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Cancer Insurance

Cancer is one of the critical illnesses that can happen without prior warning. Figuring out the exact reason for cancer illness is challenging. Most people discover cancer at the early stage, while some find it in later stages.

As devastating as this disease is, it can strain individuals and their loved ones physically, emotionally, and financially. Fighting a cancer battle needs a lot of support, and with a health insurance plan, you will have one less thing to worry about. Cancer treatment is a costly parade that requires a hefty investment, so having a health insurance plan is a wise decision.

Individuals today are cautious and prefer proper planning for rainy days. So, when buying a cancer protection plan, comparing health insurance for better coverage and inclusions is suitable. Tata AIG health insurance offers comprehensive coverage from cancer diagnosis and treatment without any hassles.

What is a Cancer Insurance Plan?

A cancer health insurance or protection plan is a well-designed insurance plan that offers targeted coverage for cancer and related treatments. With cancer medical insurance, policyholders don't have to stop themselves from getting top-notch quality treatment in a reputable cancer treatment facility.

Need for Medical Insurance for Cancer Patients

Needless to say, cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that can affect any age group. Around 120 different types of cancer can affect different parts of the human body. That's why having the right cancer insurance plan is essential.

Here are some other reasons for buying health insurance for cancer patients.

Quality Treatment- Buying medical insurance for cancer patients helps them get quality treatment at renowned hospitals. Cancer is a disease that needs to be treated in a healthcare facility with all modern equipment and methodologies. Considering this, a health insurance plan based on payout amount gives flexibility to individuals to go beyond network hospitals.

Financial Security- One of the contributing factors in choosing a cancer protection plan is financial security. Cancer treatment is an arduous journey that requires multiple diagnoses, tests and procedures. It can drain individuals' financial savings. But, with a reputable health insurance policy, your savings will remain intact, and all the medical expenses will be incurred by the insurance provider based on policy conditions.

Tax Saving- Tax implication is another thing which causes stress in individuals. People seek ways to save tax. A cancer health insurance plan will help individuals save tax obligations under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Policyholders will get deductions on premiums paid for their health insurance policy.

Healthcare Network- Not just this, individuals will get cashless medical insurance benefits at any network hospital across India. This health insurance benefit saves people from arranging cash to pay medical bills to start treatment. Instead, the bill will be settled by insurance companies and hospitals directly. We at Tata AIG have a network of 7400+ hospitals all across India.

Worldwide Cover- Many times, the treatment of cancer requires expertise. In that case, individuals prefer to get treatment in foreign countries. However, compared to India, medical expenses there are comparatively high. However, the right medical insurance plan will ensure that treatment will be noticed in all cases. Tata AIG offered a worldwide cover add-on that will cover treatment costs abroad.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying Cancer Insurance Policy

Even if you have basic health insurance, it is advisable to buy standalone cancer insurance in case there is a family history or personal health record of cancer. A basic health insurance plan might not cover the expenses and benefits adequately, as cancer treatment requires.

Therefore, buying a comprehensive cancer insurance policy is imperative to deal with challenging situations with ease and keep your finances safe.

There are certain things to remember while buying a cancer insurance policy.

Claim Settlement Ratio: When buying any health insurance policy, it is necessary to check the claim settlement ratio. The ratio shows how many claims have been settled by insurance companies out of the claims made by policyholders. It is best to choose a health insurance provider with a high claim settlement ratio. Tata AIG has a settlement ratio of 94.21%.

Cancer Insurance Payout: Another thing to remember while buying a cancer medical insurance plan is payout. Cancer comes in stages, early stages or significant stages. It's best to go with a plan that offers the best coverage or payout in the early stage of cancer.

Waiting Period: At the time of claim settlement or receiving a payout for cancer treatment, the waiting period stresses individuals a lot. Insurance companies must verify all the medical documents and bills before settling claims, which takes time. Hence, choosing a medical insurance plan with a short waiting period is best.

Affordable Premium: Cancer treatment cost is high, but choosing an insurance policy that has an affordable premium is in your hands. An affordable medical insurance plan keeps your pocket light and saves you from medical emergencies. However, an affordable premium is essential, but make sure to choose a cancer protection plan that offers comprehensive coverage.

