5 States with Most Road Accidents in India

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Most of us are particularly confident about our driving skills; however, the unpredictability of driving on the roads requires careful consideration. The increasing number of road accidents not only promotes the requirement for third-party insurance for a car but steers our attention to the need for comprehensive car insurance that will secure us from all possible road risks. Contrary to popular belief, car insurance is not an expensive investment, especially if you purchase car insurance online.

The Road Accidents in India 2019 report revealed that our country had 151,113 fatalities owing to road accidents. According to another report published by the WHO, India has been ranking first with the highest road fatalities ever since 2009, with one in every 11 global deaths occurring in India. This is backed by India’s rapid increase in car registration year-on-year. Aside from stringent road safety measures, these glaring statistics highlight the need for insurance for car.

States with the Highest Number of Road Accidents

Basis a report released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, over-speeding was the leading cause of death, and two-wheelers were involved in most road fatalities. Caution while driving needs to be exercised across India by every rider and driver.

**Reasons Behind Road Accidents **

Several contributing factors result in both major as well as minor road accidents. While it is essential to exercise caution while driving, having comprehensive insurance for a car can protect you against unpredictable eventualities.

Following are the three prime reasons why road accidents are rampant in India:

  1. Human Error: Negligence on the part of the driver and not abiding by the traffic rules are identified as amongst the leading cause of road accidents in India. Accidents owing to human error include: ● Traffic rule violations on the part of the driver especially driving on the wrong side of the lane, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, over-speeding, and jumping the traffic signals ● Driving without a valid driving license and ● Not using the recommended safety accessories such as a seat-belt and a helmet If the aforementioned were to be followed stringently, the number of road accidents could reduce significantly.

  2. Road Environment: Improper road environment contributes to 17-18% of road accidents in India. The causes for the same include: ● Accidents in particular locations such as residential and commercial areas ● The unfavourable topography such as curved and seep roads ● Road junctions and ignorance towards traffic control measures and ● Improper weather conditions such as rainfall that affect the surface of the road and visibility

  3. Vehicle Conditions: Lastly, improper vehicular conditions also lead to accidents. These include old vehicles that are prone to malfunctions and break-downs and heavy vehicles such as trucks bursting due to overloading. Aside from causing fatal injuries, road accidents also lead to the financial burden in the absence of adequate cover in the form of car insurance. It is therefore recommended that when you buy a car, you should check the four-wheeler insurance price and, to maximise savings, purchase car insurance online. You can even use the free car premium calculator when you check the four-wheeler insurance price.

Government Measures to Prevent Road Accidents

The constantly increasing number of road accidents is a major cause of worry, and to counter it, the government has proposed several measures under the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019:

● Stronger law enforcement for road safety to prevent deterrence. This includes higher penalties for breaking traffic rules. ● Providing speedy assistance to road accident victims. The government also plans to provide greater assistance to ease the third-party car insurance, which can be eased further when drivers buy car insurance online in India.
● Simplification of the license application process ● Enhancing the public transport system

In addition to the above, the government has made safety on the roads a central piece in the road designs to prevent these unpleasant occurrences as far as possible. Protect Your Four-Wheeler with Tata AIG Car Insurance In light of road mishaps, the importance of having insurance for a car cannot be stressed enough. Tata AIG provides a comprehensive car insurance policy that extends its protective cover not only to the owner-driver of the vehicle but also covers damages to the third-party property, vehicle, as well as individual. Some of its unique benefits include:

● Hassle-free Tata AIG car insurance claim ● A network of more than 7500 garages to assist when your car breaks down ● An accidental damage and theft cover ● The provision of opting for a zero-deprecation cover and ● To save time, insurance-seekers can purchase car insurance online in three simple steps

Acknowledging the stress and anxiety that follows an accident, the AIG car insurance claim settlement is an easy process that even new policyholders can complete without the need for assistance. Individuals looking to purchase car insurance online can check their four-wheeler insurance price by using the free Tata AIG car premium calculator available on the website.

To conclude

When you get behind the wheel, there is no predicting a dangerous road accident. Having car insurance is just the first step towards safety, and the rest must be done by abiding by the traffic rules.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions you may refer to:

Which state in India has the highest road accidents?

According to the 2019 report, Tamil Nadu reported the highest number of road accidents. Which state has the most accidents?

The top three states reporting the highest number of road accidents are:

o Tamil Nadu o Madhya Pradesh o Uttar Pradesh

Which state reports the highest number of deaths due to road accidents?

The state of Uttar Pradesh reported the highest number of deaths owing to accidents.

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