Is It Mandatory To File An FIR Before Claiming For Insurance

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Driving your favourite vehicle can be exciting and full of adventure. While driving, you may sincerely follow the traffic rules and drive safely. Still, an accident or a mishap may be unavoidable in some cases. A motor insurance policy is helpful in such times. The procedure for filing a motor insurance claim has undergone several changes over the years.

Typically, a vehicle owner makes some mistakes when filing a claim for insurance for a car or bike. These mistakes complicate the insurance claim process and delay the claim settlement process. Insurance policyholders often ask, ‘Is FIR mandatory for car insurance claims?’ Here is a complete guide to making a vehicle insurance claim in India.

How to Claim Car Insurance After an Accident

Understanding the procedure to file a claim with your insurer after an accident is necessary. The **- Steps to file for a car insurance claim after an accident are as follows:

- Step 1: Inform your insurance provider: The first **- Step is to inform your insurance provider about the accident. Provide them with the specific details of the accident and the damage caused. Refrain from hiding any information from the insurance company because it may make the claim settlement procedure complicated later.

- Step 2: File an FIR for a car insurance claim: Inform the police about the accident and, if required, lodge an accident FIR (First Information Report). It is mandatory to file an FIR in the event of a theft, road accident, or fire. If the accident was only minor and there were no severe damages, you may not need to file an FIR. However, if a third party is involved in the incident, filing an FIR becomes necessary. If there is a legal concern, it is safer to file an FIR, even for a minor accident. An FIR supports your claim procedure and settlement. In most cases, an insurance company does not consider a request for an insurance claim if there is no FIR. Additionally, to file an FIR, you need to inform the police. It makes an FIR a necessary document for the claim settlement process, and you must get a copy of it as soon as possible.

- Step 3: Take pictures: You need to take enough clear pictures of the damage caused and the accident site to support your claim process. Clear and detailed pictures help the insurance company access the extent of the damage caused and provide appropriate claim settlement.

- Step 4: Provide the necessary road accident documents: You need to submit a few documents to the insurance company as a part of the claim processing. These documents include a copy of the insurance policy, a copy of the FIR, a copy of your driving licence, etc.

- Step 5: Get the car repaired: Take it to a workshop or garage to fix it. You may request the insurance company to get the car repaired for you. Once your request for the insurance claim gets approved, the insurance provider will either reimburse the repair costs or compensate you accordingly.

What to Do If Your Vehicle is Stolen

In the unfortunate event of theft of your car, inform the insurance company and file an FIR at the nearest police station. Then, submit the relevant documents to the insurance provider, like your driving licence and the car registration certificate. If the police fail to locate your vehicle within a reasonable time, they will provide you with a non-traceable certificate. Once such a certificate is issued, the insurance company will settle the claim and offer you the car’s current market value as compensation.

Road Accident Documents for an Insurance Claim

Submitting all the required documents is necessary to get your insurance claim processed. The list of documents you must submit to your insurance provider in the event of an accident are:

  • Copy of the insurance policy of the vehicle

  • Copy of the FIR you have filed

  • Copy of your driving licence

  • A correctly filled and signed claim form

  • Original bills and receipts for repairs

  • Copy of the car’s RC (Registration Certificate)

  • Medical bills and receipts if there was a physical injury

What Should You Not Do After an Accident

Do not panic in case you meet with an accident. Instead, take care of the following things if such an event occurs:

- Do not flee the accident spot: The most rampant mistake people make after an accident is running away from the accident scene. It makes the claim settlement process difficult and leads to claim rejection in most cases. Additionally, do not try to move the vehicle from the accident spot alone. If the vehicle gets damaged, do not drive it further. In doing so, the insurance company may reduce the settlement amount or reject your claim altogether. Moreover, only getting repairs done to your vehicle once the insurance provider has approved your claim.

- File a timely claim: Your insurance policy is designed to cover you in case of an accident or mishap. Only filing a claim or filing a delayed claim can ensure you of the insurance policy benefits.

- Reveal full details of the accident: Often, people hide crucial details of the accident when informing the insurance provider. Hiding even small facts and details during the accident’s investigation can lead to suspicion, and your claim may get rejected for lack of clarity of information.

- Keep a calm mind: Do not argue with the third party and approach the situation calmly. Moreover, go through your policy documents carefully before filing a claim. Be fully informed of what your insurance policy covers. Get legal advice from an expert before signing the claim documents and get the estimated value of the damage cross-checked from an expert.

- Do not settle with the third party: The third party involved in the accident may offer a settlement without informing the insurance company. Not informing the insurance company and not filing an FIR may be illegal and may land you in trouble later on. Taking the legal route and informing the authorities can help you with the claim settlement process.


Now that you know — is an FIR mandatory for the car insurance claim — you should follow the right steps in case of an unfortunate event. But foremost, it is necessary to buy car insurance. It will not only help you avoid legal trouble but also help with the financial implications of meeting an accident or a mishap. In case of an accident or theft, file an FIR at the nearest police station. Additionally, inform your insurance provider and submit all the necessary documents to make a claim with the insurer. At Tata AIG, you can conveniently do your car insurance renewal online and safeguard your vehicle and yourself against any accidents or mishaps.

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