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The human body is complex and, at any point in time, your body is probably processing different natural chemicals or fighting minor infections to keep you healthy. When it comes to understanding these chemicals, proteins, and other natural substances in our body, we often get confused due to complicated medical terminologies.

However, it is essential that you at least know about some of the most important components and substances in your body, how to maintain their optimum levels, and what purpose they serve to keep you healthy. Albumin is one such protein that is present in abundance in the human body. Let us learn more about this protein.

What is Albumin?

As seen above, albumin is the main protein in the human body that is produced by the liver. This protein is important for your body as it also carries vitamins, hormones, and enzymes through your body through blood circulation. The main function of albumin is to keep the essential fluids in the blood vessels, which would otherwise leak and accumulate in your lungs and other vital organs. And this can simply lead to a malfunction of those body parts, which will directly impact your health.

A healthy human liver produces about 10-15 grams of albumin daily, which is immediately released into the bloodstream. The liver can only hold so much albumin and hence, has to let it into your blood soon after synthesis. Since essential vitamins and nutrients are distributed to your body through blood by this protein, the albumin levels are an important indicator of your physical health.

What is Albumin in Blood Test and Why is it Important?

An albumin blood test meaning testing the blood for albumin involves using laboratory techniques to gauge the albumin levels in your body.

A blood test for albumin is necessary to determine a person's general health. The test results will also reveal a person's liver and renal health. The test shows if the liver and kidneys are not working correctly so that your medical practitioner can prescribe the appropriate course of action.

When a person's kidney is not functioning properly, an excessive amount of albumin is passed through the kidney and out of the body. As a result, the necessary amount of albumin will not be present in your body as it is supposed to be. The albumin blood test also indicates if the liver is able to produce the required amount. Suppose a person displays further signs of liver and renal illness. In that case, albumin blood testing will also be necessary for addition to other urine analyses.

Symptoms of a Kidney and Liver Disease

Your doctor will order an albumin blood test (ABT) if you show symptoms such as a sudden decrease in weight, jaundice, unexplained tiredness, and unanticipated swelling of the legs, stomach, and eyes.

The doctor may also need a serum albumin test to track the existence of chronic pancreatitis or other kidney diseases. It can be seen how the ABT indicates if there is a problem with the kidney. Hence, it is necessary to know more about the symptoms:

  • Since the kidney’s function is to remove the excess fluid from your body, a malfunction leads to the excess accumulation of this fluid in different body parts. Therefore, this issue will be evident if you experience swelling in your hands and feet. Excess albumin in the body also leads to puffy eyes.
  • A kidney malfunction can also reduce your water and fluid intake. This means your body is not offering adequate moisture to your skin. Hence, itchy and dry skin could also be indicative of kidney disease.
  • Your urination habits can show if there is a kidney malfunction. For instance, if one does not pass enough urine during the day, it could mean that the kidney is unable to filter and eliminate the excess fluid from the body. This can lead to swelling in your hands and feet.
  • The ABT can also reveal if your liver has been affected in any way. You may experience dark-coloured urine if the liver is inflamed or due to a viral infection.
  • You may also experience a loss of hunger due to low ghrelin levels which is responsible for stimulating hunger. Moreover, in some cases, you can feel weak because severe liver diseases may also impact central neurotransmission.
  • Apart from being the cause of jaundice which is due to an excess build-up of bilirubin, liver disease can also slow down the flow of blood or lead to excess fluid accumulation.

When tested, the albumin blood test range should be 3.4 - 5.4 g/dL. If you test for albumin in the blood and it is higher or lower than this range, your doctor will prescribe medication or steps to prevent any further malfunction in the liver or kidney.

Tips Before Taking the ABT

  • Patients do not need to make extra preparations before the ABT, like it is with other medical analyses. For example, the patient does not need to fast or fill up on fluids to prepare for the test.
  • The medical professional may advise you to temporarily cease all medication as some of them may affect the test findings. Be sure to talk to your doctor before stopping any medication.
  • However, if needed, you may need to fast before the test if your doctor requests additional tests along with the ABT, like blood glucose test.
  • Your albumin blood test results will be available a few days after the test. Confirm the same with your doctor after being tested.

Why is Health Insurance Necessary?

Health insurance saves you a lot of money in terms of medical treatments, tests, procedures, and even unexpected medical emergencies.

Health insurance with adequate coverage can cover diagnostics and tests such as ABT, glucose levels and so on. When you buy health insurance online like the Tata AIG health insurance, you can customise the coverage of your policy, enjoy a hassle-free purchase and renewal process, easily calculate, and pay your premiums online and also access your online copy of the health insurance at any time, from anywhere.

Your medical insurance plan will also allow you to claim tax benefits on medical checkups each year. However, to enjoy all the benefits of health insurance, always consider all your health insurance needs and procure adequate coverage for yourself and your family.


Your health should always be your priority. You should focus on getting proper nutrition, adequate exercise, sleep, and mental healthcare. Also, ensure that your vital organs, such as your heart, liver, and kidney, are always healthy. You should also get regular checkups to keep track of your health goals. And without fail, remember to have a good medical insurance plan that will secure you and your family from unexpected medical emergencies.

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