Policy Renewal Terms: Lastly, when choosing a medical insurance policy, check the age of renewal and other terms. It ensures that the individual will benefit for the longest time against any unfortunate event.

Why Choose Tata AIG Health Insurance for Cancer Patients?

Buying a health insurance plan should be a smooth decision. After all, it is the financial security at the time of need. A medical insurance plan should be bought from a reputable or renowned insurance company that has been in the market for quite some time. One such name is Tata AIG, which has served customers nationwide for over 2 decades.

From critical illnesses like cancer, heart diseases, etc., to minor inconveniences such as regular doctor visits, etc., are covered in our medical insurance plan.

Also, under our Medicare health insurance plans and variants, you can get a 10 to 100 per cent additional sum insured for each policy year without a health insurance claim as a 'No-claim Bonus.'

Inclusions And Exclusions Of TATA AIG's Cancer Treatment Insurance Coverage

Inclusions benefits individuals will get after buying TATA AIG's cancer insurance plan.

  • Tata AIG's comprehensive cancer insurance policy will cover conditions where the malignant tumour develops, with uncontrolled growth and spread of malignant cells destroying normal tissues. The cancer cases in this condition are sarcoma, lymphoma and leukaemia. However, the diagnosis should be confirmed by a pathologist and supported by the malignancy's histological evidence.

  • Further, the insurance policy will cover consumables expenses like pre and post-hospitalisation, ambulance cover, Domiciliary Hospitalisation, associated medical expenses, daycare procedures, etc. These benefits might vary across insurance plans like Critical Illness, MediCare Protect, MediCare Premier, and Wellsurance Plans.

  • Not just this, if you are unsatisfied with one doctor's diagnosis, you can consult another doctor. All the expenses incurred will be covered under the Tata AIG health insurance policy.

  • Exclusions that are not covered under Tata AIG's medical insurance policy are:

  • All prostate tumours have a Gleason score of less than 6.

  • Cancer tumours are also known as Bladder's Microcarcinoma.

  • Tumours in the presence of HIV infection, without any exception.

  • Thyroid's papillary microcarcinoma less than 1 cm in diameter

  • Less than RAI stage 3 Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

  • Other general exclusions that are not covered under the policy are:

  • Any treatment or investigation not directly related to the covered injury or illness.

  • Any disease caused by a mental or physical condition that existed when issuing the policy or commencement date, whichever is later.

  • Further, any pre-existing condition not disclosed at the time of application and any complications arising from it.

  • If the signs and symptoms of the critical disease were present before the policy date or arose within 90 days of issuing the policy. Under this, the claim will be rejected.

  • Sexually transmitted disease or self-inflicted injury such as suicide, etc. It also includes injuries caused by adventure sports like paragliding, skydiving, etc.

  • Any treatment or investigation not directly related to the covered injury or illness.

Claims Procedure And Claims Payment

One of the critical factors in choosing a health insurance policy is easy claim procedure and settlement. The following steps need to be followed while requesting an insurance claim.

Claim Notification: First, a written claim or request should be submitted within 7 days of the potential loss or when the loss begins. In any event, this should be completed on time for at most 30 days.

Submit Claim Form or Evidence: The claim form and the documents required for evidence should be submitted within 30 days of the loss. Even so, if you can provide a valid reason for not submitting the documents on time, your claim might not be rejected. Usually, this is acceptable if the circumstances are not under the insured's control.

Supporting Documents and Examination: All the documents and medical records related to your treatment should be submitted within 15 days of your discharge from the hospital. Failing to submit the same might be acceptable under exceptional circumstances.

Claim Settlement: If all the documents are valid and credible, we will provide you with the claim in a lump sum as soon as possible.

We at TATA AIG have been providing leading insurance services for years. We have various insurance plans under different categories, providing the maximum benefits. Our customer care executives help our clients choose the best insurance plans according to their specifications. We have an excellent record of claim-settlement ratio and a satisfied customer base, making us one of the top insurance providers in India.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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