Health And Beauty Benefits Of Curd

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Curd or dahi — however you choose to call it, is one the most prevalent sources of probiotics. It's a naturally fermented food that goes well with anything and is universally well-liked. The probiotics in curd are a source of good bacteria that helps improve and maintain good gut health.

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The Nutritional Value Of Curd

Curd is the most popular drink during the summer. most people consume it to tackle the onslaught of heat and humidity during the summer months. There are also many benefits of drinking curd.

It’s rich in calcium and protein and is an excellent probiotic source, making it integral for digestive health. However, people often tend to confuse curd with yoghurt, they both may seem alike, but their preparation methods are different.

Yoghurt is made from the bacterial fermentation of milk made with specific strains of bacteria and can't be made at home. In contrast, curd can be prepared at home and has several strains of bacteria. Lastly, curd is rich in lactic acid, while yoghurt is rich in protein.

The nutritional value of curd per 100 grams is as follows:

Dahi Health Benefits: Nutritional Advantages Of Eating Curd

Some significant health benefits of curd are improved digestion, enhanced immunity, stronger bones, healthy skin, thicker hair, and a better appetite. However, due to the amount of fat content in curd, overconsumption can lead to weight gain or obesity.

People suffering from colds, fever, or cough are also advised not to consume curd as it can cause more mucous formation and aggravate specific symptoms. People with arthritis should also avoid curd as it can increase joint pain.

Here are some health and beauty advantages of curd.

Benefits Of Curd Eating For Overall Health

**Improves Gut Health Which Boosts Immunity **

It's no secret that good gut health leads to a more robust immune system. In addition, the good bacteria in curd help protect your intestinal tract from infections and harmful microorganisms.

**Promotes Stronger Bones And Teeth **

The calcium present in curd help to keep your bones and teeth strong. Its recommended that children consume curd regularly due to its high calcium content.

Furthermore, curd and most other dairy products help neutralise the acids in your mouth. This is because an acidic mouth can encourage bacterial growth and damage your teeth's enamel.

Helps To Maintain/Lose Weight

Curd is an excellent option if you're on a diet and looking for healthier snack alternatives. It's rich in protein, keeps you fuller for longer, and helps improve digestion, which helps your body better absorb other nutrients.

In addition, it's an excellent way to curb binge eating and helps prevent the formation of visceral fat in your body.

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