Vitamin C Rich Foods, Fruits & Vegetables

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The human body is made up of a healthy mix of nutrients and vitamins, each of which plays an important role in keeping the body healthy and active. One of the most common vitamins we hear about is Vitamin C, found in citrus food items, especially vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C-rich foods in India are the new hype on the market since they are packed with numerous health benefits.

Vitamin C is also known as L-ascorbic acid, a water-soluble vitamin that constitutes an important part of people's diet. However, since human beings can't produce Vitamin C on their own, unlike most animals, they have to obtain it from various sources.

Based on research, eating Vitamin C foods supports the healthy functioning of the immune system, helps maintain teeth, bones, and cartilage, and helps the body heal wounds. Adults aged 19 to 65 must have 40 milligrams of Vitamin C per day. If people eat the right foods, they can easily obtain their regular value from their daily diet. The significance of Vitamin C in people’s daily diet is unquestionable, but do people know that it's equally important to have a health insurance plan? Just like the foods containing Vitamin C add value to the body, a robust and comprehensive health insurance policy from reputable companies like TATA AIG can keep people and their loved ones protected in times of medical emergencies, helping people from burning a hole in their pockets. If people want to know which food contains the most Vitamin C, be sure to check out the section below.

Vitamin C Fruits You Should Know

Fruits are nutritious and tasty. In addition, they are one of the finest sources of Vitamin C. Let's grab an eye at some of the fruits that are rich in Vitamin C:

  • Kiwifruit: Not only do these delicious fruits look good but also, they are packed with Vitamin E, folic acid, protein, and Vitamin K. Including a quick piece of kiwi in the breakfast can keep people healthy and active, preventing iron deficiency and improving immunity.

  • Strawberry: Strawberries are fruits loaded with Vitamin C and are beautiful. They are very nutritious and can be added to delicious desserts or salads, ensuring a health boost, improving blood pressure levels, and skin conditions.

  • Orange: How can one forget oranges on this list of Vitamin C-rich fruits? This fruit is loved by many and is readily available. The Vitamin C present in oranges can help protect against gout and lower the risk of heart disease.

  • Papaya: This fruit is popular during the summer season in India. Papaya is a portion of healthy tropical food. Eating it for breakfast can give a healthy start to the day. It is very helpful in enhancing digestion and improving bone health.

  • Guava: Guavas are tropical fruits native to America. They are one of the best sources of Vitamin C and are high in antioxidants, fibre, and potassium. It helps reduce the blood sugar level and aids in weight loss.

  • Lemons: Lemons add flavour to any dish. They are readily available, mostly used to garnish the dishes. In addition, they are rich in essential nutrients that help the human body to function efficiently. For example, lemons help prevent kidney stones, regulate blood sugar levels and are fantastic for weight loss and digestion.

  • Lychee: Lychee is a popular Vitamin C-rich tropical fruit having a sweet flavour. This fruit was first grown in China but is now widely available. Lychees are ideal as an addition to fruit salads, smoothies, and shakes. This fruit helps to curb the risk of gout and also reduces inflammation.

  • Avocado: It is an Instagram-worthy fruit that's versatile and quite popular. People can add them raw, make a delicious sandwich, or even add them to fruit salads. Eating avocado provides the body with good nutrition. It helps to boost the mind, is great for bone health, and manages blood sugar levels.

Vitamin C Vegetables You Should Know

Vegetables are a great source to meet people's daily Vitamin C intake. So let's grab an eye at some of the vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C:

  • Peas: These beautiful legumes are versatile and widespread. They're a great source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, fibre, and zinc. People can add them to anything for a delicious meal. Peas might look small, but they can help avert arthritis, diabetes, as well as protect people's memory.

  • Kale: These leafy greens are delicious and super healthy. A good kale salad is one of the most sought-after delicacies. Adding Kale to the daily diet can provide nutrients. In addition, it acts as a shield against chronic diseases and regulates blood pressure.

  • Broccoli: This widely popular vegetable is just another entry in this list of Vitamin C-rich vegetables. It is a versatile vegetable as people can them raw, sautéed, or fried. It's a perfect power food helping in hormonal imbalance and helping prevent anaemia.

  • Bell Peppers: Bell Peppers are commonly used as pizza toppings or salads, and they come in various colours. This exceptional vegetable is packed with important nutrients. People can consume them cooked or raw, and the choice is with them. It helps promote bone health and improves eye health.

  • Pumpkin: They breathe life into Halloween celebrations. Additionally, this great vegetable is a powerhouse of essential nutrients. It is native to America but is widely available all around the world. People can add them to their vegetable salad or fry them for a healthy meal. It helps people improve their immune systems and reduces liver-related problems.

  • Potatoes: They are considered one of the most versatile vegetables on the Vitamin C-rich vegetable list. Potatoes are very easy to get and are highly nutritious. People can easily include them in their regular diet routine. They can boil or fry them for a quick and hearty meal. Potatoes are great for bone health, and regular consumption of potatoes can boost metabolism.


These are just a few of the most sought-after vitamin C-rich foods mentioned. There are loads of others available like amla (Indian gooseberry), Kakadu plums, tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower, etc., providing numerous health benefits for the body to stay healthy and active.

And yes, just like these vegetables prove to be healthy for the human body, people should also not forget to purchase a robust cashless health insurance policy from leading companies like TATA AIG to help save money in times of medical emergencies.

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