast cancer cover claim, you need to ensure that the few necessary documents are handy. Here's a list of the documents you would need to file such a claim.

1. Claim Form : First, you must submit a duly filled and signed medical insurance claim form. You can fill out this form and submit the same online here. You can then track your claim progress here. It is necessary to inform us and submit this form within 30 days of a breast cancer diagnosis.

2. Other necessary documents : Once we receive your breast cancer plan claim form, we will request you, or whoever is filing the claim on your behalf to submit a few necessary documents, that would include the following:

  • All the relevant reports about your medical condition, case history, investigation results, treatment papers, and hospital discharge certificates
  • A detailed and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer for which the claim is being submitted
  • Any other document that’s necessary to the claims process by our claims department

We shall establish the accuracy of the documents submitted by you regarding your claim against the breast cancer cover. And we will take this up within 15 days of your discharge from a hospital or completion of your treatment. Once we are satisfied with your claim application, we shall make the payment of the compensated amount within 30 days of receiving all the necessary documents from your end.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Opting for a Breast Cancer Cover Plan

While buying a breast cancer cover, you should consider certain important factors. Some of these are as follows:

  • Sum Insured– Even though the Indian medical industry has advanced in leaps and bounds, the cost of medical treatment has skyrocketed as well. Hence, it is prudent to choose the sum assured properly so that it’s easier for you to deal with the illness without any financial burden.

  • Benefits – Before buying the breast cancer cover, you should properly go through the plan's specifications and choose one with full features and benefits.

  • Types and Stages of Cancer - Before you buy breast cancer insurance online, it is prudent to check the types and stages of cancer that are covered under the medical insurance plan. You can also compare the plans online and then pick the right one that offers the best kind of coverage.

  • Waiting Period - Before filing a claim, you should be aware that you need to complete the waiting period for the same. Hence, ensure that the plan you are going to choose shouldn’t have a long waiting period.

  • Renewal Period - It is important to check the maximum age of renewal of the plan and other terms to continue renewing your policy over a longer period and get a considerable amount as compensation in case something unfortunate takes place.

Tax Benefits Of A Breast Cancer Cover

The premiums paid toward a breast cancer cover plan are eligible for tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. However, the tax benefits that you would get will depend upon the age group you are in.

Here is a quick glimpse of the tax benefits of a breast cancer cover.

Age of the Assessee Beneficiaries of Breast Cancer Cover Maximum Permissible Tax Deduction
Below 60 years Self, Spouse, Dependent Children, and Parents ₹25,000 for the premium paid for the self, spouse, and dependent children And ₹25,000 for the premium paid for parents under the age of 60 years and ₹50,000 for the premium paid for parents over the age of 60 years
Above 60 years Self, Spouse, Dependent Children, and Parents ₹50,000 for the premium paid for the self, spouse, and dependent children

And ₹50,000 for the premium paid for parents over the age of 60 years

What Our Clients Say

  1. Tata AIG's process of breast cancer cover purchase online is absolutely hassle-free and swift. I loved the experience. - Ashi Khanna

  2. When looking for a breast cancer insurance for my mother, I came across Tata AIG's plan online. I found it to be one of the most affordable ones with unmatched coverage benefits. Extremely satisfied! - Rishav Sen

  3. I wanted to buy a breast cancer insurance for my wife and after searching through a few options online, I picked up Tata AIG breast cancer cover. The entire policy buying process is so smooth and easy. - Aniket Saha.

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Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

1. What Is Breast Cancer?

1. What Is Breast Cancer?


Cancer that develops in the breast cells is known as breast cancer. This type of cancer is similar to the other types and progresses in stages. Few early breast cancer symptoms include lump in breast, breast pain, lump in the underarm, itching or discharge from the nipples, and the change of skin texture around the nipple or breast.

2. How Breast Cancer Happens?


Researchers have found that hormonal, lifestyle and environmental factors can increase the risk of getting diagnosed with breast cancer. However, the real cause of cancer is yet not known. It occurs when a few breast cells start growing abnormally. These cells divide more rapidly than the healthy cells in the body and then continue to accumulate, thereby forming a breast lump.

3. What Are The Benefits of a Tata AIG Breast Cancer Cover Plan?


The Tata AIG breast cancer cover offers several benefits, including

  • Coverage against breast cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • A Second Opinion Cover
  • Payment of lump-sum amount after breast cancer diagnosis as covered under the policy
  • The option to enhance the sum assured under the policy during the renewal of the policy
  • Tax benefits
  • The trust of TATA
  • Hassle-free claims process online
  • 24*7 customer assistance

4. Are Medical Tests Important to Get a Breast Cancer Cover?


A medical check-up is not mandatory to opt for a Tata AIG breast cancer plan online. However, if such a check-up is needed, one of our experts will reach out to you and assist you with the entire process. In certain cases, you may need to undergo a medical check-up before buying our breast cancer cover plan.

5. Is my Tata AIG Breast Cancer Cover Valid Across India?


Yes, your Tata AIG breast cancer cover is valid across the country. With our vast network of over 7,200 partner hospitals spread throughout India, you can get the required medical treatment at the hospital nearest to you.

6. Can I Increase the Sum Assured Under My Breast Cancer Cover During A Policy Year?


You cannot modify the sum assured under your breast cancer cover in the middle of the policy tenure. This facility is only available when your policy is due for renewal.

Premium-related Questions:

  1. Is Breast Cancer Cover Costly?

No, a breast cancer cover is not expensive. At Tata AIG, you can buy a breast cancer plan at the most affordable premiums and get extensive coverage against breast cancer. A breast cancer cover helps you enhance your overall protection against such a critical ailment and is cost-effective.

  1. What Are The Factors That Affect My Breast Cancer Premium?

There are several factors that may directly affect your breast cancer premium, including

● Your age ● Your medical history, including any pre-existing medical conditions ● Your family's medical history ● The sum assured chosen under the plan

  1. How Can I Check the Premium for Tata AIG's Breast Cancer Cover?

You can check the premium for our breast cancer cover by visiting our nearest office branch or contacting our call centre at 1800-267-6115.

Service-related Questions

  1. How Can I File a Tata AIG Breast Cancer Cover Claim?

You can file a Tata AIG Breast Cancer Claim at the claims section of our official website and be assured of a swift and hassle-free claims process.

  1. What Are The Documents Required for Claiming Breast Cancer Cover?

To file a claim for your breast cancer cover, you must submit the following documents.

● A duly filled and signed claim form ● Documentary evidence of your critical illness diagnosis. ● All the necessary medical reports, your case history, medical test results, treatment papers, and hospital discharge certificate.

  1. How Soon Should I Inform My Insurer About My Breast Cancer Diagnosis?

You should do that as early as possible. However, the specific timeline for such an intimation to your insurer may vary from one insurer to another. This is why you must peruse your policy document with the utmost focus. The intimation period for the Tata AIG Breast Cancer Plan is 30 days.

  1. Does Tata AIG Offer a Facility of 24*7 Claims Assistance?

Yes, we do! At Tata AIG, serving our customers is our top priority. You can reach out to our team of claims experts through our 24*7 toll-free number (1800-266-7780), WhatsApp (+91-9136160375), and email